Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


14. Saturday morning fun

Danny's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of my parents leaving to work, thats about the only I hated about my parents job, but thats when I notice Ernie right beside me holding on to my waist. I smiled seeing that he was shirtless i always loved his abbs but now I might love them bit more, is that wierd no I'm girl who like guys and loves her boyfriend who is shirtless in her bed. Gosh why did I have be a wierd child. I heard my parents leave the house I check my phone and see its 6 in the morning, ugh I can't go back to sleep might as well make some breakfast for Ernie and me. As soon I was about to get up off my bed I'm was pulled down by Ernie pulling me closer to him. 

" where do you think you're going " he asked 

" to make us some breakfast " I replied 

" No stay here with more" he said 

" babe" I said 

" its only six we have a few more hours of sleep or we cuddle just some more" he said 

" Fine " I say defeated

" thanks babe" he says with a smirk 

I stuck out my tongue at him and he just laughed, it made smile so, I chose to pin him down I was on top him now and he was there just smiling 

" what?" I say 

" I love the postion you're in " he said 

" you perve" I say getting off him 

" aww Danny you know you don't mean that" He said 

" loser " I say 

" you going to pay for that " he said 

" oh yeah how" I replied 

" like this " he said 

He got on top me, and he smile before he started to lean in to kiss me. As his lip gently peck mine and pulled away I knew he was teasing me. I gave him 'you jerk' face and he just seem to laugh I couldn't help myself I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me and I began to kiss him our lips were i sync. We got into it again as I pull him closer to me his hands run up and down my back. My hands running through his dirty blond wavy hair, still kissing him we sit and it was my turn to be on top of him. Lets just say his hand started to go down to my ass and thats when he flip and he was on top of me again and was still kissing every kiss got deeper and deeper and then he started to kiss my neck. As soon as his lips touch my skin i had this shiver run through my my whole body, he notice that I tense up a little. 

" Ok thats good for now, I know you Danny I'm not going to take advantage of you and less you want me to. " He says 

" you so sweet but then you turn to a perve" I reply 

" but you love this perve" He says 

" hmm do I love this perve " I said mocking him 

" by the way you kissed me, babe I'll say yes" he said 

" you kiss me " I say 

" but you kissed me back " he responded

" you got me there" I replied 

"its 6:45" he said 

" it was a very long make out session " I said with a smirk 

"a very intense one" he just with a smile 

" c'mon babe lets make breakfast " I said 

" what should we eat for breakfast?" I ask

" I want nutella" he whine 

" really nutella, no eggs and coffee" I say 

" nope I want nutella" he said 

" I'll make you a Banna Terror " I say 

" whats that ?" he asked 

" it toasted bread with nutella and banana" I say 

" ohhh sounds good" he replied

I made two banana terrors one for him and one for me and he served us orange juice. He pulled me onto his lap and we sat there eating our sandwhiches and drinking our juices. I love that we talk about just random stuff and I could tell him anything. We talked about about the day I met Paramore he was laughing becuase the way I reacted when I met Taylor. I smack him on his arm and I told him he would of felt the same way if he met Hayley. He still laughed, so I did what i would done i took a huge bite of his sandwhich and he just looked shocked that I just ate some of his breakfast. 

" Only you babe only you " he said with a grin 

"yup, you don't mess with me" i said 

" oh really " i said 

he started to tickle me and I got up because I am very ticklish and I ran to the living  rooom he followed me and we ran onto the coach and he was still tickling me. 

" babe stop please babe!!" i yelled through laughter 

" umm nope you getting a visit from the tickle monster" he said 

" babe, you mean " i Say 

" me mean never" he said 

we both get up and went to wash our dishes this was a great way to start of the morning especially since my babe was with me. How much I love my boyfriend. 


gonna make it quick I forgot about this website and updating this book on wattpad, so I'll be posting more now like literly now Im sorry Dont hate me please!!! i LOVE you guys !! ok bye now 

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