Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8
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Zayn's POV-
I couldn't believe it. One of my closest friends were gone. I told him everything. He saved one of my best friends life. I just wish that the band could've met him. He was awesome. He was a hero. I needed someone with me. Right here, right now. Or you know I could just get wasted. Nahh, Liam would totally kill me. I'm not like Harry, I don't use women and liquor to cover my problems. I won't be. I REFUSE! I told myself. And there is no way in bloody hell he and my sister will go out. I don't want her to get hurt. She is all I have right now and she is all I will ever have. I can't have her hurt, it will hurt me. Of course I knew Keni had a thing for Harry and Harry had a thing for Keni. I wouldn't mind at all if Harry wasn't who he is but he is who he is and I have to respect that. I set that thought aside as I got up to go get some wine. My mom always kept it in the bar in our basement. I muffled some cuss words under my breath. "I can't believe I'm going to get rid of my problems by drinking!" I stopped in front of the door that led to the bar. I refused to take another step. I realized I needed someone. Someone to talk to. T-to spill my guts out. Times like these are the times that I wish I had a dad for. I was a complete mess. My eyes all puffy and red from the crying. My hair pointing in different directions from tugging them. And I had a cup ready to put my problems aside for a couple hours. I threw the cup across the room. I was so depressed. My mom wasn't here anymore to tell me everything will be okay, my dad wasn't here at all and Keni... thank god she wasn't here. She was at Perla's and only Liam went. I pulled out my phone. I decided that I'd tell Harry that I like Jamie and if she could come over.

Message: ay yo mann can I tell you something? It's important!

I pressed send and I waited, seconds later I heard a ding. It was Harry.

Message: Yeah? But I'm a little scared o.O

I let out a silent chuckle

Message: Well what would you do if you found out that one of your friends likes your sister?


From: Harrrehhh
Message: OH MY GAWWDDD!!! You like Jamie!!!!!!!

From the looks of it he wouldn't mind. He didn't answer my question at all though. Then it hit me. What do I tell him?

Message: I'm not saying any names till you answer my question!


From: Harrrehhh
Message: Zayn if its you that likes Jamie then its fine. I don't care. Just hurt her and I'll break your neck. K?! I'm kidding but idc if you like her. Do what you want. She's free right now. Text her you have her number.

Oh yeah I forgot I did. I felt proud I had told Harry. I really didn't feel like going behind his back. I didn't bother texting back Harry and immediately started to text Jamie.

Message: Hey Jamie!!!!!!!

I waited and waited. I figured she'd be a while before replying back so I went to the kitchen. We had left over chicken from last night so I warmed it up. As it was heating I heard my phone beep. I slide finger across my iPhone to unlock it.

From: Jamie
Message: Heyy :)

I felt myself grin

Message: I was wondering if you could you know... Come over? :)
Pleeeaassseee... XD


Message: suree.!! When.??

I quickly replied totally ignoring the fact that my chicken was still in the microwave.

Message: Now? Is that ok?


Message: Yeahh! Be there in a bit. Byee :)

"Yes!"I cheered.

Message: kk see you then bye XD!!!!

I was happy Harry agreed. If he let me date his sister then maybe I can consider Harry and Keni as a couple. I just wasn't ready for
Keni get hurt. We had just lost our mom and if she gets hurt who will help her. It can't be me I can barely understand the period concept let alone me helping with boy problems. I can only tell her what they want and the signals to everything a guy might have in mind. I wasn't ready to do all that. But I can't stop her from doing what she wants. She is very smart and she'll do the right thing. I trust her and by doing so, when she comes home I'll tell her everything I know about the two love birds and I'll tell her that I accept. It will be hard but I have to learn how to trust and learn that I am alone now and I have to do it by myself. I repeatedly kept telling myself "It's okay. Everything will be fine!" I let out sigh of relief when my phone rang. I slid my finger across my screen to answer my call.
"Hello? Zayn? Yeah I'm here in your driveway."
"Yeah okay I'll be out!" I grin wildly and walked out my door. As I got out she said hello. I ignored that and just planted my lips on hers. I was kind of scared that she would pull away but she didn't. She kissed back. I can feel her smiling through the kiss. It felt so right. How our lips just perfectly molded together. After minutes of kissing we both pulled back to catch our breath.
"Zayn?!" I though uh oh. "W-what-" I cut her off.
"You didn't like it?" I had told her. I thought she did.
"N-no I- I-"
"I thought you did?"
" You didn't let me finish or even start." she chuckled and my face started to heat up. " I did like it but I was surprised. I didn't know you felt that way about me. Can I tell you something?"
"Ya anything!" she kissed me.
"I felt the same way." she smiled and I did to. Our lips touched again. A raindrop fell on my face. I ignored that then it started to pour. We were still standing there in the middle of my driveway while it was raining kissing. I enjoyed it.
"We should go inside?" as I said pulling away from our kiss. I took her hand and she followed me in the house. "I'll be right back I'll go get you something dry. I went upstairs and went into Keni's room. They were about the same size, and since they were best friends Keni shouldn't care. I texted her making sure it was okay and with in matter of seconds she replied okay. I grabbed one of Keni's pajama shorts and tank tops. I had a feeling she was going to spend the night when Keni got home. Which I didn't mind at all.
"Jamie?" I said as I snapped out of my happy thoughts I guess.
"Yeah?" she replied
"What will Keni think about you know us?"
"Umm I'll tell her. She's my best friend I know she'll understand. She has to because she likes Harry."
"Wait what!" I said to make it sound like I didn't know.
"Oh did I say something. Hehe it was nothing." she said blushing.
"No you said she likes Harry. How do you know?"
"Oh my god please don't tell her! She'll kill me! Please Zayn I beg you!" she said pleading.
"Haha chill I knew all this time."
"You what? B-but she didn tell you?"
"It's obvious. My sister isn't very good in hiding her feelings. Don't you think it's obvious."
"Well yeah but not to be mean but your a guy!"
"HURTFUL!" I said laughing. I tackled my new and improved girlfriend. Or at least she was my new girlfriend. I shouldn't push anything and I should just wait. We both had a laugh. Hours later still laughing. We were watching a movie. I couldn't quite recall what movie but it was funny or at least Jamie was making it funny. We both heard the sound of a lock being unlocked alarming us someone was here.
"Shh Jamie someone is here!" I said being as loud as I could. Jamie let out a big laugh as she playfully hit me on the arm.
"Honey I'm home!" as someone shouted coming into the house. It was Keni.
"Someone is in a good mood."
Jamie said.
"Well hello to you two to." Keni replied.
"Haha what's got you to be such in a good mood today!" I asked her.
"Well, today when me and Liam were at Perla's she had invited me to a party to you know celebrate. And guess who gets to come but on one condition?" I raised an eyebrow.
"And what would that be?"
"She said you guys can come but you have to sing and I have to do a song with you." she sounded very nervous. I was excited that the boys and I would have a gig to do since we didn't have to do any interviews or concerts for a week. I was getting quite bored not doing my favorite job in the world. But when I saw the look on her face I felt sad. She loved to sing but she had bad stage fright. Not as bad a Jamie's of course but it was pretty bad. When we would go walking around our neighborhood she would go all out like she'll dance and sing and not care who was watching but when it comes to the stage she freezes. Eventually she'll go for it and block out everything but the look of horror is still in her eyes. Another things is we have never sung with her. Only once but that was when we found out she really could sing. We did great but there was one thing to do. I would call the boys and we would have to try a lot of songs with her until we find the right song to sing. We have to help her get over her stage fright if she wants to become a famous pop star. Right?

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