Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


12. 17 finally

Danny's P.O.V.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes, hmm I love the smell of pancakes in the morning and then I realise I was 17 finally my birthday. Wow i had a a crazy week, but yesterday was the best I kissed my best friend who asked me out and I of course said yes. Just the memory of the kiss made me smile and I couldn't help but blush. I change to my clothes I was so glad I had free dress today I didn't have to wear my stupid uniform, so I chose to wear my my light blue shorts with my black see through cross design leggings with my black Paramore T-shirt and my converse as usual, ya I'm not a complete girly girl but I coud be sometimes. Even though it was my birthday I didn't feel like dressing up that much, plus I'll have plenty of that this weekend. My mom always blame my brothers that I grew up so tom boyish hey it wasn't my fault they decided to have 4 boys before they had me. I just laugh at the memory I had when my mother told them that and they blame me for hanging out with them. I brush my hair and walk out to the kitchen and to my surprise there he was Ernie stuffing himselfs with my mothers homemade pancakes, I just laughed. 

" Hey save some for me won't you" I said 

" I did see I left you one " He replied

" Only one, how rude" I laughed 

" Nah, I didnt I know you better than you think heres two more to go with that pancake and heres the syrup " he said 

" well thank you"  I said trying not laugh 

" hey have you seen my pare--       AHHH!!!! " I screamed

" Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you Happy birthday Daniella Happy birthday to you " my parents sang along 

oh gosh my parents could be embrassing sometimes and to make it worse ernie was recoridng it. What am I going to do with him. I smile at the cookie monster cupcake they had with a candle on it and I made a wish. They all cheered and their my parents put out a small box gifted wrapped. 

" whats this ?" I asked 

" don't played dumb Danny, you know what is " my dad answer

" Mr. Ramirez I don't think shes playing dumb, sir " Ernie said 

" hahaha I know its a gift but what is it" I asked 

" Open it mija" My mom said 

" No way you got to be freakin me " I said 

" surprise !!! you have your own car now!!! " my dad said 

" what the are guy serious am I being punked !! " I said 

" Yes, Danny you're getting punk right now there is a a camera right there and there is another camera right there" Ernie said joking around 

" shut up!!! Ernie " I said 

" aww you do mean that, c'mon lets see you Brand New Car!!" he said 

I followed laughing he was holding my hand my mom just looked at us I try to hide my blush I had a feeling she knew about me and Ernie but I didn't care at the moment. when we walked out I saw my new black Honda Accord Sedan.

" oh my gosh thannks guys !! " I said 

" your welcome, but remember keep up those grades" my dad said 

" ok, Dad I will " I responded 

"ok so should we go to school " Ernie said 

" yea just let me get my back pack and thanks mom and dad " I said 

I grabbed my backpack and got into my new car I was extremly happy I couldn't belive my parents did this for me. As I got into the car and turn the radio on ernie kissed me in the cheek. I couldn't help it I blushed and he laughed and I smacked him on the arm. I drove off to school. 

" well now you can take me school " Ernie said 

" Ohh so now I'm your personal chofer " I said 

" yes, yes you are can you please make a stop a mcdonalds so I can but my girlfriend a Cherry berry chiller" He replied 

" No!" I said sticking out my tongue at him 

" C'mon please for me babe" he said giving me puppy eyes 

" you know that doesnt work with me" I said 

he kept staring at me 

" Babe I don't know about you but I dont want to get detention on my birthday" I said 

" fine, how about after school" He asked 

" yeah that sounds great"  I said 

I turn on the radio and to my surprise Paramore was on the song 'That's What You Get' I was moving my head to the beat to the song and ernie was just laughing but he join me eventually and we sang along. I love that nothing really has change about us since the kiss and him asking me out even if it was just last night. when we got to school and walk in holding hands. People did stare but it was aweird because we sometimes did this he was my best friend before my boyfrend but people stare. than I heard someone scream but it was a scream I reconized...Jade 

" Happy Birthday Danny!!" jade scream and man can she scream

" Thanks Jade but did you have to anounce it to the whole world" I said

" Umm... yes its your 17 birthday, and hey Ernie" she replied

" Hi, Jade" he said said still holdng on to my hand 

Jade didnt notice at first but than when she saw that he hadnt left. She saw our hands intertwine with eachothers and she made 'aww' face 

" Finally you guys are going out!!" she squeal

I gave her a very cnfuse look and look at Ernie who didnt seem surprise which gave me another confuse look

" ok i'm confuse explain" i said 

" see you both told me that you like eachother, but only Ernie told me not to tell you anything, so I try giving hints that you like him so he can ask you and when he figure it out I told him you did but he refuse to believe it. Thats when I started to bug you and persuade you to ask him out but you both are stuborns and believe that eachother dont like eachother like guys like each other, do I make sense " she said 

" you lost me at the end but I got it, so Ernie you didnt believe her when she told you I did like you. " I asked 

" Ya, I thought you would like someone else who good looking and not dorky like me" He replied 

" aww foofoo I think you cute, I always have" i said 

" ok please dont go lovey dovey on me right now, cause its your birthday and I plan to be here so none of that shit ok" Jade said 

" Jade I have never heard you say that" Ernie said 

" I know right, I never heard myself say that too, whats happening to me, I blame you Danny" Jade said 

" Me, no you cant its my birthday " I said 

" fine, sorry Big guy you taking the fault for this " she said looking at ernie 

he just laughed and smiled and agreed to it and then we headed to 5th period well it was first period but we started with our 5th period stupid rotating schedule. I had English and weirdly so did Ernie our classes where right next to eachother I founded it wierd but the good weird. Jade walk with us since she had Algebra II which was right acrross my english class. so before we went in Ernie pulled me aside and along with all the other couples that same wall. It was fill with couples makingout some even look like they where having sex disrturbing. We didnt want to be like them so Ernie tickled me I giggled and then I poke him he grabbed my hands cause he didnt want to admit that he was ticklish. We looked into eachothers eyes and I gave him a peck on the lips and went inside my class, while other couplse ate eachothers faces out. 



