Rotation. - A Harry Styles Fan - Fiction

"Harry, I do love you, but... But I can't," I shivered to the words I had just spoken. I did love Harry, I really did but I can't..

"Why not!?" He yelled back at me.

"Harry! Please! Your making this even harder!" A tear trickled down my face. I held my breath, waiting to hear the rest.

"Any other girl would swoon over me!, I have millions of fans waiting for me. They would do anything. Just for ME! Rosie don't make this hard on yourself here! If you would just say 'yes of-course!', Rosie I love you! I know you feel the same!" He screamed back at me.

"Not everythings always about YOU! Harry. I...I...I, I don't love just YOU".
I watched as Harry fell mentally, the shaddered peices of his broken heart falling down.

"Who?" he whispered to me. Walking closer to me.

"Harry, I can't tell! You'll hate him!" I shaded my face away from his angry glare.

He just walked away.
I slid down on the wall.

What will I ever do?

Rosie Marie Gardener.

What have you done?

Harry hates you.


7. Chapter Seven.

Chapter Seven.

"Okay Rosie" Harry smiled back at me. We walked over to the counter. A teen-age girl stood there , her blond hair flicked her sholder. She was beautiful.

I guess Harry already noticed that, he was flirting with her continuously. I coughed, trying to get the girls attention and of-course Harry Styles' attention.


"Harry!" I nudged him.

He looked over to me for two seconds, then looked back at the girl he was trying to flatter.


"Um excuse me, we would like to get a coffee, the regular please" I smiled at the girl that was never even interested in Harry.

I pulled him back over to the table.


"You made an complete IDIOT of yourself Harry!" I screamed at him, half whispering. He laughed.


"I knew she wanted me... So I went for her" he smiled brightly and looked back over to the girl standing at the counter.


"She's not into you" I smirked at him. He laughed and stopped looking at the girl.


"You're jealous! Aren't you!" he smirked at me, his grin spread across his glowing face.


"No, not at all!" I laughed at him then stuck my tongue out.


"Okay, whatever" he laughed and struggled to pull his phone out.


"Mr.Styles if you need your phone at this moment I shall not talk to you!" I said in a childish way. I crossed my arms and faced the other way.


"Awh, does Miss.Rosie want a little hug?" he stood up and walked closer to me.


"Nope" I smirked at him and turned my head away.


"Yes" he said, Laughing.

He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me onto the floor and started to tickled me.


"No!......... Harry!" I screamed inbetween laughs.


He stood up. I pushed my hand out towards him.

He grabbed it. Wrong choice Curly. I pulled him down with me and we laughed as he fell on me.


"Please get out!" we looked up from all the laughters and fun.

A old stern lady stood there, pointing towards the door with her other hand on her hip. I looked around, everyone was glaring at us.


I picked myself up and stood there , Harry behind me laughing like crazy.


"I'm so sor" she cut me off.


"No! now out!" I laughed.


"We paid for our coffees! I need my coffee!" I laughed.


She pulled the coffee tray over and handed us the coffees. We walked out and ran to the car. I jumped in and sat down.


I started to laugh.


"What are you laughing about Rose?" he said half laughing.


"You.....tickled .......... trouble" I said laughing hasterically.


He joined in with me and had a laughing fit.


*Twentie Minutes Later*


"Okay, okay!" I said trying to breathe. Harry instantly stopped laughing.


I looked at him, his hair was messy and he had red cheeks. I had the need to kiss that boy.

I leant in and started kissing him passionetly. Soon our tongues begain dancing. I felt fireworks.


I pulled away, I didn't even know what had just happened.. Everything was a huge blur , he had a huge grin across his face.


"Harry, I'm so sorry" I said while hopping out of the car.


"Don't be" he whispered as he grabbed my arm and pulled me back in.


"Harry please, I don't even know. I'm just sorry" I said pulling my arm away from his grip and walking away.


He tried chasing after me but soon he realised it was no use. I didn't even know what to do.




Do I love Harry?

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