Cross Love (a Harry Styles fan fiction)

Harry and Zayn are best of friends! They both have one little sister. Keni and Jamie. The girls happen to be best friends too! What happens when they fall in love with their best friends sibling... don't worry though the other boys have some loving too!


10. Chapter 10

Hello my lovlies! I'm soo sorry this is like long over due. I've been super duper busy. Well I like to dedicate this story to one of my friends Natalie! Read her story she just started writing it and it is a Harry Styles Fanfiction. It's called Dont Leave Me, Again. I think. I'm not sure I'll have to check. Her username is NatalieLambert4. Check out her story! It's great!
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Chapter 10
Harry's POV-
I couldn't believed I had just kissed her. It felt so right. My lips were tingling from when our lips touched. I had felt accomplished. I knew she liked it too. She didn't pull away. So that was a good sign! I stared right into her brown eyes. They were glowing like never before. We were silent for a good three minutes then she broke the silence.
"What was that for?" She asked. It made me worry that she didn't like it. I thought she liked me.
"For just being you. Keni, can I tell you the reason why I kissed you?" I said.
"Do you really have to tell me?" She said giggling. As I was about to start she started to kiss me. Boy does Keni sure know how to shut a guy up. I had a thing for girls who giggle. I don't know why I just did and Keni is a major giggler. She doesn't laugh and when she does it must mean it was really funny. Not that she is faking and telling you it wasn't funny. I've known her since time could tell. I knew everything about her and she knew everything about me. I pushed all my thoughts aside.
"I like this!" I said, "I like being with you. I love feeling the way your lips feel. I love having you in my arms. Please call me yours. I'll never you go. KeniRose Malik will you be mine forever?" She stared into my eyes but she didn't say a thing. She kissed me again and then pulled away and said yes and we went back to kissing. I love the way how her lips felt. It was perfect. Everything about her was perfect. Words can't even describe. After our make out session I started the car and I went back to my house. I assumed Keni was going to spend the night. After the god knows how long ride we finally reached our destination. I got out the car and ran to the other side to open the car door for Keni.

*next morning*

Keni's POV-
I was waken up the following morning and greeted by a pair of green eyes and a wide smile with dimples showing. In return I gave my new boyfriend a kiss. I got up off the bed and I felt a cold breeze pass by me. I was shivering like a little scared puppy,
"Babe, are you cold?" Harry asked me. "Come back into bed and I can make you warm." He said smiling. With that, he pulled me into bed and pulled the covers over us and wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe in his arms. I felt nothing can tear us apart. Like nothing could get in the way of our love. Like nothing can hurt me or us as long as I'm in his possession.
"Harry can I ask you something?"
"Yeah love anything!"
"Well, I have known you for basically all my life and your never the type of person to get up in the morning. I have known you long enough to know that when you do this you didn't go to sleep?"
"I know, I was up all night thinking and looking at you. When I was watching you sleep you were smiling. You look so at peace. What were you dreaming about huh, huh?" He said.
Dang this boy knows how to make a girl blush.
"Oh nothing." I replied trying not to smile.
" Wanna bet. Don't let me call the tickle monster."
I swear this guy knows me so well.
"Go ahead, no one stoping you." I got up once again and I ran out the door. I ran every where in the house that I could have possibly ran to, and was followed by the curly haired flirt. We went on and on until I got tired. He tackled me to the floor and climb on top of me, and started to tickle me.
"See, I told you I will call the tickle monster."
*minutes later*
"Harry, Harry stop! Okay o-okay stop! I'm gonna pee in my pants. Stop, stop!"
"Say you love me."
"Nooooo-oh-o never!"
"Then I won't stop." Harry said smirking. This reminds me of the day he found out that I like him.
"Please stop!"
"Repeat after me, I-
"Oh, so I guess you don't want me to stop, now do you?"
"Fine fine ! I LOVE YOU HARRY FREAKING STYLES! Now get off of me, I gotta pee!"
" That's more like it!" He finally got off of me and for his way of saying sorry he gave me a kiss. I stuck out my tongue and I pretended to be mad at him. I love doing this with him. I love how he knows when I'm joking or being sarcastic. I swear this guy takes my breath away.

Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, waiting on ya, come on and let me sneak you out. My phone started to ring. I was really big fan if these boys. I looked at my caller ID and it was one of my close friends Natalie. She was a famous dancer. She danced with Liam's ex-girlfriend Danielle. She was a really big fan of One Direction also. She had a thing for Louis. Louis likes her too. i just had this hut feeling. To me Louis liked everybody. I slid my finger across the phone.


Me: Hello Love?

Natalie: Hey Love!

Me: What's up?

Natalie: I just got done with practice. Me and Dani will be going out later wanna come with?

Me: no I have plans tonight. Ohmygawsh I have some great new to tell you!!

Natalie: What!

Me: Guess who is going out with a member from One Direction!! Me that's who!

Natalie: I know it's all over the news, magazines, twitter, Facebook!!! Everywhere!!!

Me: REALLY?!? How did the media find out?

Natalie: Love, your famous remember? Your becoming a big star. And if you didn't already know your boyfriend is kinda you part of world famous boy band.

Me: first of all I am not famous! And I only got a record deal. I have no songs yet. And FYI, I did know he's part of a world famous boy band! Ugh I didn't think any of this would happen so soon!

Natalie: calm down love-

Me: Natalie I don't think I'm ready for this! I'm not sure if I can handle the pressure, or the hate for being Harry Styles girlfriend, or getting hate for my music

Natalie: Keni, love listen to me. You are ready for this. You'll get hate where ever you go. Don't worry about it. You'll have tons of fans, your friends and family and your loving boyfriend for support and you, my love, will create another one of the most largest fan bases in the world. We can talk about this more later. I can come over and we'll talk.

Me: no no I will ruin your plans

Natalie: it's okay I can always go another time. I need some rest from loud music and dancing anyway. Besides I can use a little girl talk time with my love. I'll come over maybe around 6. Okay?

Me: Perfect! Well, bye love got to go! See ya later!

Natalie: bye love, love you!!

-end of conversation-

"Is it true? You're not ready for all this?" Harry said sneaking behind me. He sounded so sad, so hurt . I felt guilty. He had over heard my conversation. Any girl would bead to hear that their boyfriend easdroped on her conversation. This was different.

Yes so I checked and the title was correct! Well bye my lovlies! Fan, vote, and comment! I will try my best to post chapter 11! I promise!
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