Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


13. Beach

Danny's P.O.V 

I was in history(last period) when my phone vibrate and I check who it was, Jade only her I had the feeling what the text was going to be about. 

(J- Jade, D, Danny)texts messages 

J- you lucky ass 

D- what you mean 

J- Don't play dumb, you had Mr.cutie as a sub 

D- really, Mr. cutie thats how you calling him 

J- yeas don't change the subject, I know what you did 

D- what did I do? 

J- you were flirting with him Darcy told me 

D- I was not flirting with him 

J- um hm sure 

D- All he ask me was where my second last name was from

J- sure bob 

D- its true, thats not flirting 

J- fine 

D- peace Johnson coming my way 

I put away my phone in my shorts, history was so boring I wanted to knock out. Mr. Johnson knew how to put us asleep with his long lectures. All I wanted to do was get out here and go to the beach already. I wanted to be in the sun swimming in the water, hanging with my best friends and my boyfriend. But right now I'm stuck in history not even listening to the lecture. Then I felt something hit my head it was a piece of paper crumble up and automatically I knew it was Andres. I look up to him and gave him ' I'm going to kill you' look and all he did was was laugh. 

" What so funny Andres" Mr. Johnson asked

" The tought of me acidently pissing in your class room because you don't turn around and see that I need to go to the bathroom" he answered 

" well next time get up and aske me now go I dont want your piss in my classroom" Johnson replied 

Only Andres woulld answer like that but for a short second I thought he was going to bring me down with him if got in trouble. For the rest of the class we watch an era show, it was boring and I think I fell asleep I'm not sure. Finally the bell rang and I went down stairs to meet up with my friends and go to the beach. I was the first one to get to the stairs where we would meet up. The next person was Jade she was talkin Alva on her way down when she spotted me and told her goodbye. When I felt a pair of arms warp around my waist it was Ernie, I turn and smile at him and gave him a peck on the lips trying to not be direspectful to Jade who was with us. We all waited for Josh to come out, he was lagging it when all of sudden he puts his arm around Jade, I thought to myself they would make a cute couple. I know Jade said she like Scott but I secretly think she secretly likes Josh. 

" Josh arm off me " Jade said 

" You know you like it " he responded 

"um no I don't now get your arm off me before I bite you" Jade said 

" I knew you bite " he said 

" I'm going to kick ass Josh " Jade said 

" Josh, babe you cheating on me now " Ernie said, I just laughed at the remark 

" I'm sorry Ernie Babe, but I need a female babe" Josh said 

" Oh so I'm a toy now!!"Jade screamed

" No, I didn't mean it like that, Jade I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that " Josh plead

" Josh i'm not a toy that you get to play with and when you get bored of it and throw it way" Jade said 

" I'm sorry Jade will you ever forgive me" he asked 

" Hmmm... yeah I cant stay mad at you, just never say anyhthing like that again okay" she responded 

" ok now that everyone is forgiven, lets go to the beach" I say 

They all cheered and followed me to my car, well when we got there Jade and Josh stood there shock, I was confuse at first but then I reember I never told them I got a new car. After I explain how I got the car they got inside Ernie in the front with me and Jade and Josh in the back. Jade was complaing about the heat, we all just laughed at her remark and she join in the laughter. we had the radio on and Ernie was changing the stations when Jade heard 'Kiss you' by One direction she made us listen to it, she was singing along and the guys look at her than at me. 

"Seriously how ar you guys friends" Josh asked 

" I thought I explain this to you already" I replied 

" I know you did but serously, you have no emotion unlike this one who is going crazy over here by just listening to them imagine if she meets them" Josh said 

" She will die" Ernie said 

" Hello 911, ya my friend pass out cause Harry said hi to her" I say 

" or she could get arrested for harrasing him"  Josh said 

" or both, she could get arrested becuase she try sneaking in backstage but right before the sercurities take her Harry says hi and she passes out" Ernie said 

" thats so Jade " josh andI say at the same time 

" you guys are so mean to me " Jade said 

" the day I don't mess around with you is when something is wrong or I don't care, so being play mean is a good thing" I say 

" Play mean" they all said in unisend 

" I'm nice" I say 

" I know you are nice, babe your the sweetest person in the world" Ernie said 

" ok Ernie shut up, you just joking around bout that, and yes I am nice " I say 

" I know Danny you are like my little sis" Josh said 

" I know i'm nice unlike you josh" I say 

" you got that right" Jade said 

" ouch jade that hurt" Josh said 

" its tru though" Ernie said 

" Ernie you are supoose to be on my side" Josh replied 

" sorry man" Ernie apologize 

" I'm nice" Josh said 

" sure, says the one who threaten to throw me in dumpster" I say 

everyone burst into laughter including myself it was just to dam funny of a memory. 

