Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


8. Just Not My Day

Ernesto P.O.V.


"well, you see boo we've been best friends since that day we met at church" i start to say 

" ya i know that foofoo, is something wrong?" Danny ask 

" no nothing wrong its just that i guess i dont want to ruin..." i start to say 

bfore i get intrupted by the bell ringing 

" foofoo can we continue this later we got to get to class " she said 

" yea its worth waiting to tell, walk you to class?"  i asked 

" yeah !! " she said in a bubbly way 

we walk up to class together we started with 4th period today and she had spanish i had history which was right next door to her so that was good thing. i walk her to spanish and gave her a hug goodbye. As i walked into class i see Mr.Hernandez is in a bad mood and apprently we had hw great its friday i didnt do my hw and i have detention what else can go wrong.

" Your test is ready you have five mins to study" mr. hernandez said 

why did i have to jinx it now i have a test that i didnt even know we where going to have but the only thing i had in my mind right now is asking danny out and that right was not helpful cause i need to focus on the test. 

Danny's P.O.V. 


it was so nice that my foofoo walk me to class but i can think about what the hell alexander was thinking i like him yes i did but i like my foofoo and its all confusing. this couldnt happen i cant go back with alexander we always try and try but it never works out. hahaha renegade by paramore went through my head but thats the theme song with me and alexander 

Well, the spark never lit up a fire
Though I tried and tried and tried
The wind came through your lungs
A hurricane from your tongue
I’ll keep your secrets with me
Right behind my teeth
Your anger, your anchor
But I’ll sail much further on, ah, on

thats everyithing about me and him. any way i was still confuse about everything. ahh i dont know who i really like wel thats where i am lying i know i like ernesto but i still had feelings for alexander. what should i do. why do i always talk to myself i guess i understand myself the most. i did it again. i smiled while getting my binder out. 

" well someone seems happy" meli said ( senior friend in that class)

" ya, i am " i replied 

" is it becuase of ernie?" David said (sophomore buddy) 

" no," i said blushing 

" it is " meli said 

" did he ask you out or something?" David said 

" no, he would never go out with me" i said in disappointment 

" sure, bob " they both replied

"what do you mean ?" i ask 

" ive seen they way you guys act around each other, theres definitely a connection there. " David said

" you think?" i ask 

" I know" he replied" 

i just smiled and took notes about the guerra civil del el salvador the whole period it was sad what happen to the little kids, i couldnt believe people would do that to them. But, even with the horrible things the kids would go through during the war i couldnt get ernie out of my head. i thought about what david had said about me and ernie and how we are around each other. the bell had rang we had a ten minute break and i had engineering next so i was hanging out with my friends up stairs but than it was time to go to next class but all of the sudden i was tumbling down the stairs, all i thinking how did i trip, was i push and than everything went black

"danny" was the last thing i heard 


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