Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Niall's POV-

I was so excited to go on a date with Caitlin. I have liked

ever since Harry had introduced us. She was really beautiful. She had dark brown hair. It was a little over her shoulder. She had side swept bangs. She only wore the basic makeup like eye liner and mascara. I barely noticed if she wore lip stick or lip gloss. Either way she was gorgeous with or without makeup. I wanted this date to be perfect. I made a few phone calls. I plan on having dinner at this really nice restaurant called Hard Rock Cafe. I decided to make a reservation. After dinner I plan on renting a whole movie theatre room just for us. We were going to see 'Step Up Revolution'.

It's new so I thought we'd go see it. I wanted to make this date the best it could ever be so I wanted it to be private. I also thought that I will get her a gift for just being her. I jumped in my car and went to the mall. On the way there I turned on the radio. It was an unfamiliar yet a familiar voice. Hmmmmm I usually know who the artist was but this one it wasn't familiar. I just couldn't seem to figure out who it was. I felt like I have heard it before but it just didn't ring a bell.

cause my heart beats what it wants

And the heartbeats it's all its got "And that was Perla singing her new single Heartbeats" the radio host said.

"That's why I didn't know who it was. It's a new song!" I said to myself. Damn, I forgot we were supposed to meet her tomorrow. It's okay I can meet her some other time Keni knows her so I'm all good. I finally reached the mall and I got out. I went store searching for a while until I found the right store. Jared's! I walked in and right when I stepped foot into the store I found it. It was perfect. It was a beautiful silver chain with a diamond heart. It was all diamond. I asked the clerk to see it and gladly she handed the necklace to me.

"It's quite a looker isn't?" the clerk said to me. I laughed and replied


"You know we have a special going on?" she asked me. I could see just by her fake smile that she hated her job. I'm surprised she didn't even know who I was. She had black hair and fair skin. She was pretty but I pretty much had girlfriend.

"Yeah and what's that?" I said with a smile.

"If you purchase $500 or more you get, whatever you bought we will engrave it for free. And this Mr.Horan is $2,000!" I stand corrected, she does know my name. I thought to myself that it would be a great idea if I engraved the date we started dating and our names around the heart seal. It was brilliant!

"That's an awesome deal! I'll take it!"

"Great just let me ring this up for you and I'll start engraving!"

"Thank you!" I slid my debit card and punched in my PIN number. I was all set and now I just have to wait till they were finished. I looked around for a bit until I was called. I came over and left. I was very excited. I couldn't wait to tell the boys! I jumped back into my car. My head was faced down until I bumped into some chick.

"Oh. My. God. You're. You're Niall HORAN!" she screamed I thought to myself uh oh this cannot be good. When she screamed everybody mostly like every girl started running towards me. I could not go to my car in this kind of situation. There was only one thing to do. I had to call Paul. I ran into the bathroom, but that was probably a bad idea. Nobody didn't care what the sign said. If they wanted something they will go for it. I ran to the nearest bathroom and locked the door. I called Paul but no answer. I called again still no answer. I was freaking out. Fuck calling!


Message. S.O.S

The mall PRONTO!!!!!!

I waited like a minute. My phone when ding. It was from Paul. Oh sure he'll answer his texts but not his phone calls.


Message: I'm on my way. How many should I bring.

I replied quickly.


Message: A lot I'm stuck in the bathroom and no way to get out. So bring enough to get me out!!!!




Message: okay I'm on my way. DON'T MOVE.

"Oh sure where can I possibly go without being attacked by girls.", I said to myself. I unlocked the door to see if the crazed fans were still out there. Sure enough they were but this time more girls were out there. Where is Paul!?



Message: we're here. Are you okay?


Message: Kk hurry cause im hungry!! And I'm fine. Just hurry!

