Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Harry's POV-

It's two fifteen in the afternoon. Harry and Keni were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago. I start to text Zayn .

To:Zayn (my main mann)

Message: hey mann where are you???? Hxx

I wait and wait and a minute later I get a text. It read

From: Zayn (my main mann)

Message: yeah almost give me like two minutes and I'll be there.

Something looked wrong Zayn doesn't type like this then I wondered it was probably his sister since he was driving. I started to blush and I had noticed I brought out my dimples as I read her text to me from Zayn's phone. No! Harry you cannot like Keni. She's your bestfriend's YOUNGER sister. Yeah younger by two years. It's not like she's thirteen or any thing. I didn't know what I liked about her. Then her features popped up in my head. The first thing that popped up was her big beautiful dark brown eyes that always seem to be glossy which made her eyes glow. She had long luscious brown hair that reached just on top of her bum passing her lower back. Sometimes I get the urge to play with her hair. She was sixteen and kind of short for her age. She was 5'6. It was okay I didn't mind, it was cute. It worked for her. She had a fit body and amazing American accent. That got me a tad confused because Zayn had a British one which got me thinking. Jamie has an American accent too. I had no clue why. The girls haven't lived in England their whole life so maybe that's why. Jamie and Keni grew up together just like me and Zayn. The girls didn't grow up in England. Another feature popped up in my head about Keni. Her name. It was the most beautiful name I have ever heard. Keni was just a nick name. Her full name is KeniRose Malik. She has two capital letters in her name and no middle name. Unique isn't it. I think so. I start to think to my self what if she was mi-

Its not me it's not you theres a reason I'm just trying to read this signals I'm receiving -

I cut if off as my iPhone rang. I looked at it and it was a text message form Zayn. Or should I say his cute assistant.

From: Zayn ( my main mann)

Message: hey man we're pulling up into the driveway.

Again I find something wrong with the text meassage. Zayn usually writes "man" with two "n"

How could I be so stupid it was Keni. I started text him or should I say her back.

To: Zayn (my main mann)

Message: okay I'll be out in a sec!


I pressed send.

I walked out side and I see a nice black Lamborghini. I see Zayn get out first and then there she is, Keni. She was beautiful. She was wearing blue skinny jeans with a dark blue shiny tank top. I guess she and my sister are going out tonight. I wish she could stay so we can hang out.

"Yay your here!" I hear my sister coming out the house. She got excited. She came up to me and said, "Move get out the way doofus!"

I just stood there. My sister was mean to me and me only. She can be nice... when she wants to be. When she got through she ran to Keni and gave her a tight squeeze. Sheesh Keni looked like she couldn't breathe. I take another glance at Keni she was wearing sandals. For some reason she never wore shoes like converse or vans. Her hair was straighten and long. She did her famous hair flip. I love it when he does her famous flip. I call it the "Keni flip". I yelled out her " So Keni your doing your famous "Keni flip" again?" I can see as she started to blush. She replied with a playful shut up. Zayn came over to me as I was daydreaming tapping me on my shoulder and saying

"Lad you okay? Your kind of drooling"

"Ya I'm fine why would you ask that?" I replied nervously.

"C'mon lad let's go?" as Zayn insisted.

Jamie's POV-

Cause I'm all about him, him, him, him, him and he's all about me, me, me, me, me and we don't give a dang, dang, dang, dang, dang about nobody-eeeeemy phone started to ring indicating I got a text message from Keni. The message said,

From: BESTIE <3333

Message: hey I'm here come out.!!!! Xxxxx

I didn't bother to text back and ran downstairs. I wasn't dressed yet because I didn't want to get my clothes wrinkled. I had my hair and make up ready. My hair was down and straighten and my bangs to the side. I had eye liner and mascara. My eyelashes reached my eyebrow. They were really long. I tried making Keni's eyelashes as long as mine but hers are really short. So I gave up. I ran downstairs to meet my best friend. I couldn't let her suffer with her brother and my brother. I got admit Harry and Keni make a really good couple but every time I ask her if she likes Harry she's always like "No never". I finally reached my best friend downstairs and out side. I greet her and she greets me.

" Where we headed to?" Keni asked me with a smile plastered on her face. I answered back with "I don't know maybe we can to a movie or even go to the mall. I want a boyfriend so ima go boy shopping when we go to the mall. Wanna go boy shopping with me?" as I asked her. She seemed like she wasn't listening. She was staring at something not quite sure at what though. I looked in her direction and squinted my eyes and finally saw what or more like WHO she was staring at.

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