Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

1. Immmmmm ammm sooooo sorry this is late. Im supposed to upload everyday but thats not happening so I have decided to upload every other day. To give me a break after I edit and it gives me a whole day to write. 2.Yeah yeah okay I know the title says a Zayn and Harry fan fiction but just to be clear there will be love for all the other boys to and everyone else but it will mostly be about Zayn and Harry. Just to be clear. Well here is the next chapter this one was hard to write. I dedicate this chapter to one of my close friends who I know is reading this. She keeps telling me to upload which makes me happy to know that someone really likes my fan fiction.! Well thanks Angela!!!!

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Harry's POV-

I can have fun with this I thought to myself with a smirk on my face. I sat in my room thinking of ideas to make Keni's crush even more embarrassing. Of course I felt bad but c'mon it's my job. She's my sisters best friend I'm supposed to do these kind of things. I went through the events that happened today and I stopped at the event when we were all singing. I kept thinking about Keni's voice. It was beautiful. At this point I really wanted to help. I picked up my phone and before ringing the boys I checked my clock. Shit, I forgot I had to go to Caitlin's! Instead of calling the boys I called a boy. I called Niall and told him I will be there in five to pick him up. I went downstairs and screamed Jamie.

"HARRY?" she replied.

"C'mon let's go we have go pick up Niall!"

" Actually I'm going to stay and go to Keni's later. I have to fix things"

"Okay well give me a call if you need anything okay? Love you bye!" did I just say that. Wow that's a first. Sure my sister might be a bitch at times but I could never hate or hurt her. My mom always told us to say 'I Love You' as much as possible before its to late. I never actually said I love you to my sister and today I just did. Maybe she appreciated it, she's been going through a lot lately. I mean with her best friend being mad at her, me knowing she liking Zayn, mom traveling the world. It feels good to see a smile on her face. I don't see that every day. I wish I did. It's so much better then having her screaming in my face. I wanted her to be happy all time and by doing so I was going to get Zayn and her hooked up then maybe just maybe, me and Keni could have a chance. I snapped out of lala world and I got startled by the sound of a car door closing. It was Niall.

"Niall you scared me! Ever heard of knocking?"

"Sorry but usually the driver who pulls up at my house notices me get in." he said laughing.

"You can stop laughing now it wasn't that funny."

"Okay mate hey why are we going to Caitlin's anyway?"Niall asked. I was wondering why he has been asking questions about her lately. I had no problem with it but I know I was in for a treat. I may be guy, but I have my women instincts. I put that aside and answered Niall.

"Well as you know she just turned 16 you remember?Member? You member?" I said laughing also making Niall laugh.

"Yeah her party was sick!" Niall said reminiscing.

"Anyways, she wants to get her drivers license and she asked me to give her some driving lessons. And being the greatest cousin in the world I couldn't say no!" Caitlin was my favorite cousin in the world. I wish I could say the same for her immature brother. Oh joy, the thought of Caitlin's brother is our drummer so I see him practically everyday. How do I deal with it? Well I just don't talk to him at all. He seems to have the hots for Keni and Jamie. There is no way I'm letting that perverted douchebag near my girls. I can be perverted but c'mon he likes his cousin which is ewwwww and Zayn's sister. Wait, hold up, wait a minute did I just say my girls! Hmm I did.

How can Caitlin be related to him? They are nothing alike.

"Harry you just passed Caitlin's house!"

" What huh? Oh erm..." I stepped the breaks really hard making us shift. Was my daydreaming that bad? Well duh of course Harry you were driving.

" Huh who said that?"I said. I must be losing it.

"Mate are you okay?"

" Yeah of course I'm okay why wouldn't I be?"

"To be honest I wasn't saying a word and you said huh who said that?"

Did I really say that. Wow Harry you have got to stop having these conversations with yourself. It's making you go coo coo!

"Sorry Niall I was thinking about something. I guess I thought out loud, sorry if I startled you. I scared myself a bit too." I backed the car going back to Caitlin's house. As soon as we arrived the blonde haired boy next to me dashed out of the car. He was really excited. When he got to the door he rang the doorbell and Josh opened the door. I rolled my eyes. It was just something about that boy that I didn't like. Let's hope he's better to the ladies than he is with his cousin because so far he's not impressing me. I wanted to see how he treated his girls or any women for that matter. Keni has a cousin her name is Angela. She is very pretty no doubt about that but her and Josh both like each other. Even though Angela was not related to me in anyway we were still very close. She was always around and I treat her how I treat Jamie and Keni. I do care for her just because we're close. I just didn't want her to get hurt because if she did Zayn and Keni will be hurt. Yeah we are all really really close. You haaaavvvveeee nnnnooooooo idea. Harry you have got to stop these inside conversations with yourself. I got interrupted with a tight squeeze.

"HARRY!" a familiar voice called out.

" CAITLIN!"I replied. We haven't seen each other since I had went on xFactor.

" I missed you!"