Knock knock

Dang that was quick. I thought to myself. I was getting a headache from hearing all those girls screaming Niall or I love you or marry me? I was getting pretty tired of it. I cracked the door open to make sure Paul was standing there ready to yank me out of the mall. Before I could look someone pushed me and they forced themselves into the men's restroom.

"What's this?" a familiar voice said as the door flung open.

"Who the hell are you?" as the girl said.

"This guys security now get the hell out before I call police." Paul said.

"Someone got some sass in them!" I said laughing. I made it out safely and thank god I was not raped.

"Get in the car!" someone's mad.

"Niall your hungry right?" Paul said.

"Yeah!" why did he ask that. When am I never hungry?

"Where to?"

"NANDOS!!!" I said proudly. I love Nandos. Every time they ask me where to eat, it's always Nandos. You can't go wrong.

* ------- *later*


"International pop star of a very popular boy band One Direction Niall Horan was spotted coming out of the men's bathroom at the Westfield shopping mall right here in London with a mystery girl. We have no words yet for this mystery girl. Could it be his new girlfriend or just some crazed fan?"

"What the hell is this?! I thought you had something for Caitlin?" Harry said takings my eyes off the tv. I was just as shocked as he was. As commercial was over I looked back at the tv. This was shocking for the sad curly haired boy next to me.


"Nineteen year old who is known as Dalton Teabop was pronounce dead at 7:00 pm this evening. Harry Styles cousin Caitlin was seen at the death scene crying. She said it was her fault he is dead. Her story is that he was on her way to his house to give him an invitation for the One Direction after party and she saw nobody outside them all of a sudden someone popped out and before she could stop it was to late. No charges have been made due to, it was dark and who could see in this light. For all people in London who want to say a thanks for everything Dalton has done including saving Harry Styles in a close incident earlier today, they will have a memorial in the nearest park by the Westfield shopping mall. Have a pleasant evening everybody!"

* news over*

"Harry, mate are you okay?"

He had a blank expression on his face. He looked like he was about to cry. I would be really hurt to. The guy saved his life. The boys and I were really eager to meet him and thank him for saving our best friends life.

"Hello? Harry are you okay?" I asked him again. He seems really upset.

"Oh y-yeah I'm fine. I just can't believe he died before I could get to know him a- and my cousin had to be the one to kill him. I'm not blaming her but I wish he didn't have to go so soon. Niall ?"

"Yeah?" I answered.

"Do you think its great that I didn't know him well?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Because let's say I did know him like really well- ohmygosh ZAYN!!"

" What? What about Zayn?"

"Dalton, Dalton said Zayn told him a lot about us. What if he was close to him. How do you think he's doing? Niall please call him."

"Okay. Okay calm down I'll call Zayn. Okay?" I was freaking out Harry seemed upset but Zayn. Zayn actually knew him. I picked up my phone, scrolled through my contacts till I saw Zayn. I clicked his name and pressed talked. He answered.

*conversation* "H-he's gone. Why why him. He was one of my closest friends. Why did he have to go?" I heard Zayn say through his sobs.

" It's okay man Harry is just as upset as you."

"Harry, how is he holding up?"

" He's getting through it, slowly but don't mind him. Do you need anything. Want me to come over with Harry. You both can cry together?" I said with a smirk on my face making sure I wouldn't laugh.

"No I'm okay. Thank though. Well I have to go see you tomorrow at the studio. Bye love you." Zayn said hanging up.

* conversation *

I can't go on that date with two of my best friends upset. I'll have to text or call Caitlin and cancel. I don't want to have to do this but I want my best friends to be happy. Like what they hoes before bros right?

(A/N) I'm so very sorry this is late. I feel like I am a bad author. Tear well any way the restaurant and the shopping mall is in London. I did my research before putting it down. Thank you for the comments that I have been getting. Actually they are messages but I like what they say. Hahahah well any gotta get back to writing chapter 8. I apologize if chapter 8 is late. It's just I'm am busy my family keeps calling me to do things but eh I have to listen. Oh and please spread the word of my book thanks.

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