Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


9. Saved by an Angel ? Part 1

Ernie's P.O.V.

" Danny !!! " i hear Jades scream 

i saw Danny falling from the second floor stairs and i cant explain it but i ran i ran toward her and i caught her at the bottom of the stairs before she could of hit her head again. She was out cold, she wasn't moving, please don't be dead Danny I need you more than you can think. 

" Danny, c'mon Danny, wake up please Danny, Daniella please" i said to her 

wishing she would just wake up at that instant, but she didn't; i didn't care if people saw but I was started to cry as the crowd started to get bigger, then i hear Mr. B saying to move out of the way, they had called the ambulance and they where here with the gurney ready to take her. I was so afraid that she was dead, but one of the Ambulance guy said " I hear a pulse, it's faint we go to get her to the hospital fast." 

" Can I go with her?" i asked 

" no" Mr. B said 

" Please, let me go with her please I'm begging " i whined 

" Fine, I'm calling her parents to meet her there" Mr. B said

" Thanks Mr. B " said 

I got into the ambulance I saw the doctors hooking her up to every machines in there, sometimes I wished i pay attention in health class to know what the hell they where doing. All I knew was that they where trying to get a stronger heart beat than she already had. I was scared, scared of loosing her. When we go to the hospital I saw her parents already there waiting impatiently, her mother gasp as her lifelessly daughter passed them. Her Dad saw me and came toward me. 


" What happen ?" he asked 

" I'm not sure exactly, all I saw was her falling down the stairs from school and catching her at the bottom sir, I'm sorry I was no help. " I said 

" It wasn't your fault but, thank you for catching her at the bottom, she could of had it worse if you didn't." he replied

we both look at each other with worried looks and walk back to her mom and waited for the doctors 

~ 2 hours later~ 

the doctor came out 

" how is she ?" her dad asked

" she's alive thanks to this boy right here" he said pointing at me 

" me?" i said in confusion 

"yes, you if it wasn't for you, she would have died instantly if she hit her head on the ground at the bottom" he said 

" so can we see her?" her mom asked 

" yes, you can bu-" he said before her dad interrupted

" But what ?" he asked

" I'm sorry to inform you guys, but your daughter is in a coma" 

" A COMA !!" I yelled

" how long ?" her mom asked 

" 2 weeks or earlier if we are lucky" he said 

i guess i was happy with that, but i really  hope she is good when she wakes up. 

Danny's P.O.V

it was all dark, did i go blind, wait where the hell am I ? last thing I remember is falling down the stairs, was I dead? I really hope not but all I could think of was about Alexander. 

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