Finally Found You

Liam Payne has been pretty calm since his break up with Danielle Peazer, his girlfriend of two years. His schedule is getting quite busy, but he still has time to go out and do normal teenager things.

When he comes back from a flight and goes straight to the clubs, he meets Katie, a normal 18 year old girl. Katie is sweet, funny, and beautiful. Will this be a problem for Danielle?


2. Parking It

Liam's POV


I woke up to the loud vomiting of Andy. That’s what that prick gets for being such a drunk. I stretched my arms out and grabbed my phone. It was 11 pm and I was planning on having that park pinic at 1. I needed to get everything ready. I hadn’t told the lads what had happened, so I decided to call Zayn first. He and Niall were the people I counted on. Plus, if I called Zayn, he could tell Perrie, Harry, and Elise, Harry’s girlfriend.


“What’s up, Payne?” I could hear Perrie laughing at the telly in the background.


“Hey, you haven’t got anything planned today, have you?” I asked, taking my pajama trousers with my one free hand.


“Pere! Have we got anything today?” I put the phone down and hit speaker so I could put my trousers on. “No, mate we don’t. I don’t believe Harry and Little Elie have anything planned considering they’re still in bed sleeping.” I threw my shirt off and searched for a new one.


“Well, I met a girl last night and-”


“Wait, you met a girl?!” Zayn said. “Liam met a girl?” I could hear the faintness of Perrie’s voice in the background.


“Yes, I met a girl. Anyways, her name is Katie and I would love it if you lads would like to go on a picnic at the park at one o’clock. I want you guys to meet her.”


Zayn was whispering to Perrie for a bit. Zayn never really liked going out in public, especially because her never like the publicity on him and Perrie. Pere, on the other hand, was always up for going out because she hated being cooped up inside. She is the main reason why Zayn leave his house.


“We’ll see you at the park around one, mate.” He said.


“Yes, thank you so much, Zayn. It means the world. Oh! Tell Harry and Little Elie too!” He agreed and we hung up.


Now: Louis and Niall.


I dialed Louis’ mobile and waited. “Hey, mate.” His high-pitched voice came through the receiver. I held the phone between my ear and my shoulder while I put one of my trainers on.


“Hey, Lou. Are you busy today?” Where was my other trainer?


“El and I were gonna’ go for a walk in a bit, but other than that, no. Why Li? What’s up?”


I held the phone faced down on my shoulder and shouted to Andy. “Andy, where’s my other shoe!?” I put the phone back to my ear. “I met a girl, Katie, and she is sweet and cool and funny and I was wondering if you were up for a picnic with the rest of the lads at 1.”


“I’m a bit busy, Liam!” He shouted back and puked again.


“Aw, Liam’s moving on! How adorable!” I rolled my eyes and looked under my bed for my shoe. I began getting frustrated. “El and I will definitely be at the park.”


“Thanks man. I’ve gotta make the food and stuff, so I’ll see you later!” I hung up and searched my room for my trainer. Where the hell was it?


I received a call from Niall. Zayn probably told him what was happening. “Liam! When were you going to tell me we were going to chill at the park?!” I laughed.


“I actually was planning on it now. I’d like you to meet Katie. It would mean a lot to me.


“Of course, man. I’ll see you there.”


“Alright.” I hung up and decided to search for my trainer.


I walked into the living room and looked around. I looked in the kitchen, the bathroom, the spare room, the basement, and the garage. I couldn’t find my damn shoes.


“seems ive lost my shoe. Where did you go shoe? i miss you…”


I tweeted my love for my shoe and began making sandwiches. I made about ten of them and cut them in halves so that I had twenty. It looked quite warm outside, so I packed an umbrella. I also took a blanket to sit on and a football.  I packed my iHome as well so we could play music. I texted Paul and told him we would be out. He knows we don’t like him following us around, but we need to let him know so he can be close by just in case anything happened.


My phone buzzed on the coffee table. It was a twitter notification… from Danielle.


“@real_liam_payne Is it the other white trainer? I’ve got it at my house.”


