Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Zayn's POV-




My alarm started to go off. I punched the button and turned back over and went back to sleep. I was completely ignoring the fact that we had an interview.

" Zayn hellllloooooo ZAYNNNNNNNNNNN!!!" as Keni was jumping all over me. Just then I realized I had over slept and only had ten minutes to get ready to leave. I was meeting Harry at his house. The girls were coming along. I honestly wasn't ready to go. I hated interviews. I got asked the same questions every time we went to an interview. The same question that they always ask that gets me so aggravated was okay so who's taken and who's not. Like bitch do you not watch the other talk shows or YouTube . We have said it on national television more than a thousand times why the fuck do we need to say it again. This time was different. I was actually excited to. I was excited for the first time to answer the most annoying question ever and answer that with all my pride and joy. Of course I still had to say I was single because she was not mine yet. When they ask I was not going to say who until I have her in my arms. Jamie's wondrous features popped up in my head. I don't know why I couldn't get her out of my head. I wonder what would happen if Harry found out I liked her. Should I just come out and tell him or just wait. I put all my thoughts aside and jumped in the tub to take a quick shower. I got out, put the towel over my sexy wet body. I'm sexy and I know it as I started to sing my heart out. My voice starts to get louder.




"ZAYN SHUT UP!" Keni screamed. I guess I was being a little bit to loud. I check back at the clock and realized I had only five minutes to do my hair. So I quickly put on some black skinny jeans a white tee and my jock jacket and threw on some nikes. I walk in to my bathroom and did my hair. I blow dried it which took 2 minutes then brushed it. I put my gel in my hair to style it. I quickly put hairspray and my mixed cologne. I went downstairs and told my sister I was ready to go.

"Zayn?"Keni had asked.

"Vas Happenin'" I replied putting a smile on my sisters face. She had giggled and went on with her question.

"I just got a text from Angela?" she said confused.

"You mean cousin Angela? What did she say?" I questioned.

"She said she was coming over after the interview because she needed to ask a question and that we needed to disscus this in person"

" Well did she even say what about?"

"Nope, just that she'll be here around five"

"Oh okay so that'll give us time to clean the house and get dinner".

"Okay!" Keni replied happily. We pulled out the driveway and was on our way to Harry's house. Everyone was meeting at his place. When we had arrived I saw Paul's van. I parked on the side of the road where everyone else parked. We walked to Harry's front door and before I could ring the doorbell it swung open. Louis had opened it and greeted us with a huge long lasting hug. He led us inside and to where everyone was sitting.

"Good we're all here so let's get a move on!" Paul sung. Harry paused and said,

"Paul, no no, no no!" everyone laughed except Paul he had a frown on his face.

Harry's POV-

"We have been in the car for more than an hour! Are we there yet?" as I complained. I hated long rides and only my sister, Keni , and my cousin knew that. I wish Keni was here. *sigh* Well she is here but not next to me. I wanted her in my arms already. I wanted her to be mine. I just didn't want Zayn to freak out because after all he is a loving and an over protective brother. Knowing the guy I am Zayn would not approve. It's not me I just get caught at the wrong time. Okay that sounded like I do cheat but I don't! Every time I'm in a committed relationship some how, some way some blonde fake bimbo always seems to ruin it, and when that does happen someone always seems to think I'm cheating. Around here I never ever get a chance to explain. I just hope that when I do get into a committed relationship with Keni I just hope. No no I wish nothing like that will never happen. I snap out of my hopes and wishes as I feel a tap on my shoulder and someone calling out Harry. Oh wait someone was saying Harry. It was Niall. He was asking me a question I respond with

"Huh? Sorry mate could you repeat that?" as I put my full attention on Naill.

"Sure!" he relied, " I said, what are you going to do after the interview?"

"Oh well actually I was going to see my favorite cousin Caitlin."

"CAITLIN!!" as Niall and Louis screamed.

"Yeahhhhh? Whyyyy?" I replied.

"No reason?" Niall said.

