Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*

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  • Published: 6 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 29 Apr 2013
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Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and meets a certain blue-eyed, blonde boy and his bandmates.

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8. Moving out and...moving in

*Jamie's P.O.V*

Niall and I managed to find a table at the back of the restaurant, where it was more private. Luckily, he had worn a hoodie which he put up as we entered the restaurant, preventing anyone from recognising him. Told you fame wasn't all that good. We ordered our food, which again, was free, all thanks to Niall's obsession with the food here-although I had to admit, it really was good. We munched in a comfortable silence. To be honest, I expected Niall to be one of those I-can-have-anything-I-want kind of guy although magazines have portrayed him as being a great guy since media does have the tendency to take things out of proportion. But he was really nice. I was starting to like him.

''So, are you and James...ya know?''

''Me and James? NO!'' I answered immediately, laughing a little. ''We're just really good friends living together,'' I told him truthfully. He nodded and I think I saw him smiling. Well, okay then.

''Oh okay. He seems like a nice lad,'' Niall says, taking another bite out of his Peri-Peri chicken. I take a sip of my coke.

''He is,'' I agreed, finishing the last bit of my chicken. Being my non-lady-like self, I forget that I'm in the prescence of a guy who I don't know very well and may very much judge me based on his first impression and I burp. Loudly. My eyes widen in embarrassment as I close my mouth with my hand. I feel heat rush to my cheeks as Niall just stares.

''Oops,'' I joke nervously. And that's when he bursts out laughing, his contagious chuckles sending me into a fit of giggles too. Eventually, after both our stomachs ached from all the laughter, it died down.

''So, why aren't you living with your parents?'' he asked suddenly, his face becoming serious.

''Oh uhm,'' I fiddled with my fingers. What lie was I going to tell him now? ''Well, my mum's in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy and my dad...I don't know where he went,'' I told him. The man that I had left behind wasn't my father anymore anyway.

''Oh I'm so sorry,'' he apologised. I cringed mentally. Part of the reason of why I didn't want to tell anybody was that they'd treat me different because they pitied or sympathised with me. I don't want pity or sympathy. I just want to be treated normally, ya know?

''S'okay. It's not your fault,'' I say, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. ''So yeah, story of my life. And that's why i'm living with James now. Although I'll have to find my own place soon. It's getting crowded there.''

'' Oh yeah?'' He looks at his food, his lips pursed. I realised he'd already finished his second plate of food while I was halfway through my second plate. I told you, I have big appetite. It didn't help that the food here is wicked.

''How would you like to stay with me? In my flat, I mean? I have an extra room which my mum uses sometimes even though I rented her a flat just around the corner. She helps me do my laundry,'' he tells me, grinning guiltily.

I barely know him and he's offering me to stay at his place? What about my sisters? Would I still be able to see them every night?

''Uh, I don't know about that. I mean, that's a really generous offer but...''

''My flat's near the hospital. You could visit your mum whenever you wanted,'' he continued. I considered this for a while. I'd be able to call my sisters through the phone I just bought myself and our aunt brought them to the hospital regularly too so I might be able to see them there.

''Alright. How much will the rent be?''

He shook his head quickly. ''There is none. And before you can say anything, I'll let you buy the groceries, okay?'' he winked.

I rolled my eyes. But I guess that's fair considering the amount he ate. And I ate. ''Deal,'' I agreed as we shook hands.

''Great. You can move in tonight if ya want to,'' he offered. ''I can come over to help you transfer your stuff.''

''Cool. But isn't this all too sudden though? I mean, what will the other boys think?'''

He shrugged. ''It's good to have a girl around once in a while,'' he said. We finally finished our food and got up from our seats. Since we both didn't have a car, we decided to share a cab but Niall wouldn't let me pay. He made that clear as soon as we got in the cab.

''So, are you ever gonna tell us why we found you where you were the first time we met? Or why you ran away after the doc checked you out?'' he asked, looking at me. I turned away, looking out the window, feeling his eyes burn holes into the back of my head.

''It's complicated. Maybe another time,'' I told him. He groaned.

''You're so hard to figure out sometimes,'' he complained. I rolled my eyes. I don't think I'm hard to figure out. I'm pretty much an open book. I just hide my emotions really well. I've had lots of practice.

We finally reached James' house and I thanked Niall.

''See you in three hours,'' he said. I nodded, as he pulled the cab door shut and the driver drove away.

I tuned around and walked to the door, my hand on the knob. I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with air. Now it's time to tell James that I'm moving out and moving in with Niall. I wonder how he'll react.


''But you barely know the guy!'' James exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. He's said this for the hundredth time.

''I know! It's complicated, okay,'' I sighed, stuffing my clothes into the suitcase I had bought myself not long ago.
''Look,'' I told him, turning around to face him.

''Do you like him?'' James blurted out before I could say anything else. I didn't dare to look into his eyes. He took it as a 'yes'.

''God, Jamie! You're so bloody naive!'' he shouted. ''He's a celebrity for God's sake. Once he's done with you, he'll just discard you and leave you out on the street. He doesn't care about you, Jamie,'' he concluded, his shoulders slumped. He takes my hand, leading me to the bed. ''He doesn't care about you like I do. I love you, Jamie. Why can't you see that?'' he whispered, desperate for me to return his affection.

I kissed his cheek. ''J, you know I love you. You're my best friend! But I need to do this,, for myself. And no, I don't like Niall in that way. He'd never love someone like me anyway so you don't have to worry. Besides, you need to concentrate on the band. Not some pathetic teenage girl,'' I joked, trying to cheer him up. He smiles weakly and takes something out from his pocket, keeping it in his fist. He shook his head sadly.

''Clearly, I can't change the mind of a headstrong girl like you. So I want to give you something to remember me by,'' he states, opening his fist up to reveal a beautiful silver necklace, with a lapis lazuli heart shaped pendant. It was breathtaking. I touched it delicately, in awe.

''This...this is beautiful,'' I breathed. He smiled, his eyes shining. I turned around so that he could put it on for me. When he did, I turned around to wrap him in a fierce hug. I'd miss this boy and all his weird antics which included eating gummy worms dipped in peanut butter.

''Thank you. For everything,'' I whispered into his ear, planting one more kiss on his cheek. ''I'll never forget you.''

''Good. You can call me anytime,'' he said, as he wiped tears from my cheeks with his thumb. I nodded, unable to find my voice to speak. The doorbell rang. It must be Niall.

''I guess that means I gotta go,'' I tell him, grabbing my suitcase. I nodded glumly as he followed me to the door. I opened the door and niall was standing there in the light drizzle, small dark spots on his light jumper.

''Hey,'' he greets.

''Hi Niall,'' I reply, forcing myself to smile.

''Ready to go?''

I nodded, turning around to face James one last time. He hugs me again, kissing the top of my head.

''Bye Jamsie.''

''Bye Jamie Sullivan. See you around, munchkin,'' he winks, teasing me. I punch his arm playfully as I turn around to leave with Niall. He stands at the door, watching as I get into the bright orange bus. I wave him one last goodbye as we pull away. When we're too far to see him anymore, I absent-mindedly play with the pendant lying on my chest.

''So...vas happenin','' someone says cheerfully. I turn around, not realising who's been seating behind us this whole time. All 5 boys of One Direction were in the same vehicle as me. Immediately, the wide smiles on their faces and their general hyper-activity made me smile too. I was going to miss James but I could tell my life will never be boring around thses guys who had come to pick me up.

''Hi Jamie!'' Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis chorused, grinning widely. This was gonna be interesting.
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