Finally Found You

Liam Payne has been pretty calm since his break up with Danielle Peazer, his girlfriend of two years. His schedule is getting quite busy, but he still has time to go out and do normal teenager things.

When he comes back from a flight and goes straight to the clubs, he meets Katie, a normal 18 year old girl. Katie is sweet, funny, and beautiful. Will this be a problem for Danielle?


1. He Shoots, He Scores


Liam's POV

I had my head down on the table. The pounding music was interrupting my rest. Andy insisted that I come to the club, but I wasn’t in the mood. I had just come back from a long flight and I was jetlagged. I felt like I had never been so tired. Not only did we do a miniature concert, but we had photo shoots, meet ‘n greets, interviews, etc., etc. It was absolutely exhausting


“Please don’t stop the music…”


Rihanna’s song lingered in my ears. I hadn’t had a drink yet and I was already hungover. The other boys didn’t want to come because they wanted sleep. I had to come because my best friend is the biggest partier in all of London.


“Come on, you little fuck.” Andy shouted. He shook my shoulder and tried to stand me up. “Don’t start pooping on the party. Let’s dance braahh.” He placed a drink on the table. “Just take some, lad.” I sighed and sipped the drink. It was definitely Stella Rose because that was my favorite drink.


“Alright, I’ll get up.” I said. I stood up, taking my drink and refusing to dance. I leaned on the wall and sipped my drink. For the majority of my leaning, I watched Andy grind and took some pictures with ladies. It wasn’t fun at all.


“You seem to be the life of the party.” A girl said. “I have to stand next to that.” I chuckled and turned my head and damn was that girl a looker or what? “I’m Katie.” She held out her hand.


“Liam.” I said, taking it. She was gorgeous. She seemed quite petite; around 5’4. She had long, dark brown hair; olive toned skin, and gray eyes. “Your eyes are beautiful.”


She smiled, flashing her perfect teeth. “Thanks.” She looked down. I could barely see her red cheeks because of the dim light, but she was blushing. “I know you probably get this a lot, but you’re from One Direction, right?” I smiled and nodded.


“Yeah, and you’re the Burberry model, right?” I joked and she laughed.


“Trying to chat me up, Liam? How scandalous. I should call the press.”


“Well, is it working?” I asked.


“Of course, it is. Liam from One Direction is flirting with me!” We both laughed at that one. “Seriously, though, you’re really sweet. I expected the biggest boy band in the world to be a bit more…”


“Stuck up?” She nodded. “Well, if it’s not obvious, I’m not stuck up. I can’t hate or be seriously mean to someone if my life depended on it.”


“Well aren’t you a puppy dog?” I chuckled.


“I get that a lot.” She laughed and finished what was left of her drink. She pounded the cup on the table; it made me think she was drunk. I asked, out of curiosity. “You’re not wasted, are you?”


She shook her head. “Oh, no. That was my first drink. I’m not a drinker, but I have my days.”




“I’ve got a girlfriend though who’s in love with partyin’.” She looked around the dance floor and pointed to the girl grinding on Andy. “That’s her. She’s been seein’ that boy for weeks now. It’s clearly not the first time they met. It’s uncomfortable how comfortable they are with each other.”


It seemed as if though my jaw was dropped for a while. She gave me an odd look. “Your best friend is on top of my best friend.” She put her hand over her mouth and laughed.


“What a coincidence.” She said softly. I laughed and looked down at the floor. Although Danielle and I had just broken up, I was really open to dating people. I couldn’t hold on to her forever.


I always thought I had to be the one to go up to a girl and start the conversation. But I didn’t have to. She came up and started talking. It was quite brave actually. I would never have the balls to formally go up and talk to a girl. Hell, Harry was the one that set me up with Danielle.


“You wouldn’t happen to be dating anyone, would you?” She asked rather quickly. I smile softly.


“Well, I would be dating someone if you agreed on a date to the park tomorrow. I can pick you up and we can have a picnic with the rest of the lads. It can be casual.”


She smiled and held her hand out. I looked down at my hand which was holding my phone, so I hander her that. She took it and entered her number in my contacts. “You can call me and set up a time. I’d love to go, Liam.”


She said yes? She said yes! I choked a bit on my words. “Uh, that-that sounds great. I-I’ll pick you up at, uhm, 1. Is that okay?” She laughed and nodded.


“Liam, can I have a picture of you and this young lady here?” A man from the FunkyBuddha asked. I nodded and guided Katie in front of me. I wrapped my arms around her from the back and leaned my chin on her shoulder. “1… 2… 3!” The photo flashed. “I’ll send it to you, Liam. Thanks, miss.”


 Andy walked over completely drunk and laughing with Katie’s friend. “This is her, Sandy-Andy. This is Kamy.”


“Katie.” Katie corrected. Andy opened his arms for a hug. I felt like stepping in and telling his that enough was enough, but my body was still in shock of the future date I was going on. Katie held her hand out and Andy’s sweaty, clammy hands shook it. She looked at her hand and wiped the sweat off with her trousers. “Pleasure.” She pulled her friends arm so that she was next to her. “Alice, we’ve got to leave. The cab will be here soon.” She face palmed herself and looked at me with pleading eyes. “Have you got ten dollars? My home isn’t too far from here.”


“Well I can take you.” I suggested. “It’s free.” She laughed and approved.


I walked drunk Andy and Alice to the car. They weren’t hard to handle. Five minutes into the ride, they passed out. There was quite a bit of traffic from a movie premiere down the street, so it took quite a while. We didn’t talk much because we had nothing to say.


When we arrived at her house, I helped her with Alice. “Thank you so much for carrying her to the couch. It means a lot to spaghetti arms over here.” She lifted her skinny arms.


“It’s not a big deal, but I should be getting home. Thank you for a great night. I didn’t expect it to be as great as it was.” She shrugged and looked down. I chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Goodnight, Katie.” I whispered. I made sure she got in her house and I drove off.


Score one for the Payno

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