"Whats your reason Louis?"

"Huh... what... oh... erm... I have no reason. Nooooo rrreeeaaasssooonn at all..."

" We're here!" Liam yelled interrupting my conversation with Niall and Louis.

"Louis and Niall this conversation is not over got it?" I said in a very stern voice. Honestly I wasn't ready to go into the interview. I never was. I hate these things. Most people all over the world have seen us in thousands of talk shows why in bloody hell do they need to keep asking and saying the same crap all over again. I don't like people knowing my business and who I'm dating. One day when I get super annoyed I'm going to shout "MIND YOU GOD DAMN BUSINESS!" I put all my anger on talk shows aside and put on a fake smile and greeted the host. She has fake nails and fake blonde hair and probably fake boobs too. These are the kind of girls who were such turn offs. Do they not look in the mirror and see them selves and say ewww I look gross I'm good being natural. Okay that might have sounded a little gay but I have been in way to many short relationships to know. Most of my girlfriends have been blonde I'm glad Keni has brown hair. It's nice to see a different color. The deckhands led us into our dressing rooms. Keni waited in Zayn's room but got bored and came into my room to hang out with Jamie. That's what I love about having a sister whose best friend is my crush. Keni kept making me get in trouble because we laughed throughout the whole time my stylist was putting make up on me. They ended up having to leave until I was done. By the time I was done it was already time for the interview to start.

* * interview* *

Host: "Hey hey hey guys! For the moment you all have been waiting for. Everyone I give to you One Direction. C'mon out guys!"

Liam: "Hi Jackie, thanks for having us!"

Jackie: " Yeah yeah sure no problem! So how you guys been?"

All: "Good!"

Jakie: "That's good that's good! Okay so here's the plan for today. We will do a little question and answer that some of your fans tweeted us from all over the world. Then after that I will ask a few questions myself. We will play a little game with a couple of the audience members. Then to finish the show off you guys will sing "Gotta Be You". Okay? You guys okay with that?"

Zayn: "Cool!"

Niall: "Awesome!"


Liam: "Totally!"


*minutes later*

Jackie: "We just finished the question and answer now I have some questions of my own. Who is taken and who is single.

All: "Single!"

Jackie:" Really? All of you are single? That's not true all you guys are to cute to be single! Any way that's all the questions I have! So let's move on to the game shall we?"

* moments later through the game*

Jakie: "Everyone One Direction singing "Gotta Be You".


Girl I see it in your eyes you're disappointed

'Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart

I tore it apart

And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence

And no woman in the world deserves this

But here I am asking you for one more chance


Can we fall one more time?

Stop the tape and rewind

Oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade

'Cause there is nobody else

[All\ Harry lead voice]

It's gotta be you

Only you

It's got to be you

Only you


Now girl I hear it in your voice and how it trembles

When you speak to me I don't resemble who I was

You've almost had enough

And your actions speak louder than your words

And you're about to break from all you've heard

But don't be scared, I ain't going nowhere


I'll be here, by your side

No more fears, no more crying

But if you walk away

I know I'll fade

Cause there is nobody else

[All/ Harry lead voice]

It's gotta be you

Only you

It's got to be you

Only you


Oh, girl,

Can we try one more, one more time?

One more, one more?

Can we try one more, one more time?

I'll make it better


One more, one more,

Can we try one more, one more...


Can we try one more time to make it all better?


'Cause it's gotta be you

It's gotta be you

Only you

Only you

[All/ Harry lead voice]

It's gotta be you

Only you

It's got to be you

Only you

Jackie: "Well thats all that we have for today! Thank you boys for coming! Hope to see you soon?"

* *interview over* *


I'm sorry I don't know if this is short but I was a day late so I hope it's long. Yeah I know only a day late but still. I was on writers block. In the next couple of chapters I have some new characters and drama. Promise! I have some really great ideas. Yes I know I have mistakes in my last couple chapter but that's okay someone is helping me check! Peace out peeps!

Love you!xxx

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