Rotation. - A Harry Styles Fan - Fiction

"Harry, I do love you, but... But I can't," I shivered to the words I had just spoken. I did love Harry, I really did but I can't..

"Why not!?" He yelled back at me.

"Harry! Please! Your making this even harder!" A tear trickled down my face. I held my breath, waiting to hear the rest.

"Any other girl would swoon over me!, I have millions of fans waiting for me. They would do anything. Just for ME! Rosie don't make this hard on yourself here! If you would just say 'yes of-course!', Rosie I love you! I know you feel the same!" He screamed back at me.

"Not everythings always about YOU! Harry. I...I...I, I don't love just YOU".
I watched as Harry fell mentally, the shaddered peices of his broken heart falling down.

"Who?" he whispered to me. Walking closer to me.

"Harry, I can't tell! You'll hate him!" I shaded my face away from his angry glare.

He just walked away.
I slid down on the wall.

What will I ever do?

Rosie Marie Gardener.

What have you done?

Harry hates you.


8. Chapter Eight.

Chapter Eight.

I reached my front door, I didn't know what I should do, I didn't understand my feelings at that moment. I didn't mean to use Harry like that...

I didn't know who I loved.. I had feelings for another person.. They were strong also, but, who was I to know?


I felt so guilty. What is wrong with you Rosie?



I walked over to my mirror.I stared at my face. I was tired and still hungry.


Bulging purple bags fell under my eyes, I felt weak, tired and sleepy. But I just couldn't forget about that kiss with Harry.

I touched my lips, still warm from his lips. I felt fireworks, they played through my mind as I walked over to the fridge. I opened the fridge door and scanned through the food. There was nothing, great. I looked over to the brown doors, the cupboard might have something tasty. I walked over to the cupboard, my stomach growling like wolfs.


Food? Nope.


I decided to go to Nandos. Nialler's favourite restauraunt. I also loved Nandos, Niall and I have a great connection. I smiled to myself as I grabbed the keys, my bag and walked out. I locked the door behind me. The wind hit me like a tonne of bricks. I rushed over to the car, unlocked it then jumped inside. Instantly I didn't feel cold anymore.


I need to get my mind off Harry.


The restraunt smelt great, I ran to the counter. A girl aged twentie to twentie five stood there, her brown hair up in a neat plat. I bet Harry would flirt with her.


Stop it! Don't think about Harry! Your time off, well off  Harry.


The girl at the counter stood there , Smiling like an idiot waiting for me to order. I smiled back, trying to be polite.



I ordered soon after, and walked to a chair near the window while waiting for my order.


"Rosie!" I heard a farmilier voice yell, that was a cute irish accent. Nialler.

I turned around and saw an Irish boy standing infront of me, his arms waiting to recieve a hug. I laughed and pushed myself into his bear hug.He instantly hugged the life out of me.


"Niall! I haven't seen you and the boys in ages!" I smiled at him.


"Yeah, I know. Whats going on with Harry?" I shook my head.



"Nope, he has been acting weird"



"Oh okay, have you ordered?" he questioned me, his arm over my shoulder.


"Yes! I can't keep myself away" I lied to him. Gosh, habits.


"Oh goodie!" he smiled at me as the women called his name out. He smiled at me as he left and came running back shortly after.


"Yes Nailler?" I questioned him.


"I forgot to tell you, call me.Theres a festival and I want you to come with us boys" I smiled at him and nodded.


"Definently" I said.


He walked away.

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