Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


10. Saved by an Angel ? Part 2

Danny's P.O.V. 

It was so dark and all I could think about was Alexander. Alexander and the way he act, he was so nice to me when we where dating, but then I saw through him. He wasn't nice at all, he just wanted to get me in bed, i never let him though. thats why we where always arguing about, if i didnt do anything with him it meant i didn't love him. How could I have been so stupid, falling for all his lies. Part of me didn't want to believe that he was that kind of person. The other part of me knew he was just one of those players that wanted to get with girls. The day we broke up was an uforgetable day, but it wasn't because we broke up, its because of the break up met my best friend, who I loved. 

Oh my gosh!!! I love Ernie. I cant though. I know i said I liked him, its obvious that I have a crush on him, but he doesnt like me like that and if we ever do go out. What if we broke up would we stay friends? See I hate all these negative things that would happen if we break up. Ugh but I can't help it I really do like him for crying out loud I think I love him!!! 

Ernie has been there through it all, the break up, my crazy moments, the hatred i get at home, and being left behind my brothers. He has seen me at my weakest points of my life. 

~Flash back~

to: Ernie:P from: Danny

Ernie please!! come with me to my brothers house please!!!

To: Danny bff

OK. I'll go you're luck you're my best friend, otherwise I wouldn't wake up this early in the morning.

to: Ernie:P from: Danny

Yay!! you're the best !! I really do need you to come with me. I'm going to need support from you. 

To: Danny bff

I know you are, I'm sorrry though 

to: Ernie:P from: Danny

its ok its not your fault. 

To: Danny bff

ok then see you in a bit. 

to: Ernie:P from: Danny

kk bye ernie


I put my phone away and started to get ready to go to my brothers house.I didnt feel anything yet, all I knew is that my brother was moving to Texas today with my nephews. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make my self breackfast. There was no one home, I should have nown my mom left earlier than me.  She has been like this lately, her and my Dad. Oh well I ate a bowl of cereal than I  change into my black strip tank with my blue cardigan and my holister skinny jeans and my black used up coverse that are all wriiten on. I walk outside to see Ernie there, it was a surprise to me. 

" what the hell. how did you get here so fast." I asked 

" danny I told my parents to drop me off" he responded 

" oh ok hahaha lets go than" I told him 

" your mom?" he asked 

" she already left" I responded 

we continue to walk to my brothers house he lives ten minutes away by walk five by car. Ernie was talking about how he was already in the team for next year for bascketball. I just rolled my eyes and he laughed. I just loved that I could be myself around him and he wouldn't judge me. We where complete weirdos as we walk to my brothers house I was talking about if I was invisble right now I would be on his back making him give me a piggy back ride. He just laughed and told that, that would never happen casue if I was ivisible and got on his back he would fall causing me to fall too. I was listening to Paramore on the way there and the song The Only Excepton came out and I started to sing it and he just laughed but join me on singing along. Thats the first time I ever heard him sing, and he sang good. 

" why did you stop singing?" he asked me 

" Dude you sing good" I replied

" hahaha nice joke" He said 

" I'm not joking its true" I say 

" thanks Danny, but so do you " he said 

" ha now i know you are joking" I reply 

" Danny, I'm not lying its true" he said 

" thanks Ernie" i said 

finally we go to my brothers house and there was my mom acting so sweet hah I knew it was because Ernie was there. We help them finish packing there was just a little things left but then I got to lazy and went to play with my baby nephew ñoñio his name is Cristopher Antiono so we call him Ñoñio he was just 9 months old I was playing peek-a-boo with him and he was just laughing you could hear his laughter through the whole house now that its empty. All of a sudden I hear someone running it was my niece Stephania. She cae and just ran into me while I was hugging her little brother shes only four hahaha. I was so happy that they where in my arms I completley forgot that they where leaving. 


We all turn around and see ernie taking a picture with his phone and then he notice we where looking at him he turn red. 

" well that was embrassing" he said 

" Ernie tio ernie " steph screamed 

she called him her uncle becuase he was always at my house and nicole got along with him so well then she started to call him that. 

" Stephania!!! I have a surprise for you" he said 

" what is what is it!! " she said 

" you got to give me a hug first " he said 

Steph went and gave him a hug he pick her up and twirl her around and she gave him a kiss in the cheek. I thought i t was the cutest thing he was so good with kids and I love that steph like him. 

