Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


18. How I met Jade

Danny's P.O.V.

" Josh you are like the worst brother ever!!" I yelled 

" Am not " he whined

" yes, you are !!!" I yelled again 

" how ?" he question 

" cause i told you how i met jade a long time ago and you dont remeber " I said

" I'm a guy, how am i suppose to remember?" he asked

" if you dont want me to beat the crap out of you, you'll remember!!1" i threaten him

" sure you will" he said sarcastically 

" you wanna bet ?" i asked 

" 20 on Danny" Jade, wes,ernie,and Izzy said 

" Oh come on that aint fair, you know she will actually win!!!" Alice said 

" really you guys do you guys have no faith in me ?" josh said 

" Nah sorry bro, you know when Danny threatens you, there is no way you are going to win." Wes said 

" what is she going to ----- AHHH WHAT THE HELL DANNY!!!!" 

As everyone burst into laughter after pouring my cold soda all over Josh i take a bow and join the laughter too. you got to admit it was funny well his face was funny when i pour the soda on his head. To make it more memorible I took out my phone and took a picture of him. 

" this is so going on Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, every social network you can think of " I said 

" you wouldn't" he question 

" Josh i thought you learn you lesson do i have to teach you another lesson?" i asked 

" nope im good " he replied

" good" i answered

" so are you gonna tell us how you and Jade became best friends, cuase you know the girls our new to friendship thing and we are guys we are kinda forgetful so give josh some kind of break embrass him at school not at the mall yeah " Jackson said 

" fine jacky" i said 

" Daniella " he said 

" grrr fine jack" i said 

" better, now go on" Jack said 

" well it all started when I was at middle school" 


I was a transfering middle schools because all the trouble i use to get into at Warren middle school my parents thought I was influence by the bad crowd and i was outlawed. like seriously i was only 13 what harm can i do but yeah i was hanging out with a bad crowd but i wasnt like them i just hang out with them because i was a loner. so they  decided to transfer me to flyers middle school yeah I know stupid name for a middle school but there where i was going to attend there and again i'll repeat i'm going to be a loner at the school. I walk in the through the gates already i see people looking at me weird is because i'm new or is that i don't like the other girls here that seem to be to all girly and fake. it had to be both because everyone seem to know each other and well what i'm wearing is very shocking to the other girls here. I was wearing semi baggy jeans, a black tank and a red flannel, darn my brothers for taking all my good clothes and throwing them in the mud, i swear im going to find a way to get my revenge on them. So yeah I'm walking to my first class which is english and it turns out that its all the way in the back of the school, SO much walking and i see people lining up and im there in the middle of two doors trying to figure out which door ileads me to my class and turns out to be the one in the right. I see everyone i there little group so i decide to sit on the bench that was there all alone untill this one girl comes up to me and says " he I'm bre and this is melissa " she says pointing at her friend 

" hey i'm Danny" i say 

" so are you like new here" melissa says 

" um yeah " i replied 

" cool don't talk that girl right there her name is jessica but i'm mad at her " she said 

" uhh ok" i said, obviously i'm not going to listen, who does she think she is my mother.

" so from what school do you come from ?"  Bre ask 

" Warren middle school " i said 

" why you transfer?" Melissa asked ( shes getting annoying just saying) 

" Parents thought i'll stay out of trouble if i come here " i said 

" what you do ?" bre ask 

" is this like an intergoration or what ? " i said kind of snappy 

" they chismosas that why " jessica i think said 

" shut up Jessica you werent in this conversation"  Melissa said 

" well you just said my name so I guess im in this conversation now arent I " jessica said 

hmm snappy i like this girl she seems a fun girl to be around ok maybe my old friends did influence me even after all my brothers i had told me not to habg out with them but come on my brothers aka best friends that are guys live far from me and I cant always hang out with them so yeah. anyway back to the arguement . 

" mell calm down " Bre said 

" why , she's worthless and she think she can talk to me like who does she think she is the queen of england" Melissa said 

" oh please if i was queen you wouldnt be here, but i do like the sound of being queen, bow down you peasant " jessica said 

ok i really like this chick shes going to be my best friend. 

" so how did this all start" i asked 

" this dumb butt here thinks i stole her boyfriend " Jessica said 

" really a boy ok thats just plain stupid" i said 

" right thats what i said, but what she doesnt get is that her dumb ass of her EX boyfriend is my best friend that i Dont like !!! he's more like a brother a gross one at that too" jessica said 

" you are slut, kissing your bother now " Melissa said 

"woah woah shes basically saying that she aint into your bf here and you still talking smack about her" i said 

before i knew that melissa chick was lunging at jessica and i dont know why but i felt like i got to back up jessica so i did. so when she came running toward jessica i grabbed her arm and well flipped her and lets just say i had all eyes on me now. 

" what I have 4 brothers they taught me how to fight and protect myself and lets just say one is the army the another is a cop and other two are in martial arts and well so am i " i said 

well that didnt help they all seem scared of me now, shit the priciple !!!! 

" Ms. Ramirez your parents sent you here so you stay out of trouble, school hasnt even started and you already find yourself into trouble" mrs. jackson said 

" she came at me i had to protect myself " i said 

" is that so ?" she question me 

" actually mrs. jackson she is not lying to you well sorta, you see melissa was comming at me and well up ramirez there was trying to help and well melissa was running to her and well ramirez thought she was doing the right thing " jesica said 

" well in that case im letting you off the hook this time, mrs. ramirez. Melissa! Breana !! my office please !!" mrs. jackson said 

the two girls left and well everyone was clapping but where the hell is this teacher the bell rang like 5 minutes ago !!!! 

" hey thanks for having my back, I'm jessica" she said 

" no problem that melissa chick was annoying, and Im Danny" 

" nice to meet you Danny, short for danielle or Daniella ?" she asked

" daniella!!! and nicce to meet you jessica " i replied 

" i love your name its unique,well sorta at least it aint commnon like mine" she said 

" so you dont like your name " I ask

" well i like my middle name its Jade " she said 

" well i call you Jade and it will catch on ts so much shorter than Jessica"  i said 

" you're funny i like you " she said 

" same here " i answered

" this is a beginning of beautiful friendship" jade said 

"indeed it is " i response 

~ end of flash back ~

" so yeah thats how we became best friends from that day" I said 

" can you believe i use to be tough now im girly, gosh Danny you corrupted me " Jade said 

" thats such a lie, you curropted me !" i said 

" hush child " jade said 

" im older " i said 

" oh dont you dare play that card onn me " jade said 

" i thin i just did" i responded 

" girls!!" josh yelled 

" what!!" we both said 

" who was the guy that basically started your beautiful weird friendship " Josh asked 

" oh my gosh Josh!! you are so stupid you where the damn guy!!!" i said while Jade rolled her eyes 

" ohhh really" he asked

" YES!!! stupid ass" i said 

" gosh Danny dont have to be rude about it, Ernie keep your girl under control" Josh said 

" hey!!!!"  what was that for ?" Josh said while rubbing his head. did i meantion Jade slap his head right now. I didnt sorry but she did and i love her for it 

" be nice to Danny unless you wanna die in like 3 seconds"  Jade said 

" please guys have some faith in me i can take her" Josh said 

obvisouly we all started to laugh but than i stop laughing when i saw the person infront of me 

" hey guys!' alexander said 

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