Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Sorry if there are any mistakes...

Keni's POV-
"Congrats girl!" as Perla said. I had a very wide smile on my face. I was happier than happy when she told me I had a signed record deal. She said they listened to my demo and they didn't make one disgusted face. She said I would be there new favorite. " Let's celebrate!" she said snapping me out of my thoughts. I replied.
"That sounds great!"
" On one condition!" me and Liam both gave a concerned look.
"And what would that be?" Liam said. This whole time we were here he kept quiet. It was totally noticeable he liked her. And from the looks of it she felt the same way.
"Keni boo did you hear that?" Perla asked me.
"Huh what so- sorry. What was that?"
"Keni, honey I said this is going to be a big party with celebrities so One Direction has to perform and you do to. To you know get started on your career." she said. My stomach started to get that nervous feeling. I didn't think this through. I had really bad stage fright. I didn't know what I was going to do. At this point I was terrified.
"Honey... Boo you okay?"
"Y-yeah I'm fine!" I said putting on a fake smile. I looked over at Liam. He looked like he felt sorry for me. That night when I sang for the boys that same night we had talked. The boys found out everything about my singing. Which means they know about my stage fright. I know them to well that they will help me once I told them the news.
"Perla I'm going to leave its getting late. Okay text you! Bye! Liam you coming?" I asked.
"Umm actually I'm going to stay a bit. Is that okay?" I started to walk out.
"Of course that's okay!" before I shut the door I yelled " BE SAFE USE PROTECTION YOU TWO!" then I closed the door. And with that I left. I got in my car and went back to my house. I figured that Jamie was over because Zayn had texted me asking if Jamie could borrow my clothes. I said it was fine. I was completely nervous I never sang a song with the boys. I finally reached home and I saw Jamie's car in our driveway. I didn't want to stay so I though I'd tell them the good news and leave. I didn't where I was going to go so I decided that once I'd tell them
I would go tell the others in person and maybe stay at Harry's for a few. As I got out of my car I started to look for my house keys. I found them and I inserted the key into the lock. As I was unlocking the lock to get into my house I heard Zayn yell "Shh Jamie someone is here!" I chuckled to myself when I heard that. I got my door unlocked and I walked in. I told them all the news. We were discussing it for a while.
"Keni?" Zayn called out.
"Yeah?" I replied.
"I just want to tell you that what ever feelings you have for Harry I'm totally okay with it." we'll that was random I thought to myself and I started to blush. So does that mean I can date Harry. My stomach started doing those flips.
"I agree also and plus you two make a great couple and I just happen to know he likes you to." Jamie spoke.
"He does?!" that made me even happier.
"Keni, sister every one knows."
Zayn said.
"Really!" I couldn't believe it. Everybody knows he likes me.
" So since Jamie is over and I'm sure you two want time alone do you mind if I hang out with Harry."
"Sure one question. Are you going to spend the night?" Zayn and Jamie both asked.
"Umm are you Jamie?"
"Yeah." she replied.
"Umm if it goes well then yeah, you both okay with that?"
"Yeah!" they both said and they both blushed. I chuckled and went upstairs.
"Jamie come here!" I yelled. I wanted her to help me.
"Come and help me!"
"I need you to help me pick out my clothes!"
"You don't need anything fancy, your spending the night remember?" haha that's what she thinks maybe a little more might happen. I thought to myself. Hahha I'm just kidding. That so was not happening tonight. "By the way I texted Harry saying you are coming!"
"Really what did he say!?"
"He got excited so he's getting ready as well!"
"I'm done!"
"Go Keni go! Go getcho man!" that made me crack up.

Harry's POV-
From: Sistahh
Message: Keni is gonna come over.

I gave my self a confused look and then I started to get butterlies. This may be girly but it's the truth. I was happy she was coming but Jamie wasn't here.

To: Sistahh
Message: oh is she really :p wait but ur not here?


From: Sistahh
Message: she's not coming for me she's coming for you. Zayn told her he's okay dating you and I told her u like her and Zayn said every one knows.

I started to freak out inside

Message: WAIT EVERYONE KNOWS omg. What should I do when she comes. Won't it be awkward. And how do u know I like her.

Message: it's obvious and idk just promise you'll kiss her. And guess who is dating Zayn!

Message: cool lol and yes i will I promise well gtg have to clean up YOUR mess xD

From: Sistahh

To: Sistahh
Message: Bye Jamie :)

From: Sistahh
Message: Bye Harry :D

Well that was a nice conversation I thought to myself. I couldn't wait till she got here. I didn't know what I was going to do. Oh I know maybe we will watch a couple movies take her out to dinner and have a friendly date. I promised Jamie I would kiss her so maybe while were watching a movie I will. I really liked her and I knew she liked me. And finally I got Zayn's blessing.

30 minutes later

Keni was finally here. We were on the couch watching the notebook. I was tearing up and I could hear Keni giggling beside me. That was such a turn on. I love girls who giggle. When the movie first started we were on opposite sides of the couch. As soon as I started to cry she scooted over and since then we have been cuddling. It was really nice having her in my arms.
"Hey Keni?"
"Yeah?" she said not taking her eyes off the tv.
"Wanna go out. Get something to eat after the movie is over and then maybe watch another movie at the movies.
"Uhh yeah sure!" she replied.
"So? Where you wanna go?"
" Ummm I don't care but no where fancy please. I'm not dress appropriate?"
"Haha yeah sure I'll surprise you then!"
"Sounds like a date!" she said chuckling. The movie finally ended and we got up from the couch and walked out the door. We ate at Olive Garden. We had an amazing dinner then we went to the movies. We watched Ted. I have to tell you that movie is freaking hilarious. I thought to myself that I still didn't kiss her, and the movie was already over. We both got in my car. I figured this was the time to do it.
"Yeah?" she said.
"I've been wanting to do this all night!" after I said that I made our lips touch. It was perfect. The kiss was warm and passionate and it sent chills down my back. I felt her lips curl up into a smile. I felt accomplished.

Hey guys so sorry this is like late. I have been very busy. And as of right now I am sick. :( yeah yeah I know. Well I don't see the book ending anytime soon but sadly it does have to come to an end. Maybe after I finish this one I plan on writing another. It might be called Live While We're Young and its going to be a Harry Fanfic. I know as a Directioner I shouldn't have favorites but I don't. Harry just stands out more to me and you know. I'm thinking the book will be about a pop star named Taela and she has drinking and drug problem. While sitting on the couch she sees a band she has never seen before. Which happens to be One Direction and she instantly falls in love with Harry. She forces her manager to call them over. She asks him on a date but he rejects because of her problem. She tries to change herself and she does so Harry finally accepts the date and from there on they have the best time of their lives. So how is it. Please tell me. Well umm again so sorry. Follow me on twitter @iLoVeMYhAzZa671
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