" here you princess" he said 

" Pooh Bear !!! I love it thanks tio!!" she replied 

she loved Winnie the Pooh alot so  that made her happy. Wait how the hell did I not see that. I swear I'm blind hahaha. Then we decided to take a picture all of us. So i had ñoñio on my lap and he had Steph and we took like hundereds and hundreds of pictures. I was so happy at this moment but thats when my fairytale had to end. They where all ready to leave and I didnt feel sad or anything I thought something was wrong with me. I said goodbye first to my sister in law Rosa she gave me a hugg goodbye and gave her Ñoñio and said goodbye to him. She was putting him into the car and then came Steph I said goodbye and she was a little sad but she went back inside and then my Brother Cruz and when I called for him and he turn around I couldnt help it, I began to cry and he came to hug me which made it worse I cried more we just stood there hugging in the middle of his place. People where just looking at us but I didnt care I hold onto him. I was about to lose my brother forever. I don't get along with all my brothers it was just him and Julio but he also left. All the memories came back of Cruz and me. I remember all the fights we had when I was younger, how he threaten to throw me in the trash can if I scored on him while playing soccer. How proud he was when I turn 15. All the memories made cry even more. 

" Danny, its ok you will see us soon, I promise"  he said 

" I know but I dont want you guys to leave" I said 

" I know Danny, but things aren't working out here for us. " he said

" I know, but- " I tried to say 

" Danny, you know I'm going to miss you, eres mi hermanita( you are my little sister), don't forget that, we have through so many bad things in the past but you always there to make laugh even when I was the one that hurt you. It does hurt me to say goodbye to you because I really do think you are my sister even if we have different Dads. I love that no matter how mom treats you, you always stay true to yourself. Don't ever change becuase there is really one of you. I'm going to miss you Danny. I love you!" he said 

it made me cry more than all of sudden Steph saw me cry she got off Ernies arms who was saying goodbye to her and ran toward me and hugged me. 

" yaya I don't want to go Texas I wanna go home with you. Please take me with you I don't want to go to texas. " she cried

" I know, but you got to go I promise I'll go visit you okay." I said trying to calm her down

" ok Yaya" she said 

I gave her a hugg goodbye and she went to the car and I went to hugg my brother one more time. 

" Ernie come over here please?" My brother asked him 

" Yes" ernie said

" please take care of my little sister, I need to know that she would be ok and I trust you" cruz said 

" I promise I will take care of her" ernie replied 

" bye cruz " i said 

Ernie hugged me while we both waved goodbye to my brother and the rest. I turn around to see my mother and for once she smiled at me and it wasnt a fake one. I go toward her and hug her and she hug me like it was the first time she ever saw. My mom had finally forgiven me and she was happy for my brother trying to live his life and has her little girl back. I felt happy that I had my mother back and she could help me with dealing with them leaving. My mom asked Ernie to join in the hug and he gladly did. 

~end of Flash back ~

It was still dark but that made me smile that I had ernie in my life, I really do love him, that memory just killed all my doubts. what was that. I hear a whisper, who could it be?

" Danny please wake up" Ernie said

I could hear his vioce but I couldn't do anyhting about it

" Danny please I promise your brother I will take care of him and I already fail, please Danny " he said

No you havent failed yet, I'm ok I cant move thats just it Ernie!!! I tried screaming but that doesnt seem to work. 

" Danny c'mon please I love you wake up " he said

did he just say he loved me I love you too Ernie more than friends I love you 

" Danny you make me feel like myself, I dont care that I could be a complete dork when i'm around you, I love that you are so weird in a good way and don't care what anyone says, you are honest to your self and thats what makes you different, thats what makes me love you Danny please I love you " he said 

Oh my gosh he just  poured out his heart out to me.

Ernies P.O.V. 

"... I love you " I tell her

I walk over to her and kiss her forehead and go back to my chair and watch her till she wakes up. All of sudden her hands moves 

" Nurse!!! Nurse!!"  I screamed in the hallway 

" whats wrong ?" he asks 

" her hand moved " I say 

we both stare at her and we saw both hands move she was fighting to wake up, but we just stood there the nuse went to call the doctor. I call her parents to come, her parents and the doctor both come inside at the same time and all I could think was fight Danny fight.

" Where am I " she asked

" you are at the hospital? " the docter said

" Mom Dad" she said

" yes sweatie " her mom responded

" who is he ?" she asked looking at me

what how can she forget me did she lose her memory this made my smile disappear

" Danny are serious, you don't remember him?" her dad asked

" Nah, i'm not serious I remember that goofball" she said

I just smiled

" don't ever scare me like that again" I said

" And miss that facial expression never hahaha, I care too much about you to forget you " She said 

" ok so we are going to run some tests on her and you can leave tomorrow depending on the results" the doctor said 

" ok" we all said 

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