Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

It was a long flight. Totally worth it though. I had a lot of time to think. I was excited to see every one again. I'm not one of those people who hold grudges. I'm not mad, then stay mad after I've been forgiven. No.
As I was about to close my eyes my phone started ringing. I slid my finger across my iPhone.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Keni, yes hi, it's your manager!"
"Yes okay? What going on?"
"Well one of the interviewers from the Uk just called me. She said she has been reading your tweets, and found out your heading back to London. She wanted to know if you could come by. She also said she has something planned, and it won't work if you can't come."
"Yeah totally, I guess my family can wait. Right?"
When the phone called ended, the flight attendant spoke, " We are now landing, thank you for choosing our air line!"
I started getting butterflies. I immediately looked out the airplane window and I saw so many fans. Not only mine but One Direction fans as well. I'm glad they don't have a rivalry like they do with Beliebers, I thought to myself. I was so lucky to have them here.
I realized I was only minutes away from seeing the love of my life. At this point I was near death.
"Please have a wonderful day!" The flight attendant said.
I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and ran out with my carry-ons. As I was trying to get past all the crazy fans I finally came to...


Oh, it's him. I mean I was ecstatic to see him but, I kind of wished Harry was here. I put that aside and ran up to Zayn. I gave him a huge hug and a big kiss on the cheek. When we broke apart I saw everyone else but, still no Harry. That made me think, what if he stopped caring, I mean he couldn't have. Did he not want to take me back? Was he not ready for me to come home? Could he handle it?
"What's wrong sister?" Zayn asked.
"N-nothing..." I replied, "by the way I have an interview before we can do anything..."
"Oh so now that your a big pop star your going to leave me! Haha. I see how it is!"
"No, totally-" I was cut off.
"No, I don't want to hear it!" Zayn said and he stuck out his hand in front of my face to make me stop talking. He was being sarcastic though.
I had that sad look on my face. I figured every one knew why. It was wired. Why was every one being quiet all of a sudden? They never were! That didn't matter.
"So are we just going to stand there or are we going to get you to that interview?" Preston asked.
" Let get this show on the road!" I replied! I was pumped and excited to go!

"So Keni, how is your career kicking off?"
"Umm it's great so far! I have made two hit singles in the US!"
"That's great! How was your time back in the big city? "
"Fantastic really. I didn't want to leave but, it felt like I didn't belong. You know?"
"How so?"
"Well, I had no friends, and considering I was big, I couldn't make any, and there were things I realized that I truly miss."
"Aww don't tear up... Speaking about missing things. I have something really special to show you!"
(Video of Harry speaking to Keni) ~ Hey Keni, as soon as I read your tweets I thought it was now or never. I'm sorry I wasn't there to pick you up from the air port but, I was here doing this. I miss you. I love you. You are my everything. Always will be too. When you left, I felt so depressed. I blamed every thing on me. All that happen was because of me. I shut out the world. I realized I was nothing with out you. There is no I, no you, there is only us. We have so many memories together. Remember that one day I caught you texting on your phone and stole it. Later you found out I changed your whole twitter. That was day I found out you liked me. Or what about that day when I took you out on our first date? Our first kiss. The day we got together. The way I always teased you about that famous hair flip of yours. Every thing we did. We have been through so much together. I was not about to pass that up. KeniRose Malik. YOU ARE A THEIF! You stole the most important thing only one person could take. You stole my heart. I know we have been through our downs but we got through them. You owe me missy for stealing my heart. It's my turn to take yours with something a little extra. Your last name and replace it with mine. KeniRose Malik will you please do the honor of turning around....~
(I took my eyes off the tv stood up and turned around)
He got down on one knee, and held out a ring.
"KeniRose Malik., would you do me the honor of taking this ring in memory of everything we have been through and keeping them with you forever and ever, never letting go of the times we shared." He said looking into my eyes as I heard a bunch awwwwwes in the crowd, he spoke again, "Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"
I stood there frozen. I knew he still loved me! I knew he wouldn't give up like that. He loves me and I love him. He was the reason why I came back.
"Yes, Harry, yes I will marry you! Yes , Yes, a million times YES!" I was so excited and there was no way I was saying no to this guy who truly loved me for who I was. He was mine and I was his. We fit like a puzzle . Nothing could break us apart. Nothing! ♥I jumped on him wrapped my legs around him, completely aware we were on television and kissed him. I miss being like this, I miss being us. I wasn't home in New York. I wasn't home unless I was with Harry. He made me feel safe. He made me feel perfect. He made me feel at home. I also realized I am nothing without my curly haired, green eyes, tattoo loving freak!
(A/N) hey guise! I hope you liked this chapter! I really like this one. Sadly this is the last chapter. :( yay haha I finally did something with my life. No worries! I want to post a epilogue. How would that sound. You know, telling you what happens in the, I don't know maybe five years about Kerri (Keni and Harry),
Jayn (Zayn and Jamie), Piam (Liam and Perla) , sorry that name kind of sucks, Ciall (Caitlyn and Niall), Angela and Josh, sorry couldn't ship their names together. I think that would be a great idea. I hope you love this book as much as I did! I enjoyed writing this! Now that this book is nearly finished, I am making another one. It's going to be called Change My Mind. Yes, it is another Harry Styles fan fiction. Hey, what can I say, the boy melts my hear away! Hehe. Anty ways I will post chapter one later, most likely after I've finished writing the epilogue. Well lates. Hahah TELL ALL YOUR ONE DIRECTION FRIENDS TO READ THIS!!! This is a copyrighted story so please don't steal it. It was my idea, probably there are a lot of stories like mine but, that's just because we share the same thoughts I guess. I'm not sure what you call it. IT WILL COME TO ME eventually. :p hehe. Well bye now!
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