Rotation. - A Harry Styles Fan - Fiction

"Harry, I do love you, but... But I can't," I shivered to the words I had just spoken. I did love Harry, I really did but I can't..

"Why not!?" He yelled back at me.

"Harry! Please! Your making this even harder!" A tear trickled down my face. I held my breath, waiting to hear the rest.

"Any other girl would swoon over me!, I have millions of fans waiting for me. They would do anything. Just for ME! Rosie don't make this hard on yourself here! If you would just say 'yes of-course!', Rosie I love you! I know you feel the same!" He screamed back at me.

"Not everythings always about YOU! Harry. I...I...I, I don't love just YOU".
I watched as Harry fell mentally, the shaddered peices of his broken heart falling down.

"Who?" he whispered to me. Walking closer to me.

"Harry, I can't tell! You'll hate him!" I shaded my face away from his angry glare.

He just walked away.
I slid down on the wall.

What will I ever do?

Rosie Marie Gardener.

What have you done?

Harry hates you.


4. Chapter Four.

Chapter Four.

I grabbed the jacket that I was wearing the night before and looked at the mirror. I need something to put this hair up. I laughed at myself.


I finally decided to put it in a messy bun.

I grabbed my bag and stood at the door, awaiting for Harry's arrival.


"Haz! We don't have all day!" I yelled for him. Only to recieve groans.

I sighed, Harry, you drama queen.


"Mr.Styles! This is NO time to be a slow poke! I've had enough, I'm leaving without you!" I opened the door. Heavy footsteps filled my eardrums.


"Coming!" he groaned.


I opened the door, feeling the breeze touch my face softly.

I breathed and headed out.


We started to walk, sun rays beamed at me. I shaded them out and continued to awkwardly walk with one of my bestfriends, Harry.


"So" he questioned me. I felt no responce coming in his way.But I finally made myself talk.


"Harry, you like me more than a friend, it's becoming more obvious.." I stopped him, he stood there. Frozen.


"I knew you feel the same way about this!" he nervously laughed and walked a step closer towards me so we were nose and nose.


"Harry, you do mean BESTFRIENDS not COUPLE" i announced to his face. He didn't move another muscle.


"Yeah....Urm, I'm sorry, but I have to go!" he yelled at me while running fastly back to his house. Great, he left me again. I knew what he wanted. A relationship. With me. But I'm not up to it. I have life that I need to live before thinking of that.


I kicked at the grass and kept walking. A flash of Harry faded. I'm surprised paparazzi didn't see us. Maybe they had a day off? Why hadn't the One Direction fan-base see him? Usually they stalk his house!

I remembered Harry moved, because people, well, fans were getting in his way. Hardly anyone knows where he lives now.


I continued to walk home. The sun was setting so I sat and relaxed on the green grass, I picked the grass gently, deep thoughts ran through my mind. What would happen if me and Harry did try to have a relationship?

Would it work out?


I picked myself up off the ground, my legs felt like jelly. I didn't know what to do, I never will. Harry is one of my friends, I want it to stay like that for-awihle, oh please god, please.I do think Harry is handsome.. Good looking. But I don't really want a relationship now. I'm only eighteen. I don't really need to think about relationships.


All they bring is trouble.


I continued to walk back home, Harry had a better looking house than me. Of course.

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