Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


16. I didn't see that coming

Wes P.O.V.

I was in the mall with two out of three best friends I had. We all grew up together so I treat them like my own brothers they had my back and I had their back. Well I should introduce my self, hi I'm Wesley Collins I'm 18 a senior at Arrowsmith Academy with Ernie, Jackson, and their girlfriends who are sisters to me and their is my beautiful girlfriend Isabella but we all call her Izzy. She's the best thing that could ever happen to me, she help me find myself when I was lost. I know she's a keeper and I love her crazy side. Well enough about me spacing out while I in the mall with my best buds with our girlfriends.

"So, Ernie how things going with Danny?" I asked  

"It's good" he responded  

"Ernie?" I said  

"Her Godmother is the freaking b***h I swear he basically called her whore. Like seriously how can she do that and don't get me started on Lettie!" He complain  

"You know Lettie likes you?" Jackson said  

"What!!!" Ernie and I said in unison  

"Ya, I thought you knew" Jackson said 

"How?why?" Is all I can say  

" Lettie been having a crush on you since Danny introduce you guys after you guys became close" Jackson explain  

"Well I didn't see that coming " I said  

" yup me neither, I don't even like her especially now I don't like. Just the way she treated Danny shows the person she is, and that's not good" he said  

"You really love Danny, don't you?" I asked him  

"Since the day I met her it was like we where meant to be " he said  

"What happen to us ?" Jackson asked  

"What do you mean bro?" I said  

" We use to be popular bad boys " he said  

" we still popular you know that right?" I asked  

"Yeah but now we are in love" he said  

" we all got grow up sometime" I said  

" true but Ernie is lucky " Jackson said  

" why am I lucky " Ernie asked  

" you have one more year till you actually have to grow up" Jackson replied  

"Ernie's growing up" I teased him  

We always tease Ernie since he is the youngest in the group. I can't believe he is going out with Daniella. I knew Danny before him I grew up with her she is like my little sister. I tease her a lot too I call her a bother whore, I swear I love Danny but she can be gullible. She always had more guy friends than girl friends and she trusts them a lot. This worries me cause some guys can me such assholes. Like that stupid man whore she dated before Ernie. When she told me they way he broke up with her I wanted to kill him. Sad thing was that Danny didn't tell me who he was or if he went to our school. I trust Ernie and I know she trusts him a lot cause they way I saw them when she ask for my approval of him being best friends. That chick she always made laugh this goes back to her being a brother whore me being like an actual brother than we have Ernie(before they went out), Josh, Jackson, Riley but I haven't seen Riley in a long time I wonder what happen to him. Suddenly my thoughts where interrupted by Jackson.

"Hey, the girls are at the good court, Alice said to hurry" Jackson said  

"What did Izzy do?" I said  

"What makes you think that Izzy did something?" Ernie said 

"It's Izzy she was probably check out one dude and the dude probably thought she was interested" I said  

"Dude why are you so calm?" Jackson ask  

"It's Izzy, girl thing you know she allowed to think others guys are cute, all girls do it, at least she trust me to know that she does check out guys but I trust her, like she trust me and trust me she won't be leaving me, like I won't be leaving her " I said  

" that was deep Wes " Ernie said  

" lets get our girls " Jackson said  

We where walking around the food court looking for our girlfriends when we see a group a guys surrounding a table. It look off but that's when I saw my babe and she was trying to something but what. We started to get closer when I heard the guys speaking to our girls. We all could hear what they said.  

" c'mon sweet cheeks, lets have some fun in my car" one of them said  

"No! How bout no, find someone else you fool around with" Danny said only Danny will say that 

" we all now you want us, by the way good looking here was looking at us" another said pissing me off  

" I have a boyfriend" izzy said making me smile  

" well he ain't here, what he doesn't know, won't hurt him" he said ok that got me mad I'm going to kill him. But Ernie and Jackson where holding me back, so I wouldn't kill him right there and than.  