Why do I still receive notifications from her? I really should take that off. Instantly, my mentions blew up. Fans asked if we were back together, some asked if we hooked up, and others were saying just plain creepy things. I rolled my eyes and replied.


“@daniellepeazer yea ill come pick it up in a little…”


Just as the tweet sent, I was receiving a phone call from Katie. That was a bit better. It definitely brightened the morning.


“Why, hello.” I said sweetly in the phone.


“How are you? How’s Andy, actually?” I laughed and shrugged.


“Hungover, as usual.” She giggled. “What do you need, love?”


“Would you be mad if I asked you to pick me up right now? Alice has got a million friends over and it’s terribly annoying.”


“I don’t mind at all, but you sound quite tired. Will you be ready by the time I get there?”


There was a silence between the lines. “I’ll just pack a bag with all my crap in it and I can get ready over at your place if that’s alright.”


“Yeah, sounds great. I’ll be there in five.”


“Thanks Liam.”


I grabbed my keys and shouted to Andy that I was leaving. He shouted back and vomited some more, but it didn’t matter to me. I couldn’t wait to see Katie again. I hopped in my car and drove as fast and as safely as I could.


When I arrived her front door, I stepped out, dusted my shirt off, and walked to the front door. I pressed on the doorbell and waited. There was loud laughter and screaming coming from the room. I felt like I had been standing there for a while and I was.


“Hey!” Katie said, opening the door. I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.


“Kate, introduce us to your friend!” I could hear one of the girls inside say.


“My name’s Katie, you twit.” She muttered. Katie pulled my arm and into her house, which was quite small. “This is Liam. Liam, this is everyone.”


“Hi.” I said with a small wave. The girls giggled and looked at me. They had to have known I was in a boyband because they kept talking about me. One of them even suggested that I stay longer. “I actually have got a day planned with Katie. If you don’t mind, I’d like to be on our way, now.” Katie said her goodbyes and we left.


“I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got to pick something up at a friend’s house.” I nearly forgot about my other trainer. I wasn’t wearing any shoes at the moment


“I don’t mind. Thank you for getting me out sooner.” She put her bag in the back seat. “I hate those girls, but their old friends of Alice’s. Love that girl to death, I do, but she’s a persnickety one.” I could tell where she was from by her accent.


“Essex, right?” I asked. She nodded.


“The one and only. I moved here not too long ago to study at Uni, but they didn’t let me attend because it was too late in the year. I’ve been hoping to save up the money I get for being a waitress and see where that takes me.” I nodded and made a right. I was nearly at Danielle’s house. I hadn’t seen her in weeks, so it was going to be a bit awkward. “What was it you said you need to pick up?” She asked.


“I left my trainers at my friend’s house and I was going to wear them today.” I pulled into her driveway and turned the ignition off. “Wait here. I’ll be back.”


I walked out of the car and closed the door. Then I slowly walked to the front door of her house and gave it a knock. Almost immediately, the door was opened. Danielle was standing there in some of her dance shorts and a singlet. She had a bit of makeup on and her hair was down and curly. It was odd because she didn’t have dance practice on Sundays.


“Liam, I had no idea you were coming!” She sounded quite excited. “Why don’t you step in for a bit?’


I looked back at the car and pointed. “I’ve got someone waiting for me in there. Can I just have my shoe back?”


She looked over my shoulder, trying to catch a peek of who my ‘someone’ was. I tip-toed so that she couldn’t see. “Is it one of the lads? Tell them to come in! I can make them some tea if they’d like.”


“It’s not the boys and frankly it’s not that big of a deal.” I said. “I’d just like my trainer back.”


“Well then if it’s not a big deal, who is it?” She asked eagerly.


“It’s a friend of mine. Give me my shoe, Danielle.”


She rolled her eyes and kept trying to look. “Is it Andy? Let me have a look at him!” I pushed her shoulders down so that she stopped looking behind me and looked at me.


“It’s a female friend.” Her face dropped and she crossed her arms. “Her name is Katie and we’re going on a date” I looked past her and saw my shoe on the couch. I walked in and grabbed it. “Thank you for my trainer, Danielle.” I held my hand out for her to shake. “Have a lovely day.” She looked at my hand back at me. Then she pushed me and shut the door in my face.


