Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*

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  • Published: 6 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 29 Apr 2013
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Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and meets a certain blue-eyed, blonde boy and his bandmates.

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32. They don't know about us

*Jamie's P.O.V*

"Yeah Niall...tell us," Liam insists over the radio. In my heart, I wanted nothing more than to tell the whole world that I was his and he was mine. But rationally speaking, if word got out that Niall Horan of One Direction had a girlfriend-which by the way, still gave me tingles when I thought about it-who knows what would happen. There is always the possibility that his popularity might decrease even though his freakishly life-like dolls are sold it and are more popular than Harry's-although that's highly unlikely because Directioners have been heard to be one of the most loyal fanbases, apart from being the largest. Or maybe his fans won't approve of our relationship and choose to hate me instead-but personally, I think they're much too mature for that. We haven't talked about it yet. We might have to now.

"Oh she's a really good friend. She's really cool and funny and we hang out with each other a lot," my boyfriend says, making me smile. It was an intelligent answer-it was not completely true but neither was it completely false.

"Tell me more about this 'good friend'. You two look really cosy together," the DJ said, his accent making it slightly hard to understand."What's her name?"

"Uh, Jamie. Her name's Jamie Marie Sullivan," Niall continues. I can almost detect the smile on his face-much like mine whenever I think about him and his contagious chuckle.

"That's a beautiful name. Well, that's all we have time for today. I'm gonna have to let you guys go to prepare for your concert tonight. Thank you for coming down."

"Thanks for having us," Louis says gratefully. Always so humble,those lads. No wonder they've got such a wide fanbase. They're talented, are stunningly gorgeously(this may be slightly exaggerated ;P) AND are overall just really nice guys. What's not to like?

"And that was One Direction in Sweden on Radio..." I unplugged my earphones.

"Hey, you ready for Round Two?"

"Yeah," I replied,enthusiastically. I walked over to the drums with Josh to continue the 'jamming session', humming the catchy tune

*Niall's P.O.V*

"Whew! That was close!" Louis exclaimed, wiping his forehead.

Even though I was smiling and chuckling and acting completely normal, I was thinking. A lot.


"Where's the food?" I asked, my thoughts coming to a sudden halt by the mention of food.

"I said..." Liam repeats, "we only have about two hours to grab some food."

The van stops and we all hop out. Zayn grabs my head and holds me under his underarms, ruffling my hair.

"Oh Zayn,come on man, I just want to get me some food," I whine, desperate to get out of his grip.

"Alright Zayn, let Niallator go," Liam insists.

"What food is there?" I ask, curious. Contrary to popular belief(again,note the irony here) , I like anything that's edible.

"We have absolutely no idea. It's all Swedish cuisine. But just for our little leprechaun," Harry says as we walk down the corridor leading backstage,raising his eyebrows up and down,grinning boyishly. "We got get you...Nando's."

And I was off. I could smell it,almost taste it in my mouth. My taste buds were tingling as I bit into the fresh,hot,delicious chicken. I stuffed my face,making no attempt to stop. I know I said that I like anything that's edible but it's NANDO's! You don't expect me to resist that,do you?

"I told you he would have finished half a chicken already," I hear Zayn say, as the lads shuffled into our room-where we got our hair and make-up done and all that.

"Alright. When you boys are done, get changed, get your make up done and be ready in an hour and a half," the stage manager tells us, gripping his clipboard tightly. Always so uptight. I was glad I have Jamie, whose carefree like me. However, when she takes something seriously, there no stopping her. There's this look on her face that means 'don't mess with me'. It's subtle but I've studied her face enough to notice this look-its quite intriguing actually. Speaking of which, "where's Jamie?" I mumbled, my mouth full of chicken.

"I'm right here," I hear that voice. I turn around to face her, my mouth still full, chicken drumsticks in both of my hands. I'm sorry-I'm starving!

"Hey," I mumbled,swallowing down the food in my mouth. I heard the boys snorting. Jamie laughed and walked towards me, grabbing the drumstick from my right hand and bit a big chunk out of it. I chuckled. This girl is amazing.

"Did you enjoy learning how to play the drums with Josh?"

She nodded, biting her lip,smiling. "It's been brilliant. I heard your interview over the radio. The DJ had some really hard questions," she teased,obviously knowing the answers to these 'hard questions'. I couldn't help but smile too. "So who was that 'lovely lady' they were talking about?" she poked.

"I don't know who you're talking about. But whoever it is, she sounds amazing and I'd love to meet her someday," I replied. She rolled her eyes.

"Well, whenever you DO meet her, don't forget to tell the press about her," she says.

"Are you sure?"

"No. Not really," she stated, placing her arms on my chest as I wrapped my arms around her waist,pulling her to me.

"Oh come on you two lovebirds, lets not worry about that right now. We've got a show to put on!" Louis announced excitedly, grabbing me and pushing me onto the make up chair where Lou Teasdale,our make up artist and good friend, started working on me.


"All done!" Lou says, clapping her hands together, as if removing dust from her hands.

"Alright boys, group hug!" Liam calls. We do this every time before we perform. Jamie came over right before we went on stage. She got up on her tipple toes and kissed me quickly.

"What was that for?" I asked, dazed.

"Good luck. Kick some arse out there," she tells me,smiling, her cheeks a rosy red under the stage lights.

"I don't need luck. I'm Irish," I reminded her, winking. "But thanks."

I hugged her before going up on stage, the music for Live While We're Young already playing.

"What's up Swedeeeeen!" Liam booms into his microphone, making the crowd go even wilder. This was going to be insane.


"Okay, you guys have been a GREAT crowd. So, I hope you like this song as much as I do," I say to the audience, my voice barely audible above their screams. I looked over to where Jamie was and winked. Hopefully, she'd get my hint.

"So this song is called 'They Don't Know About Us'. Come on and sing with us," I invited as the music started playing. They don't know about Jamie and I.


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