" As did I! So are going to get this little show on the road?" we drove around for a while. Caitlin was a really good driver but she was nervous. I kept telling her not to be because something bad will happen if it gets to her. We finally pulled into her driveway telling her that I wanted to see how she drives. I stepped out of my car trusting her not to wreck it. With a sigh of relief she did not damage my car. I was standing in the middle of the road for the next part of her lesson. Stopping when a pedestrian is crossing. I thought to myself that god I hope she stops. I saw her eyes were not on the road they were else where. They were on her phone. At this point I knew she wasn't going to stop. I started yelling STOP hoping she would here me. Being the fucking idiot I am I just stood there. When she finally looked up it was to late. I clutched my eyes together getting ready for the pain when someone said move and pushed me out of the way. I was breathing heavily. I looked over at Caitlin, she was rushing out of the car coming towards me. I looked up at the guy who saved me.

"Dude, you okay? Are you hurt should we call 911!" an unfamiliar voice said.

"Nahh I'm good. Thanks for saving me man!"

"If I weren't there you would've needed to call 911" the stranger said chuckling.

" I'm sorry I didn't quite catch you name?" I asked.

"Names Dalton." he replied.

"I'm-" I was cut off.

"Harry Styles. Yeah I know who you are. Zayn has told me a lot about you!" I shot him a confused look.

" Zayn? Wait, you know Zayn?" I questioned.

"Ohmygosh Harry I'm so sorry!" Caitlin said rushing over and sobbing.

"It's okay Cait. Im fine no bruises, no nothing." I pulled her in for a hug. I know she thought this was all her fault. I couldn't blame her or be mad at her. She kept apologizing. I rubbed little circles in her back soothing her.

"Shh its okay. No harm done no need to cry. Shh." I told her. I picked up the red eyed sobbing Caitlin. I looked over at who was known as Dalton. I told him thank you once more and that I would see him around. I walked away taking Caitlin home.

Caitlin's POV-

"Harry I am very truly sorry. You know that right?"

" Yes Caitlin I know that. No need to say sorry you have said it over a million times." Harry said laughing.

"I know I know but I feel really bad."

"Hey how you guys doing?" as a cute blonde hair boy peeked his head in. It was Niall. While Harry was giving me driving lesson he was hanging out with Josh.

"Oh hey Ni. Come on in!" Harry said. We were in my room, Harry had set me down to calm me a bit. It was really just awkward when Niall came in. I really didn't talk to him. So we were in silence for a while. I thought because no one was talking I would just think of Niall. Niall was gorgeous. I kind of had feelings for him but I wasn't really sure if he felt the same way about me. Niall had beautiful blonde hair and his roots were coming out. I didn't care it looked so god damn hot. His eyes were sparkling blue. I bit my lip hoping he would notice and just come and kiss me. I heard a cough.

"I'm going to get something to eat. You guys wanna come?" Harry asked. We both nodded no still staying in silence.

"Do you guys want anything then?"

"NANDOS!" Niall said practically blowing out one of my eardrums.

"The usual?" Harry said.

"The usual!" Niall said happily.

"What about you Caitlin?"

"What ever the usual is I'll have." I said not smiling. I was really upset I was so close to killing Harry. I don't know what I would do if I really did hit him. I thanked god that Dalton was there to save him. I needed to repay him for saving my favorite cousin in the world. Oh I know! Maybe I will just invite him to the One Direction after party. They have an upcoming concert and you have to have an invitation to go to the after party. I thought Harry would be oh so great and give him an invitation for saving his life.

"C-Caitlin?" a Irish voice called out to me oozing me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah?" I replied.

" Can I tell you something?"

"Sure Ni you can tell me anything. You know that?"

"Well I have no way to tell you this, but I - I like you. Like. Like like you and I was wondering would you like to go out sometime?" he said rubbing the back of his neck hoping my answer would be a yes.

"Niall yes I would love to go out with you!" I said excitedly. He pulled me closer and pecked me the lips. He kissed me again but this time more passionately. It lasted for a long time and it was one of the best kisses I have ever had. I felt him smiling then I heard a gasp. We quickly pulled away not wanting to stop and we both saw Harry standing in my door way with bags of Nandos. He had a very big grin. He looked very surprised but in a way he didn't. Then he said something.

" I'll just leave you two alone I have to...ermm... I don't know bye!" he just quickly left the room. Well that was awkward. I mean Harry just walked in on me and Niall kissing! I knew this conversation wasn't over.I knew he would bring it up next time we meet.

I was curious to what me and Niall were so I asked him.

"Niall since we kissed what does that make us?"

"I don't know? I'll let you choose after our date tomorrow! I have to go to get things set up but I'll come and pick you around seven. Is that okay?" he asked.

"PERFECT!" he kissed me again before walking out. I wanted us to be together but I was afraid that I would be pushing it. He did want me to choose so I'm guessing he's ready to call me his. I couldn't wait till tomorrow. I was finally going to go out with my dream boy. I shut my eyes eager for tomorrow to come.

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