Rotation. - A Harry Styles Fan - Fiction

"Harry, I do love you, but... But I can't," I shivered to the words I had just spoken. I did love Harry, I really did but I can't..

"Why not!?" He yelled back at me.

"Harry! Please! Your making this even harder!" A tear trickled down my face. I held my breath, waiting to hear the rest.

"Any other girl would swoon over me!, I have millions of fans waiting for me. They would do anything. Just for ME! Rosie don't make this hard on yourself here! If you would just say 'yes of-course!', Rosie I love you! I know you feel the same!" He screamed back at me.

"Not everythings always about YOU! Harry. I...I...I, I don't love just YOU".
I watched as Harry fell mentally, the shaddered peices of his broken heart falling down.

"Who?" he whispered to me. Walking closer to me.

"Harry, I can't tell! You'll hate him!" I shaded my face away from his angry glare.

He just walked away.
I slid down on the wall.

What will I ever do?

Rosie Marie Gardener.

What have you done?

Harry hates you.


6. Chapter Six.

Chapter Six.

I woke up and rubbed my eyes, I was still tired

Picking myself up off the bed was a hard decision. To sleep or not to sleep?


I finally picked myself up, feeling my body about to crash on the ground. But I held myself. I walked over to the mirror in my bathroom. Looking at my face horridly.

My mascara had run down my rosy cheeks. I had a red face. God, I looked bad.


I closed the door, stripped off and turned on the shower. Waiting till it was the temperature good for me.

Jumping in was a breath taking moment. Since my body was freezing cold.

My toes when numb. I nearly fell over but pushed myself up again, I did was I usually do in the shower but not wash my hair.

I've washed it enough already.


I jumped out, turning off the shower as I went. The towel laying on the towel rack , waiting for my arrival. I picked up the dark grey towel and rapped it around my body, feelng warmth  surrounding my cold body.


I washed my face and put mascara on. I turned to the door, and left to my room.


I picked out a pinkish - purplish singlet , white skinny - jeans and a pair of slip-ons.

I smiled to myself as I left the room. Decent.


After a plate of delicious break-fast I had finally decided to do my hair in a loose plat. I dried it and started straightening my curls, I pulled it over my shoulder.


I walked into my bedroom, I knew I had forgot about something. I looked to the clock that was beside my bed.


I read the digits , eleven twentie two.


What, I had something on... right now.


"Harry!" I screamed as i remembered. I grabbed my bag and a leather jacket, running out the door.




"Harry!"  I screamed as I entered Starbucks. He smiled at me but soonly faded away.


"Why were you late?" he looked at me, I was surprised he just said that.


"Because, I lost track of time" I tried to joke with him. He was dead serious.

After he nodded.


"What did you want to ask me?" he said looking up. I thought.


"Just that I can't handle a relationship right now" I smiled brightly to him. His face went dark and gloomy.


"Harry? I'm so sorry. But I.. c..can't, are you alright?" I asked him. He didn't look up.


"Yeah" he said, dissapointed.


"Styles! Let's buy a coffee! I'm starving too" I said trying to sound happy. Still not working.

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