Rotation. - A Harry Styles Fan - Fiction

"Harry, I do love you, but... But I can't," I shivered to the words I had just spoken. I did love Harry, I really did but I can't..

"Why not!?" He yelled back at me.

"Harry! Please! Your making this even harder!" A tear trickled down my face. I held my breath, waiting to hear the rest.

"Any other girl would swoon over me!, I have millions of fans waiting for me. They would do anything. Just for ME! Rosie don't make this hard on yourself here! If you would just say 'yes of-course!', Rosie I love you! I know you feel the same!" He screamed back at me.

"Not everythings always about YOU! Harry. I...I...I, I don't love just YOU".
I watched as Harry fell mentally, the shaddered peices of his broken heart falling down.

"Who?" he whispered to me. Walking closer to me.

"Harry, I can't tell! You'll hate him!" I shaded my face away from his angry glare.

He just walked away.
I slid down on the wall.

What will I ever do?

Rosie Marie Gardener.

What have you done?

Harry hates you.


3. Chapter Three.

Chapter Three.

"Nope!" I said running away while flipping through the pages.


"Please! Rosie!" he begged. He didn't fool me!


I finally opened to a good page , that had my name on it.

I sarted to read through.



I know we just met but it feels like you're my bestfriend. Already, like we were supposed to meet. Like, it was our destiny. I knew from he start I liked you. Well, you were beautiful and all, but I loved your smile. Your eyes and your amazing personality!'


It stopped there, I knew he wanted to write more. I turned to a boy who's face was as red as a tomato.


"That.... really meant something? Didn't it...." I smiled at him, he just ment friends. I knew he did. That's all i want!.


"Ugh" he scratched his neck while looked nervously at me.


"Friends?, thats all. Right?". I questioned him, hoping he would just say a simple word. Yes.


"Yeah..Yeah, that's all I meant" A smile grew upon his face.


"Good, good" the smile grew bigger, but his faded away.


I awkwardly walked over back to the bookshelf, I slipped the book back into it's hiding place.

I looked back towards Harry.


"Lets go, for a walk". I said, my smile fading.

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