I got back in the car and sat there for a while. It was quiet. “Was that your ex?” Katie asked. I looked at her. She didn’t seem sad for herself. She was sad for me. I nodded slowly. “Well, you’re not going to have to worry about her today. We’re going to have lots of fun!” She looked at her phone and showed me the time. “It’s 12:20. Let’s get home and get ready.” I smiled and nodded.


“Thanks Katie.” I turned the car on and we drove back to the house.


When we go in, I lead Katie to the spare room so that she could do her makeup and change. Andy was in the kitchen eating cereal. He seemed satisfied. “Seems like Liam’s going himself a girlfriend…” He said in a sing-song voice.


“We’re going on a date. We’re just dating.”


“Yes, but a date can turn into love…” I rolled my eyes and sat down on the couch. “Don’t give me attitude, mister. I am going to ground you!”


“You’re in my house!” Andy laughed and put his empty bowl in the sink. “Katie is a sweet girl and I don’t want you to ruin that. Please try to be appropriate around her.”


Andy grabbed a moam to munch on. “Sure, Li. Whatever you say.”


I sat on the couch, waiting for Katie. It appeared to me that she was quite thin. I had no idea what she did to get so thin, but I didn’t mind. She was so beautiful. Her dark brown hair was complimented by her dark gray eyes. It was so hypnotic.


“Shall we head out?” I heard Katie’s voice. She walked down the stairs and straightened out her shirt. She looked beyond beautiful. She wore a singlet and shorts with her jewelry. I didn’t mind makeup on girls, but she was so beautiful without it. Oh well. She still looked amazing. I thought her hair was naturally straight, but it actually had loose curls. It looked great on her.


I did notice the black she had on her arm. There were birds inked into her skin. It looked quite beautiful, but I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by me asking.


“You look gorgeous.” I said softly. She smile and pushed a curl away from her face. “I’m not lying. You look amazing.”


“Thanks. You’re not bad looking yourself, Payne. You’re actually really cute.” I shrugged.


“I have that effect on people.” She laughed loudly and covered her mouth. “Let’s get going.” I grabbed the picnic basket and blankets.


When we arrived, the lads and the ladies were there. Katie’s face completely blanked out. She was nervous. “It’s okay, love. They’re nice people, I swear”. She smiled fakely and continued walking. Harry was the first one to come up to us. He grabbed the food and blankets.


“You must be Katie.” He said. “I’m Harry. It’s lovely to meet you.”


“I can say the same.” Katie replied with a giggle. Louis, Elise and Zayn were kicking the football around while Perrie, Niall, and Eleanor were walking to us. “These girls certainly are not his girlfriends, are they?” I laughed and shook my head.


“It’s such an honor to meet you, Katie!” Eleanor said. “I’m Eleanor. This is Perrie and Niall.”


Katie smiled and shook their hands. “Hello.” She said quietly.


“Oh, you don’t have to be shy. We’re not a shy kind of family… quite the opposite actually.” Perrie laughed and continued. “The comfort zone level is 10. We wouldn’t deliberately do anything to make you feel not at home.”


“Yeah, don’t be too quite. The party’s just getting started!” Niall said cheerfully then ran over to Louis, Elie and Zayn and challenged them for the ball.


I didn’t bug Zayn and Lou to meet her. I wanted them to do it on their own time. I wanted her to take her time if she needed to or not take her time if she was cool. I did sit with her, though, so she wasn’t forced to sit with the others. It’s not like their bad, but I am thinking a lot about her right now.


“Your friends are so intimidating.” She said with a chuckle. I furrowed my eyebrows. “I am truthfully speaking, Liam. They dress so nicely and are so respectful. It’s a bit scary.”


I laughed at first. “Like they said, they get really comfortable. Watch.” I stood up and faced where everyone was. “Food’s ready!” Niall looked up and ran as fast as he could. He took three sandwiches and a few slices of fruit. Harry and Louis fought to get food first and Zayn walked with El and Perrie.


