Finally Found You

Liam Payne has been pretty calm since his break up with Danielle Peazer, his girlfriend of two years. His schedule is getting quite busy, but he still has time to go out and do normal teenager things.

When he comes back from a flight and goes straight to the clubs, he meets Katie, a normal 18 year old girl. Katie is sweet, funny, and beautiful. Will this be a problem for Danielle?


3. Saving You


Liam's POV

It had been two days since I had seen Katie but she called me twice in the two days. In fact, we were on the phone right now. I asked how she was doing and how her day was. She never seemed too happy on the phone. She said that Alice and Alice’s boyfriend wouldn’t stop shagging each other in the evenings, so her nights were sleepless. She sounded quite tired too.


“Do you need to get some rest?” I asked setting the phone down on the coffee table. I pressed the speaker button and took my guitar in hand. I began strumming the thick steel strings.


“I’ve been trying, but I can’t quite make myself go to sleep.” I softly played Little Things. “It’s not too late, but I’ve been watching re-runs of Friends for the past three hours.”


She was right. It was only 7 o’clock. “It sounds more fun than being alone with just a guitar.”


“Where’s Andy?”


“He’s gone out with another friend of ours, but I know that he’s going back to his house tonight.”


“Wow. So he does have a home?”


I laughed and replied, “Yes, he’s not homeless.”


“Oh oka-” Then she stopped talking. There was yelling in the background and screaming. “Oh shit.” I could hear the sound of shattering glass.


I put my guitar down and stood up, gripping onto my car keys in my pocket. “Is everything okay?”


“I’ll be right back.”


I picked up my phone and took it off speaker. I held it close to my ear and paced the room. What if something was happening to her? I didn’t want to seem odd for going to her house, but if she didn’t pick up in the next sixty seconds, I would.


I heard more yelling and threats. Curse words were being thrown like a hot potato. I could hear Katie’s voice cracking and breaking like she was crying. Alice was screaming and crying. There was a man in there, probably Alice’s boyfriend, who was also yelling.


I could hear one more voice, though. It was definitely a male. There was a slam from the door and Alice and Katie’s voices came through the receiver. “Can I call you back?”


“Do you need any help?” I asked immediately.


“If I need it, you know I’ll call you, okay?” Alice was still crying. “Liam whatever you do, please don’t come.” There was another crash and they both screamed. “Promise me you won’t come.”


“I won’t. I promise.” There was a small click at the receiver. “Katie?” I asked. There was no reply.


I couldn’t help but be worried beyond all belief. Katie and Alice were in trouble. I had no idea what kind of trouble, but it didn’t sound good. Of course, Alice had her boyfriend who could protect them, but I still didn’t know what was going on. What if they needed another man? I could have helped. I decided to do the one thing I could do without breaking her rule.


“Hello?” Zayn’s voice groggily answered the phone.


“What do you do when the girl you like is in trouble?” I asked. He replied very puzzled and asked what was going on. “I was on the phone with Katie and there was screaming and yelling and cursing. Her friend, Alice, was crying and Alice’s boyfriend was fighting with another guy in the room. There was like falling glass.” I explained how she also didn’t want me to come over even though I wanted to.


“I think it sounds serious, but it’s like her business. I mean, if she really was going to share something, it wouldn’t be something that tragic, you know? I think she would share something like ‘Yeah, Alice and her boyfriend are having an argument.’ But when she doesn’t want you to come over, then it’s probably something she has to personally deal with.”


I sighed and sat back down on the couch. “So what am I supposed to do? Just sit here until she calls me back.”


“That’s really the only thing you can do, mate. You don’t want her to get angry.”

I thanked Zayn –for nothing- and hung up. I grabbed a sweater and some shoes. I was going to take a walk around town.


I was stopped a lot by some fans. I didn’t mind. I had nowhere to be since Katie didn’t want me at her house. I took pictures, signed some things, talked for a while, and even gave some advice. It was obvious to both of us that I had much time on my hands. I always thought about dating a fan, but they’re too crazy.


One of the girls asked if Katie was my girlfriend. “Katie isn’t my girlfriend. We’re going on dates and things but nothing is official.” One thing about the fans that I knew for sure was that I could trust them. They used to be very disrespectful, but they’ve calmed.


“I heard Katie was like a model or something.” Another girl said. I had to laugh at that.


“Katie is certainly not a model.  She definitely could be, though.” They laughed along with me.


The girls gave me their twitter names and we both were on our separate ways. I stopped for some ice cream and a drink, but that was the only time. I just kept walking. I couldn’t stop thinking about Katie. Every step I took, I hoped someone would come up to me and ask about her just so I had an excuse to talk about her.


Lucky for me, someone did come up to me. I was more than glad that it was Niall.


“Hey, mate. What are you doing?” He asked giving me a hug. He had shopping bags in his hands.


“Just walking off some things in my mind.” He gave me a confused look. I explained to him what happened to Katie and Alice and how they were screaming. I told him how worried I was and how much I needed to know if she was okay.


“Sounds like you’ve been caught in quite a pickle.” He chuckled. “Well, I think it does sound a bit scary, but she should take care of her things. I pretty sure management wouldn’t like you getting into serious shit like that.”


I hated hearing that, but it was so true. “Ah, screw everything.” I rubbed my hands together. The damn November weather pissed me off. “I should be getting home. Would you like to come?” Niall nodded and we both headed back to Casa de Payne.


When we got back inside, Niall immediately turned the TV on and rented 21 Jump Street. He put some popcorn in the microwave and brought out the candy. That kid was a fatty. “C’mon Liam. Let’s have some fun.” I rolled my eyes and sat down


The movie was funny. It was even funnier with Niall’s cackle in the background. It helped getting my mind off of Katie. But Katie calling me did not help. “Niall pause it!” I said. “Hello?”


