Finally Found You

Liam Payne has been pretty calm since his break up with Danielle Peazer, his girlfriend of two years. His schedule is getting quite busy, but he still has time to go out and do normal teenager things.

When he comes back from a flight and goes straight to the clubs, he meets Katie, a normal 18 year old girl. Katie is sweet, funny, and beautiful. Will this be a problem for Danielle?


4. Beautiful


Despite my very unproductive day, it was four thirty and I was obligated to pick Katie up at five for our seven o’clock dinner reservations. I took a drive to her café restaurant and picked her up.


The plan was that I drop her off at eight o’clock this morning and pick her up at five. We were going to go back home so she could shower and what not. I, too, would get ready and make myself look appropriate. Then we would leave for the fancy Italian restaurant and we would have a great night. I was obligated to get her a gift. It was in my nature to treat a girl like she was royalty.


I anticipated mine and Katie’s date the whole day. I made reservations at the Italian restaurant and even requested a few more romantic things. It was definitely going to be a shocking night for her. She needed to realize she’s more than just a normal girl.


I drove Niall home to his flat before picking her up. She was sitting outside of the café having a tea with one of her coworkers. I parked in front and walked over to where she was waiting. She and her coworker were giggling when they saw me. It made me smile just to think they were talking about me.


“Hey, love!” Katie said. I took a seat next to her as she kissed my cheek. “I’d like you to meet Natalie.” She gestured to the girl across from me. “Nat, this is Liam.”


Natalie held her hand out for me to take. “Pleasure, Mr. Payne.” She pulled away and gave a cheeky smirk to Katie. “Katherine told me much about you.”


 My eyebrows narrowed and a smile crept on my face. I turned to Katie whose cheeks were burning like a tomato. I had no idea her real name was Katherine. “Well Katie hasn’t mentioned much of you, Natalie. But it is a pleasure to meet you as well.”


Katie smiled and looked at her watch. “It’s getting a bit late. We should be heading to the house now.” I nodded and stood up. She and Natalie stood up as well and gave each other a hug before we got into the car.


Katie changed the radio to BBC and surprisingly, Live While We’re Young was on. She laughed and turned the volume higher. She reached over me and rolled my window down, as well as hers. I laughed and continued to drive. She sang the song unnecessarily loud, but it was entertaining. When the song ended, she clapped and claimed that Live While We’re Young was the best song ever.


“You’re too cute.” I said shaking my head. She laughed and continued to do a concert to Rita Ora the whole ride home.


We got to the house and she immediately went to the room. Before closing the door, she asked what the attire was. When I told her it was fancy, she requested for me not to come in because she was trying to make herself look pretty. “You’re already beautiful!” I yelled from behind the door. I received a “Shut up!” after.


I walked into my washroom and took a shower. It was so true when people said showers were the places where you make life decisions. It was because the shower was one of the only places where you were alone. The running water resembled to rain and the warmth was relaxing.


Having said that, I thought a lot about Katie and the consequences of us dating. Danielle obviously wasn’t too happy that I have been spending time with her. She was the one that had dumped me and she is taking this worse than I have. Management always encouraged up to be happy and in a relationship, but they wanted approval. It was just to make sure the girls we dated weren’t drug addicts or alcoholics. The fans were usually pretty defensive about it first, but they’ll get used to it. I hope.


After another ten minutes, I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I threw on my pants and trousers along with my black button down. I grabbed a coat and topped my outfit off with that. I looked nice, if I did say so myself. I decided to fill in the girls a bit and took a picture of myself and post it on Twitter.


“going out tonight :) @katieemilyy”


A lot of people asked where, but the last thing I wanted was for this dinner to be ruined by juvenile, screaming girls. I wanted Katie to feel special. An advantage I had aside from most men was that I had quite a bit of money. I could spoil Katie to the end of time and never run out of money.


I grabbed the bag that had Katie’s present inside of it and walked into the living room. Katie’s door was slightly open and I could see her walking around in her room. The temptation overtook my body and when it seemed that Katie was putting on the finishing touches to her outfit, I peeked through the door. She was putting her earring on in the mirror. When she caught my eye, she tried to look mad, but failed completely.


“I told you not to look.” She clipped her earring and stood in front of the mirror, examining herself. She wore a dress with no straps. The top of her dress was black. When it reached her waist, it created a V-shape and a teal fabric draped to the middle of her thighs. The sheer outer layer of the dress was longer in the back and short in the front. She wore her high heels, making her about an inch and a half shorter than me. As for her hair, the top half was pulled back with the bottom half fell down.


“How could I not peek when you look like this?” I asked. I walked behind her and faced the mirror. “I mean, look at you.” She took a look at herself through the mirror, then at me. Her already red cheeks turned a darker shade. She looked down from embarrassment. I took a small step closer to her and whispered, “You look stunning.” I put my hands on her shoulders and felt the bumps that were growing throughout her body. “Let’s hope you’re still my date by the end of the night. Some bloke is going to try to steal you.” She looked back in the mirror and smiled. Her red lips where perfectly shaped. I had to resist the urge to kiss her.