It was no surprise that there were cameras everywhere. The fans were respectful enough not to bother us. It was touching in a way, but still weird for them to be watching. Katie seemed to not mind either, which was good. This was no doubt going to be in the papers tomorrow.


When they sat down, Harry laid his head on Louis’ leg while Lou sat close to Eleanor. Perrie was cuddled close to Zayn. Elise and Niall lay on their stomachs in the middle of the blanket. Katie couldn’t help but laugh at the positioning of everyone. “You’re an odd bunch, aren’t you?”


“Is it obvious?” Harry asked, scrolling through his phone.


“A bit more than obvious, I’d say.” Elise commented. “I’m Elise, by the way. We hadn’t properly met.” She looked across from her. “Louis, Zayn, introduce yourselves. You know better.”


Louis reached his hand over to Katie. “I’m Louis. That’s mum over there scolding me.” He pointed at Elise. “I’m joking but it is nice to meet you, love.” Zayn did the same.


Harry played his music aloud and turned over on his stomach so that he was not on top of Louis anymore. “So what do you do for a living?” He asked.


“I’m currently working at a café to pay for my house and help pay for my mate’s college.” Everyone looked at her quite stunned. “It sounds mad, but she deserves Uni. She was such a smart girl in primary but had to constantly switch schools because of the pay. Not that I’m not smart. I was a straight A student, but I haven’t found what I want to do you and she’s got her whole life plan. It’s her second year now and she’s doing well.”


“How lovely!” Perrie exclaimed. “How are your parents with this whole thing?”


Katie shrugged and sipped some water. “They kicked me out of the house as soon as I turned 18 earlier this year. They still call and everything, but it’s hard to hold a conversation.


“It must be hard, no?” Niall asked.


“I guess. I was never a dependent kid growing up and the fact that I was an only child never helped. My parents always worked, so I had to fend for myself.” She lifted up her shirt, revealing a tattoo on her side. “This one was from the day after I left my parent’s home.” It read ‘Don’t depend too much on the world, because even your own shadow leaves you in the darkness.’


“That is sick.” Louis, Harry, and Zayn said in unison. She laughed and showed us another one on her arm, the one I saw at the house.


“This one is my favorite.” It had about ten birds flying the left and one flying to the right. “It shows that I don’t need to be a follower to know what I am doing.”


“So she’s a rebel now?” Eleanor asked with a laugh. “Getting tattoos, kicked out of the house.” Katie laughed as well. “You’re a strong girl, you know. You say you don’t know what you have planned, but I bet whatever you do, it’ll be worth it in the end.”


“Thank you.” She said sheepishly.


Elise and I took pictures on our phones when he had completely consumed our food. When everyone was finished they went off and played football. I sat down on the blanket and watched. I was shocked to see Katie so good at it. She got along very well with everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed that. These people’s opinions meant so much to me. They’re my brothers (and sisters) and if they didn’t like her, I would probably not be with her. But they are enjoying her company.


It began getting late and the darkness came about. We decided to pack up and leave since nobody was up for catching colds. Katie and I said our goodbyes and we drove back to my place to pick up her clothes.


“That was very lovely.” She said, hauling her bag into the car. “Your friends are the sweetest people. You are very lucky to have them.”


“You’re welcomed to see them anytime. Just call and I can pick you up.”


She smiled and walked to the passenger’s seat. “How about you pick me up for another date, just the two of us.”


We both got in the car and I started the ignition. “I wouldn’t mind that at all. I’ll pick you up at your job.”


I drove her back to her house and we exchanged twitter names. She gave me an enormous hug and thanked me for taking her. I gave her a quick kiss on her forehead. The girls had left and Alice opened the door for her. She seemed quite content and I hoped she went to sleep. When I got back in the car, I went on twitter. I followed @KatieEmilyyy and posted the photos of us on there.


“had a fun day with this cutieee @katieemilyyy”


I really did like her. I was hoping to go on three more dates before properly asking her to be my girlfriend.



And every part of my body hoped she said yes.

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