Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


6. integration

Danny P.O.V.  

I was having fun with Ernesto playing basketball, even though i know i suck at playing basketball. it just was weird because of alexander he was just looking at us like we both betray him. this is what i hate about him that his mood always changes you never know how he is feeling. 

" are you guys dating?" alexander 

" uh no " we both said 

" oh it looks like you are ?" Alexander said

  " its cause we are like best friends thats why" i answer in the quickness 

" ya its cause of that " Ernesto said 

" ohh " Alexander said 

" so since when do you guys now each other ?" he asked 

"  well it was one day when she loafing around sad in the rain." 

" oh gosh you making me sound depressing" i replied 

" my bad " he said sarcastically 

" jerk" i said 

" loser" he replied 

" punk" i said 

  " uhh uhh …" he studder 

" hahaha see i win " i gloat

" wow you guys are a lot alike" alex said

" no we are not, i'm more awesome!!" Ernie said 

" in your dreams i'm more awesome!!" i said 

" no you are just weird." ernie replied

  " i'm weird and proud" i said

  " wow, do you guys hangout a lot?" alexander said 

 " yeah we do, we go to the same school except that this little chola hangs out with her friends near where i play basketball" Ernie said

" not chola, ok and i hang out there before you played basketball" i replied 

" sure" they both said 

" excuse me, im a junior and you're a sophomore i've been there longer than you." i said 

" oh get technical here hmm i see how it is" ernie said

  " mean you know i didnt mean it like that " i replied 

" sure, dont talk me " he said 

" i'm sorry ernie i didnt mean it" i said 

he didnt respond so i just turn around and started to walk to back to where i was going to sit at when all of the sudden ernie comes and hugs me from behind and says " aww im sorry danny i didnt mean it sorry would you take me back as your best friend?" he said 

" aww thats cute, you guys should date?" maria said 

" whats cute?" her twin sister Josy said 

" Ernie and Danny " Maria said 

" oh they would!!" she replied 

Ernie and me stand there blushing when they told us that. then i saw Alexander face he was pissed off.  All i thought was what the hell i can move on from you, hello you broke up with me, but i just ignore him. 

" thanks " i said

  " ya thanks i guess " ernie replied 

" you guys should think about dating ? " they both say 

" they are both best friends, thats what they told me" Alex said angrily 

" i know but they still can date" said josy

  "ya i know but sometimes its better if best friends stayed best friends" he said 

" why are you so defensive ?" ernie asked

" ya didnt you just meet her?" maria asked 

" i'm just saying" he said 

" ok then stop being being defensive" i said 

" settle down people settle down" micheal said 

he was are youth group leader, his wife Yasmin gave us bibles to read the story of John the Baptist. i lost track on what we where reading and wondering to myself, why would alex be so defensive? like we weren't together no more, why did it brother him when i was with erenie, why did he ask so many questions, why did ernie blush when they told us to go out? so many questions that i had no answer to. everything was so confusing and why did it all had to happen today. i need to forget about what happen today i'm going to be 17 soon in a few days. im just going to focus on being Ernie best friend right now. 

" ok thats it y'all can go home" micheal said

  " bye everyone "i said when dad came to pick me up  what a day it was today hopeful tomorrow is better. 

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