The first few classes went by and I didnt know if it was because it was birthday or it just went by fast. We had free period next and I was happy that I had Jade next its the only class I have with her, we sat down at our usual tbale and she was asking me somany questions about me and Ernie. As I told her how everything happen she made aww ehh faces. her faces that she kept making made me laugh a lot that I got a warning from our teacher, that caused me to laugh more cause c'mon a warning really who still gives thoses out. 

" Danny, lets go to the beach after school? " she asked 

" Um sure"  I said 

" Ok so you and ernie and me and Josh" she said 

I laughed " you really like Josh huh" 

" No I don't he so annoying but he is a good friend" she said 

" uh huh sure bob I believe you, don't lie to me even his own mother is trying make you guys go out. " I said 

" exactly, I'm serious I don't like him, well I do but as a brother type, so if he goes his mother mught stop brothering us about going out. " she said 

" wouldn't that make more like you do like him " I said 

" Danny shut up can we go to the beach after school?" she asked 

" I already said yes " I replied

" yay !!" she squealed

then we headed toward lunch lines and I get starled when someone hands goes around my waist but than I notice it was Ernie, smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I guessed I blush casue he smiled and pulled me in closer. Jade was like you guys are so cute and she took out her phone and took a picture of me and him hugging. Well him hugging me from behind me smiling holding n to his hands. she litterly order us to make this our profile picture for everything. We both burst into laughter and then later she join us in laughing. Jade my little Jessy Jade, I love her shes my best friend, her actuall name is Jessica and her middle name is Jade, we all call her Jade because their aint that many people called jade. But I was the only one that sometimes called her Jessy Jade cause it sounded cool. I always make fun of her of josh becuase I know she really doesnt like him but its fun. I know she likes this one other guy name Scott. she was head over heals over him to bad he didnt come to our school. 

Jade's P.O.V

We where still in the lunch lines man do I hate our lunch lines, its the slowest lines ever it worse than Disneyland I swear. I look over to Danny and Ernie they are so cute together I was so happy they finally got together I don't know how much longer I would have taken of it, of them telling me that they where forever stuck in the friendzone. But if Ernie hurts Danny i'm going to go all midevil on his ass, man what is it with me swearing latley. Anyway I told Danny we should go to beach for her birthday you know have a little bonfire with her close friends. She's gotten closer to Josh lateley but its not like close she will fall for him like she did with ernie. Josh has none her longer than me actually they had a fight over idk what but they started to get along more again the grew closer now their friendship is better than it has ever been. they are like brother and sisters, even though josh acts older even though Danny is actually older than him. I just laughed of the idea of them actually being relating, they would be dragging eachother to hell. 

when we finally got in they where serving pizza yes pizza I really didn't want a peanutbutter jelly sandwhich today for lunch. 

" Lets go to the beach, each Lets go get away-ay" I said 

" Aww jade be patient to more classes and we will go " danny said 

" huh " ernie said 

" has danny not told you yet, and I know you aint that dumb I kind gave it awy right now"  I said to ernie 

" um no clue " he said 

" we going to the beach after school today to celbrate Danny's birthday you in?" I asked 

" ofcourse I am" he said 

" ok good remember josh would be going too'' I said 

" cool I have to catch up with him I havent seen him in like a day " Ernie replied 

" you and your bromance with him" Danny said 

" hey Babe there's no reason of you to be jelous you are still my number one" he said teasing her 

I swear him going out with Danny gave him a boost in confidence, well thats what Danny does before I knew her i was shy like sneaky mouse quiet, but thanks to her I'm loud now. which I'm ok with cause now I don't have stage fright so thats good. 

" joshy Babe " ernie said 

" ernie babe how are you " josh replied 

" oh gosh get a room " Danny said and i laughed along 

" aww is my little sis jelous " Josh asked 

" of your bromance, nope not all " she responded

" see unlike you to dumbasses, we have a life " I said 

" Stalking one direction isnt having a life" Josh said 

" shut up josh " I replied 

" how are you guys best friends, Danny you love alternative rock and you like one direction " josh said 

" cause I like all music and if has a good beat its a good song " Danny said 

" all music even country" Josh asked 

" some country " she replied 

" yup thats why she's my bestie, plus she does some stalking for Paramore " I say 

" correction people d o the stalking for me and they tell me whats going on " danny replies 

" oh yes, your love to Paramore and to Taylor York " I reply and mock at the same time 

" oohh whos this Taylor York " josh asks

" its the guitar player for Paramore " Ernie replies 

" and that doesnt get you mad that you girl fancies him " josh asked 

" nope cause she know I fancy Hayley " he replies and Danny just noddes her head yes

" two more classes and we go to the beach whoop whoop " i say 

" aye Jade only you only you " Danny says 

" lies lies i tll you, you are just like me just more crazier and in a realtionship" I say 

the bell rang and we all went to class when I saw Danny go into her physics class i was jelous of her she had the cute sub. She was having a good birthday plus bonus she has a boyfriend and the cute sub is subbing her physics class lucky little girl.

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