Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


7. foofoo!!!boo!!!cutie??

Danny's P.O.V 

waking up to my alarm is such a pain, i don't want to wake up at six in the morning to get ready to school i need my sleep. well all truth i was still confuse of yesterday it felt like a dream a vivid dream. its all confusing i don't know what to think? all i knew i had to get ready for school. I found my uniform and went into my closet to get my shoes and looking at them all old and torn, i need new shoes. I wore my converse everyday to school and to practice. i just notice that i talk to my self a lot in my head i guess i can trust my self and wont judge myself. 

 from : Ernie :P <3

Danny!!! wake up !!! 

to: Ernie :P <3

i'm awake fool 

 from : Ernie :P <3

hey i'm no fool i'm your best friend kay, you can call your other guy friends fool not me okay 

to: Ernie :P <3

fine! but you're my foofoo kay ernie!!!! 

 from : Ernie :P <3

as long as you are my boo ;) 

to: Ernie :P <3

ok foofoo i'm your boo :P 

 from : Ernie :P <3

ok boo i'll see you in school 

to: Ernie :P <3

ok bye foofoo 

i'm so glad he told me i was his boo over text because i was blushing the whole time. you have no idea how much i like him so much he's my best friend and everything thats why i'm afraid to tell him who i like 

Ernesto's P.O.V. 

did i just make her my boo, i think i did. People dont know how much i love her yes love she's my everything you can say when she walk into my life. i just wish that i had the courage to ask her out but for some reason i can't. ok i can but i'm too chicken to do it. whats wrong with me. 

" ernesto hurry up i'm going to leave you behind if you don't hurry up" christian said 

" i'm going just let me get my back pack " i said 

" hurry !!" christian yelled

" i'm going, i'm going " i replied

i got my backpack and my phone and i started to walk with my brother to school. even though my brother was the one telling me to hurry up, i was walking faster than him. 

" hey speedy she can wait for you. " christian said 

" who ?" i said 

" i'm not stupid ernesto, i know you like daniella" he said 

" its weird that you call her daniella, and i don't like her bro i think i love her" i replied 

" than ask her out already?" he said

" how ?" i asked

" tell her how you feel man " he replied

" i don't know " i said 

" just ask her out, cause she likes you too you can tell" he said 

" really ??" i asked 

" yes" he said 

" ok i'll ask her out" i said 

" who are you going to ask out ernie?" alexander ask 

i forgot that sometimes i run into to him on my way to school 

" he's going to ask out Daniella " christian said 

" danny?" alex said 

" ya dude i think i love her " i said 

" oh i thought you guys were best friends ?" he asked me 

' ya thats why i'm scaed to ask her out but i'm still going to do it " i answer

oh so you're not afriad of messing up your friendship wither?" he asked 

" why are you discouraging him to ask the girl he loves out ?" asked christian 

" sorry dude i'm looking out from him bye ernesto " alex said 

" don't listen to him ernie i have a feeling he's jealous " christian said 

" really ??" i asked 

" yes, now focus on what you are going to tell her " he said 

" ok bro" i answer we can keep walking to school

Danny"s P.O.V. 

i walked to into school when i heard 

" hey loser" jade said 

" hi loser " i replied so how did it go with ernesto ?' she ask 

" it was good but guess what?" i said 

" what " she said 

" alexander was there and was all defensive on the thought of me going out with ernesto" i said 

" no way " she said 

" yup he was "  

From: jerk face >.<

hey cutie, can we talk?? 

to: jerk face >.<

um how about not!!!

From: jerk face >.<

you know you miss me 

to: jerk face >.<

no i don't 

From: jerk face >.<

tell me if i'm wrong but you felt the feelings we had for each other when you saw me yesterday?

to: jerk face >.<

ya you're wrong 

From: jerk face >.<

c'mon cutie lets go out again??

what did he just ask me, did he just ask me out? so does that mean he still likes me? should i take him back all those feelings i had for him are coming back is that a good thing or a bad thing ? im confuse and to make it worse my foofoo came and gave me a hug and my feelings for him were strong but alex our past and then 

" boo can we talk ? ernesto said 

what does he want to talk about he seem serious does he know about alex ?? i'm confuse 

" ya sure, foofoo is everything ok ?" i replied 

" well...."

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