" hey its not my fault that you are small " Josh said 

" Hey small people are fun" Jade said 

" Its true, small people are the funnest and the cutest " Ernie said 

" Aww, thanks Babe" I said 

" EWW, PDA no PDA in car please" both josh and jade said 

" shut up you both now you both want to make out with eachother" Ernie said 

I laughed when they both blush I knew they like eachother why wont they just admitt it, oh yeah cause they want to rebel agaisnt their parents cause they wanted them to go out with eachother. 

"WE HERE!!!" Jade shouted 

" Finally, time to chill and have some fun" I said 

" hell yeah" both boys said 

Jade and I just laughed and we went to the trunk and I took out my soccer ball towels and snacks out. (A/N Lets pretend that they went to Danny house and got the stuff, lets pretend)

We got the fire pit right next to the life guard post, why I don't really know we just sat there. Anyway we put down our our blankets on the sand to sit down and we had the cooler full of chips and sodas even though I don't really like sodas.  We sat there for a little while just talking about the most randomest things you can ever think of. We are bunch of wierd kids but I like thats because I don't want to be like the others in our school. Than I stared at Josh and he smiled, we both had the same idea we got up and walk over to where the soccer ball was Ernie and Jade must of thought we where going to play soccer casue they didn't vother to turn around but thats when Josh and I pretend to play soccer well where actually playing soccer but Josh he 'acidently' kick the ball near the epty cans of soda and bags of chips. Which scared the hell out of Jade, Ernie was laughing with me and josh. Jade was pissed and she starting chasing me toward the ocean and well she did the expected she splash me with water. Thats when all hell broke loose I splash her with water and she did the same back. Jade and I were having so much fun playing in the water when we both came up with a brilliant plan. See we where soaken wet so we decided to hug the guys, when they saw us coming toward them they started to run. 

Ernie's P.O.V. 

I saw Danny coming with Jade but they had this smile that meant trouble, I elbow Josh and he saw them we both get up and start running oppisite sides of them. Danny was right behind me I forget that shes very athletic, but she so cute she actually thinks she can catch me she forgets that I'm also in track and soccer even though Bascketnall is my favorite sport. I must of been in deep think because all of the sudden I'm beeing tackle down by girlfriend. I still can't believe she said yes to me, yesterday night when I got home I had the happiest smile in the world my mom even notice. She smile knowing why, I really cant hide anything from her. So I just layed there with Danny ontop of me because she just tackle me down. She was looking down at me with a big smile " got ya" she said, I smiled and pulled back her jair which was dripping on my shirt but I didn't mind. She was so beautiful, the reason why I love her was because she wasn't afriad to be herself. We both smiled and I lean in to kiss her as soon as our lips touch electricity ran through my body I felt the same spark I felt when we first kissed, it felt like it was the first kiss over agian only better. We got into it again but this time I took contol of the kiss I pulled her in closer and then well I turn around making me be on top her. When we both gasp for air I said " nah I think I got you" she just laughed and pin down again. 

" Danny you are crazy and thats why I love you" I said 

" aww thanks and you so odd and thats why I love " She said 

" Odd am I and you are weird" I said 

" yup so that make us the weird odd couple" she said 

I laughed and said " yup thats us, lets get back to Jade and Josh " 

" D you think Josh likes Jade" She ask 

" Hell yeah, the eay he acts around her" I said 

" right so I'm not see things " she said 

" no you're not babe, if you are well you're not alone I'll be right there with ya seeing things" i said 

" Babe, I like the sound of that" she said 

" hey I can't have you having all the fun" I said she just giggled 

on the way back the sun was setting already and I saw Jade and Josh already building the fire, I saw that she was wearing Josh's sweater and turn to Danny and she smile she was thinking the same thing I was something must have happen while we where gone. 