For a while, we stood there basking in the glory of each other’s presence. It felt like were talking to each other, but the room was silent. It was like we were reading each other’s minds. We would both smile at the same time as if I had said a joke or frown because of the thought of leaving each other. Katie and I had this connection that was uncontrollably, unbelievably beautiful. We understood each other like we’ve been friends for our whole lives when we’ve known each other for five days. It was incredible.


“We should get going.” She said, bringing us both back to reality.


 I backed away a bit and smiled, quite excited to leave. Katie was in for a surprise that was going to so precious to both of us. It was one where we would look back and reminisce. I wasn’t trying to win her heart because I knew I already had a piece of it in the palm of my hand and that I had a little more every day.


Katie grabbed a coat and I grabbed her gift, trying to hide it so that she didn’t know she was receiving it. We drove to the restaurant in silence, listening to Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love. She hummed the whole song with a faint smile and her closed eyes.


When we arrived, two men opened the doors for us. I had requested valet so that I could get this show on the road. It did worry me, though, that Katie’s valet man was a young guy who held her hand while she got out. She didn’t give him the time of day, though. He was a handsome looking guy, but she just kept looking at me. I smiled and handed her the bag which contained her gift.


“Don’t open it yet.” I stated. She smiled widely, and nodded.


A woman smiled at us, knowing who I was. She took two menus and led us to the back of the restaurant. As planned, Katie was very confused. I knew at the back of this restaurant, they had a private seating for celebrities who paid a lot for it. When Katie realized where we were sitting, she giggled and put her hand over her mouth.


I pulled her chair out and pushed it back in once she sat in it. I took a seat before granting permission to her so that she could open her gift.


“Oh God, Liam.” She said nervously. She took the paper out and picked up the first thing I had bought her. Yes, I bought her two gifts. It was a bracelet with her name on it. “This is so beautiful!” She whispered. I took it while she held her wrist out for me to put it on. The hook connected with the clasp and it snapped on. She admired it and looked back in the bag.


“Why don’t you save the next one for the end?” I asked. Her face lit up with excitement.


The waitress came back and took our orders for our drinks. Katie said it was a special night, so we ordered a bottle of wine. The waitress asked if we were ready to order a meal, but we both realized that we hadn’t looked at the menus yet, so we declined. “I’ll be back in a bit with your wine.” As she was about to leave, she turned back around and said, “You are so lovely together, by the way.” I looked at Katie who was looking down because she was blushing.


“You blush a lot.” I told her, making her turn even redder.


“That’s because you make me nervous and you flatter me.” She mumbled. It was my turn to blush. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks, so I took a sip of my water.


“How do I make you nervous, exactly?” I asked. She shrugged and looked down.


“You make me feel like I’m not rubbish or this girl who’s poor. When I’m around you, I feel like I’m the richest girl in the world. You make me feel like I’m worth so much more than what I am really worth.”


She refused to look at me. I reached over the table and took her hand. “I don’t ever want to hear you say that you’re not more than a girl a girl who’s poor, because you are. You’re not rubbish at all.” She took a deep breath and looked up at me. “Katie, you are important, okay? Let’s have a look at the menu and see what we’ll have.”


Katie ordered Chicken Marsala when the waitress came back. It was quite a big serving, which contained mushrooms, sautéed lemon chicken, garlic, and marsala wine, but she could have whatever she wanted. I ordered a Sicilian Scampi which was shrimp covered in wine, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. It came rather quickly for us ordering it about twenty minutes ago.


I poured some wine in our cups before I dug into my shrimp. Katie was already eating her chicken. Every few bites, we would look at each other. It was rather silent, but at the same time, so loud. It wasn’t awkward at all. How comfortable she was around me was incredible. It was like she had nothing to hide.


I had finished before her, so when she was done, she dabbed her mouth clean and grabbed the bag that contained her second gift. “Am I allowed to see what this is?” She asked eagerly. I smiled and stood up. I held my hand out for her so that she could get up as well. When she did, I put my hands over her eyes and led her to the back. “There’s another surprise?” She asked shocked. I shushed her and opened the door in front of us. I sat her down on a bench before we continued walking.


“Now you cover your eyes.” I ordered. I took my hands off of her eyes, which were closed, and she covered them. I knelt down and took my shoes off, as well as hers. She giggled and stood up. I told her to keep her eyes closed and I replaced her hands with mine. We walked quite a distance, but it was worth it.


I could tell she knew we were there, because she squealed the cold water hit her feet. I took my hands off of her eyes and told her to open. Her jaw dropped at the beautiful sight.


“My friends and I would come here on our summer holidays. It was fun place to hang out.”


Behind the restaurant was a lake that had a large tree in the middle of it. During the winter, the tree had millions of lights on it and the lake was bordered with blue lights. There was a little boat on the side and a bench to sit down. The lake water was a crystal blue and didn’t have any fish, so it was perfect for swimming.


I looked at Katie, so was still in shock. She had the biggest smile on her face. My smile faded and I returned to all seriousness. “Will you dance with me?” I asked. She looked over at me with gleaming gray eyes and nodded.