" she said no, she has a boyfriend we all do, so how about you leave us alone" Danny said  

" no can do sweet cheeks, you have to come with us, all of you " another said  

" I'm not you sweet cheeks!!! Oww you hurting me!! " she started to yell 


"Let me ago" 


"Oww!!!" She yelled that's when Ernie and I lost it, one of them slap Danny no one and I mean no one hits my sister. And talks to my girlfriend and rude way! They're getting it.  

"Hey hands off her!!!" Ernie yelled  

"Go away little kid!!" The tall one said  

" hey!! Get your hands off them !!" I yelled  

Making others turn their heads toward us, yup people are staring now. Where the hell are the securities.  

" who might you be?" Asked the one near izzy she was so scared  

"Get your hands of my girlfriend" Jackson, Ernie, and I say in unison  

"And I thought they were making it up" the tall one said stroking Izzy hair  

I went over to him and pulled him away from her. Then he lightly push me away from him,like that was suppose to me feel intimidated. I was already pissed of the way he touch my girlfriend how they slap my sister the anger boiled and well I tackle him down. Ernie was beat the crap out of the guy that slapped Danny I think he was more pissed than me. Jackson he tackle down the two guys that where near Alice. Three guys against five older guys who where harassing our girlfriends ya we where pissed and we where punching the hell out of of them. Don't get me wrong they also beating the hell out of us well they tried. They did get some good punches in and hell it hurt. The freaking police finally came in since we kinda made scene at the mall. They separated me and the guy that was touching my girlfriend. They also took Jackson off the two guys he tackle down, Jackson was the buffest and strongest out of the group. The police had a hard time getting Ernie off the guy that slap Danny. He still at it  

"Ernie please stop!!" Danny yelled  

"Ernesto!!!" Josh said  

Ernie stop beaten the life out of the kid well guy. Wait when did josh get here, I don't really care though josh was very close to Ernie I guess that's why he listen to him when he yelled out his name. He looked at Danny she was crying that's the first Danny always hide her feelings. Ernie had regret in his in eyes as he looks to Danny. He didn't even knew he had that in him, but smile rose when Danny ran to him and give him a hug.

Danny's P.O.V.

I saw regret in his eyes I knew he didn't want to hurt the guy who harassed us. I knew he was sorry so I ran up to give him a hug, that's all I can do right now.  

"Are you ok?" He asked  

" their just bruises it will go away" I said  

"Are you sure?" He asked again 

"Yes babe, are you ok?" I asked him  

" I am, sorry for the way I acted" he said  

"It's ok I know you where trying to help, but it would have been better if you pulled away after the first punch" I said  

" I know baby I'm sorry, can you ever forgive" he said  

"Yes, I forgive I...I love you Ernie" I said

Ernie's P.O.V.

"Yes, I forgive I...I love you Ernie" Danny said  

When she said that I knew she meant it its not like the other I love you's that where like the I like you's.  

" I love you too Danny" I said  

I saw a smile in her face, she was blushing shes too cute. The police started to walk toward all of us and they had to ask us questions. As we all told all our stories on what happen, they listen to each single one of us. They didn't arrest us cause people where saying that we where defending the girls so they drop the charges. I was so happy, that nothing happen to Danny and we didn't get arrest. I wonder how I would explain that to mother if that happen. I walk over to Josh to who was with Jade they where holding hands hmm  

" hey Josh thanks for everything back there" I said  

"It's cool mad don't sweat it" he replied  

" thanks man" I said  

" josh not to be nosy but why are you here with Jade" Alice asked  

We all where huddle in together and just staring at Josh and Jade that whisper something to each other. They look if they weren't sure to tell us or not. We all kind of started to worry that something bad had happen.  

" Umm...we don't know tell you guys...umm" Jade stutter  

" spill it already" Alice said  

" we're engaged" josh said  

"What!!!" We all yelled in unison  

I didn't see that coming

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