" Finally you guys join us" Josh said 

" where have you been" Jade said 

" we where having a moment somewhere from you" I said, Danny was blushing I just pulled her in closer to me, she smiled 

" you naughty naughty kids"  Jade said, I laughed 

" Oh gosh Jade nothing like that happen" Danny said 

" well you guys were gone for almost an hour, so never know" Josh said 

" So what happen between you guys, you seem cozy" I said 

they where shocked their little plan backfired on them 

" Yeah Jade, you are wearing his sweater" Danny said 

" Aye Danny nothing happen I was cold so I took his sweater" Jade replied 

" More like stole" Josh said 

" How is it stealing it if you right here" Jade answer 

" Ok she fought for it, literally" Josh said 

" I might of kicked and elbow him for it but nothing to seroius" Jade said 

" NOthing serious " Danny said 

" It not like I kicked him in the ball where it hurts him the most" Jade said with a smirk 

" you should have " I said 

" thanks for having my back Ernie" Josh said 

" I'M here for you bro " I said 

" you guys are wierdos " Danny said 

" Us weirdos " I said 

" how about you and Jade" Josh said 

" we are awesome" Danny said 

" Unlike you losers" Jade said 

we all just all laughed and we continue to sit next to the bonfire to warm us up, we made some smores that was delicious. we continue to talk about our plans about the future but thats when it hit me she's going to be a senior soon and she just going to leave me when it comes down to her graduation. It bum me down but I didnt want her to be upset it was her brithday. Atleast for now all I can do is enjoy every minute with her. It was nine when we decided to go back home we where all tired from the running and and eating. We drop off Jade first then Josh, I didnt want to leave yet, I wanted to stay the whole night with her. 

" You wanna sleep over my house" She said 

" will your parents mind" I ask 

" I don't think they will mind, let me ask" she said 

" Mom can Ernie sleep over our house' please mommy" she said I chuckled at her trying to play the little daughter card 

" Thank you mommy" Sh said 

" So, I'm taking that as a yes " I said she nodded with agreement 

" can we stop at my house first to pick some clothes out for tomorrow" I said 

" we can do that and then we will pass by mcdonalds so you can buy me my cherry berry chiller" She said 

" ahh you didn't forget" I said 

" Nope I didnt" she responded 

we drove to my house and I got out, I told her to wait for me in car it wont be that long. As I enter my house my dad was asleep on the couch with my little brother asleep in the couch. I went to my room that I share with Christian and got some clothes and shorts to sleep in. When I was heading out my mother stop me crap forgot to tell her. 

" Where you going?" she asked

" to Danyy's house" I said 

" you know its late" she replied

" please mom her parent let me stay over, can you be more open minded please mom" I said 

" I am open minded, I was going to say dont try anything and if you do please be safe" she said 

" oh gosh mom, I wouldn't do that to Danny I respect her, I wouldn't try anything on her unless she asks for it" I said 

"cochino, Go why couldn't I have one girl" she said laughing 

I loved my mom " bye mom, sorry if I offended you" I said 

" bye ernesto" she said 

I walk back into the car and Danny was on her phone looking at the pictures we took. 

" Babe I'm back now off to Mcdonalds" I said 

" two cherry berry chillers please" she ordered 

" Anything else?" the drive thrue person said 

" and one small fries and one meduim fries"  she said 

" ok that will be $5.25 at the next window, have a good day" 

we payed for the our food and went back to her house. 

" So has the small fries " I said 

" you do " she said with smile in her face" 

" of course I dont get you eat alot but you manage to stay so skinny" I said while open the door to her house her parents where asleep 

" cause I excersise now c'mon floow m to my room" she said 

" your parents wont mind me being in here" I said 

" my parents are chill they trust us thats why they letting you sleep in my room in my bed with me" she said 

" really" I said 

" yup c'mon lets watch a movie" she said 

" OK what movie" I said 

" hmm Hansel&Gretel: Witch Hunters" she said 

" I havent seen it so yeah" I replied 

" ok here while its going to the title I'm going to change in the bathroom" she said 

" No I can't let you do that this your house"  I said 

" Babe its ok I have too pee too you know" She replied

" Oh, hahah ok babe" I said 

when she left to the bathroom I close the door and started to change to I put on some shorts on but then I thought about shirt I usually sleep shirtless, i wonder if she will mind if I stay like this. I spoke too soon she walk in me and saw me shirtless and she was staring at me like she never seen me shirtless. 

" I'm sorry I should of knocked" she said 

I pulled her into a hug

" Babe you act like you never seen me shirtless remember six flags" I said 

" Oh yeah, haha sorry I forget, I guess I'm going to get use to you shirtless more" She responded 

" yeah, and do you mind if I sleep shirtless" I ask

" nah, I'm good" she said 

" you like what you see then" i said with a smirk 

" shut up, movie is starting" she said she jump on her bed and then I notice what she was wearing a purple and greed dyed pj mini shorts with a purple tank. I swear she is going to be the death of me. I jump onto the bed with her and pulled her close to me and we watch the movie. She had her arm around me, she was into deep sleep. I kissed her forehead and hugged her till I fell asleep, I love my girlfriend. 

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