In no time, I was softly singing Irresistible -a song we had on our album- while Katie and I swayed back and forth. Her arms were encircled around my neck while my arms wrapped around her tiny waist. I was hypnotized by her beautiful eyes which were looking directly into mine. The night was perfect.


When I had finished singing the song, a smile crept onto her face. “Your voice is so lovely.” Katie said softly. She looked at her surroundings, still in love with it. Her eyes had moved in my direction and they immediately connect with mine. “You are literally the kindest, sweetest, most loving person I’ve ever met.” She whispered. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so special. You give me butterflies and the sound of your name on the radio or the telly or even around the streets gives me goosebumps. Now that I think of it, I feel so honored to know that the Liam Payne that everyone talks about is mine at the moment.”


Her confessions made me sick with love. It was like I was stuck in between sleep and awake. It was all so surreal to think that I could really like, maybe even love, someone other than Danielle. It made me want to vomit and celebrate at the same time. When I thought of Katie, I thought of heaven, because that’s what she made my life like just by looking at her. Sure, I only knew her for five days, but my heart and her heart works in a different way. It made me realize how head over heels I was for her.


“Liam?” She called out softly. I was still looking at her ever so lovingly. “Thank you… for going to the Funky Buddha that night, for inviting me to meet your friends, for giving me your home, for this dinner, and for making me feel special.” I the corners of my mouth pulled up into a smile. “I do like you, Liam, a lot.” She looked down as if she had revealed a disappointing secret. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her cheek.


“How ironic.” I whispered. “It just so happens I like you a lot as well.” She chuckled and was breathing a bit nervously. “By the way,” I said softly, “I am yours Katie and not just for the moment.”


Katie bit the bottom of her lip. “But what if something bad happens and we’re separated. I don’t want to lose you.” I smirked quite cheekily. I always lived by my strict rules, one of which meant to only ask a girl to be your girlfriend after the third date. Rules are meant to be broken, right?


“You don’t have to lose me if you agree to be my girlfriend.” Katie immediately smiled and nodded. At first, I was surprised on how quickly she responded, but she reassured me with a verbal yes. I couldn’t help but grin. She laughed at me and hugged my tightly. “You don’t know how much this means to me.” I said to her.


We both pulled back and just looked at each other. I couldn't believe how blessed I was to have a girl so lovely, so beautiful, so amazing in my life. It was unfair how gorgeous she was. I examined her face fully, loving every little thing about it. I loved her perfectly shaped eyebrows, her ridiculously long eyelashes that reached her brow bone, her sparkly eyes, her little nose, her rosy cheeks, and her full, red lips. Naturally, they were a dark pink color, but her lipstick was just as great. Resisting became impossible at this point for the both of us. It was too hard to even think of not kissing her. Hell, that’s all I've been thinking about since I met her. An overwhelming sensation spread throughout my body. I gently took her face in my hands and imprisoned her lips between mine. Katie took a good grip onto my shirt and pulled us closer together.


There was an undeniable spark when we kissed. It was something I had never felt before in my life. It had to have been a sign or something, because that kiss made me know that Katie and I were going to be together for a long time.


I pulled away, but still had my forehead leaning against hers. We were both breathing heavily from the kiss, but the fact that it happened made everything else not matter.


“Can I open my gift?” She asked, still panting. I back up a bit and nodded. She had but the bag down next to us before we danced. I bent down to pick it up and handed it to her. She opened it and took out a small frame with a picture in it.


“It’s a picture Harry took.” I explained. “He said he knew we really enjoyed ourselves because of the way we looked at each other. He had to snap a photo because he knew it was going to come in handy one day.”


The picture was of Katie and me at the park. I had one arm snaked around her waist and she was close to me. We were sitting on the blanket, smiling at each other.


“It definitely came in handy.” She said, looking back at me. She pecked me softly and thanked me for the gift. “It’s lovely.”


We decided to go back to the restaurant and pick up our shoes as well as pay for our dinner. Then we headed back to the house. Katie couldn’t stop thanking me for the whole night. I, of course, said it was okay because she made my night as well.


It was a weight off of my shoulders knowing I could kiss her every five seconds and it wouldn’t get old. It was a relief to know that she was finally mine and I could hold her in my arms without anyone having to bug me about it. It made me feel better about both of us. I decided to tell the lads tomorrow morning while Katie was still asleep.


When we got to the house, Katie and I changed. I gave her time to take her makeup off before we watched a movie. She picked a romantic comedy I hadn’t seen called Valentine’s Day. I changed into some basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Katie came out in a t-shirt and some shorts as well. We sat together on the couch, occasionally laughing at the joke and the rudeness of the movie. She took a picture of us in the middle of the movies for ‘remembrance’.


By the time the movie was over, I was falling asleep on the couch with Katie next to me, who was already knocked out. I turned the telly off and closed my eyes. Before fully dosing off, I kissed the top of Katie’s head. Before I knew it, I was asleep.


Katie's outfit

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