“Hey.” She said. She sounded fine. “How are you?”


I laughed. “How am I? How are you?”


“Uhm, I’m doing well.” Her words were stuttery and she was hesitant.


“Are you okay, love?” I asked more concern than the first time. “If you don’t mind me asking, what happened?”


There was a long silence and I told her she didn’t have to tell me. But she said she wanted to tell me. In your face, Zayn. “A year ago, I used to rent my home, but one of my old roommates, Daniel, bought it. He used to live with me, but moved out after a huge fight we had. We weren’t in a relationship and we didn’t have anything intimate going on.”


“That’s good.” I replied quickly.


“But that was the problem. He wanted something between us and I said no. He gave me a year to pay him back for the house and because I am baying for Alice and my own bills, I am short about forty-five thousand dollars.” There was another silence. “If I don’t pay him by tomorrow night, he’s going to sue me and I will be homeless. I’m not  allowed to stay in the house tonight tomorrow. Alice is staying with James and I-”


She suddenly stopped. There was a knot in my throat. This guy was a total dick. “Do you have anything in the bank?” I managed to choke out.


“I had one hundred thousand dollars in the bank, but it’s his now.”


I felt so bad. I could not believe that Katie, of all people, was going to have to go through this. She was such a hard working girl and paid for her friend to go to college. It was hard enough for her to get kicked out of her parent’s house, but now get kicked out of her own house.


“Katie, if you need to stay somewhere-”


“That’s what I called for.” I put the phone on speaker and snapped at Niall. He looked over and listened “I was wondering if I could bunk at your place.” Niall smiled and winked at me. I rolled my eyes.


“Of course, you can. I’ll clean up the spare room a bit and Niall and I will come pick you up… where exactly?”


“James’s house. I’ll text you the address.”


“Sounds great.”


We hung up and Niall hopped up from the couch, spilling the popcorn everywhere. “Holy shit!” He yelled and laughed his ass off.


“Niall, you imbecile!” I laughed and grabbed my keys. I received her text message and pulled Niall outside. “We can clean it later!”


I drove fast and safely. It seemed that when it came to Katie, I was always in a rush. Too bad this one was a real emergency. I explained to Niall about her eviction and that was why she needed somewhere to stay.


“That’s so sad.” He said. “That douchebag needs to be taught a lesson.” I nodded in agreement. “How is she going to pay the money? If he sues her, then she’ll lose her job, Alice will lose college, and she’ll end up nowhere.”


I already thought about this. I knew what was going to happen. “I don’t think she should worry too much.” I said. And that was all I said until we arrived at James’s house.


He lived in an apartment which was no wonder Katie couldn’t live there. There was absolutely no room to sleep. There were two seats in front of the telly, a microwave, a small bathroom, and a bedroom. It was insanely small, which I’d expect from a twenty year old, but damn it was small.


“Thank you so much for taking her.” James said sincerely. “I’d love to have her here, but if you haven’t noticed there is no space for her.”


“It’s no problem, man. Whatever you guys need, just tell me.” Katie came from James’s room with three suitcases. “Are you ready, babe?” I asked. She nodded and Niall and I took her bags into the car. Niall was in the backseat of the car so that Katie could sit in the front. Katie hopped in the front seat and I took the driver’s seat. We headed home.


When we got home and we had put all of Katie’s things in the spare room, I decided to have a little chat with her. “Katie, can I talk to you?”


“Sure.” She replied. I told Niall to go in the living room so he could continue watching his film. Katie sat on what was now her bed for a while next to me. I made sure the door was shut so she knew that it was private and quite a serious act.


“Katie…” She looked quite nervous, like I was going to kick her out or something. “I’m doing this because I care about you. I don’t want you to think I pity you or anything like that. You mean a lot to me and I want you to know that you don’t owe me anything after this.” I pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket and gave it to her. When she opened it her jaw dropped. “It’s for you.”


I had given her a check for one hundred forty-five thousand dollars so she could pay off her ‘friend’ and still keep her hundred thousand. “Liam, you’re so sweet, but I really cannot take your money. I won’t take it. It’s yours.”


“It’s your Katie.” I said, grabbed her hand. “You need it much more than I do. And if you don’t give it to him, I will.” She nodded and hesitantly put it in her purse.


“Thank you so much.” She said pulling me into a hug. I could tell Katie wasn’t much of a crier. She’s been through so much so what is there to cry about? But she was a girl who had a lot of feelings. We sat there hugging for what seemed like forever. “You are the sweetest, more generous guy I know.” I rubbed her back and hugged her tighter.


“Don’t worry about it.” I said. She pulled away and smiled. “Are you going to go back to your house?”


She shook her head quickly. “I can’t. It’s still his home.” I had to act like I was sad because she was homeless at the moment, but I was quite happy that she was staying at the house. I wanted her around as much as I could. It also reminded me of our date.


“So, are you ready for our second date?” I asked her.


“Of course. It’s ever girl’s dream!” She joked. I laughed and shook  my head. “I’m teasing, Liam. Where are we going to go?”


I was thinking about that this morning. I was going to take her to a fancy restaurant in London, but I didn’t want her to know. She told me over the phone that she never really had been anywhere but home and she hadn’t had food that was over fifty dollars. I wanted her to get the experience of being spoiled.


“It’s a surprise.” She raised her eyebrows. “I’ll drop you off at work tomorrow morning and pick you p. We’ll stop by the house before we leave so you can get ready.”


“Alright.” She said quietly. She sighed and fell back on her bed. She looked exhausted.


“I’m going to let you get to bed, love.” She mumbled an ‘okay’. I chuckled and kissed the top of her forehead. I turned her light off and closed the door. God, was she something special.

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