Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*

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  • Published: 6 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 29 Apr 2013
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Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and meets a certain blue-eyed, blonde boy and his bandmates.

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14. 'I fancy Darcy'

(Before I start, I'd just to thank you awesome people for liking my story or putting it on your favourite list as well as all the wonderful comments. I just can't thank you enough! Hope you like this chapter! :))

*Jamie's P.O.V*

The boys were surprisingly well-behaved on the way to Aunt Gertrude's house. It was Bpm now-I decided that my sisters would LOVE to meet their idols(as I've just been told) and my mum needed lots of rest. Anyway, we were already outside the door. I turned back to warn them.

''You may want to close your ears,'' I told them.

''It's alright, we're more used to it now,'' Niall says, grinning.

''Whatever you say,'' I remark. I knock on the door, and we wait patiently.

''Are you sure they're in?'' Louis asks, getting impatient.

I laughed. ''It's 8pm and it's a school night. My aunt would have them in bed by 9.''

In the back of my head, I wondered if I'd ever be able to go to school again. I didn't have enough money to go to university yet though. But I brushed the question off when the door swung open.

''Yes, may I help yo-Jamie?!'' my aunt questioned, her eyes widening in surprise. Her eyes scanned every inch of my body, determining whether I was real or not. I nodded, laughing. She hadn't seen me in months. She pulled me in, wrapping me in a tight hug and kissing my cheek.

''Where have you been? Your father has been worried sick about you. So have I!'' I gritted my teeth at the mention of my father. I guess I'll have to tell her every thing now. She seemed to only now notice the five charming lads behind me. And that's when Darcy and Quinn came running, their eyes widening at the sight of One Direction at their doorstep. Prepare for the ear-splitting screams. As if the ones I heard when I occassionally accompanied the boys on their interviews weren't torturous enough.

''One...One...'' Quinn blubbered, pointing to all of them, then proceeding to cling onto Harry's leg. He was her favourite. It was probably those curls.

''Well, hello to you to, little one,'' Harry greeted, scooping her up in his arms. He had a way with children that no one understands. Maybe it's how he behaves like a child. The boys laughed as they watched Darcy hyperventilating.

''You're...hi Leeyum,'' Darcy giggled, waving like crazy.

''Hi!'' Liam replied cheerfully. I saw Darcy blush a rosy pink.

''May we come in?'' I asked Aunt Gertrude, who was clearly too shell-shocked to remember we were out in the cold, shivering.

She shook her head to clear her mind. ''Goodness gracious! Of course! Come in, come in?'' she invited, stepping out of the way. We all mumbled our 'thank you's' as we walked in, settling into the quaint living room.

''This is lovely,'' Louis complimented, making my aunt smile proudly, crinkles forming at the end of her eyes.

''Thank you. You all seem like nice gentlemen,'' she complimented back. I tried not to snicker. If only she knew who Louis really was - a slob.

''Well, we can't stay that long because you two have school tomorrow. Boys, would you mind babysitting these two while I talk with my aunt in the kitchen?'' I asked. They all nodded. ''Great, thanks.''

*Liam's P.O.V*

Jamie and her aunt went into the kitchen, leaving us with these two. I would have to talk to Jamie later. I think she doesn't know that I heard the discussion about Niall between her mother and herself in the hospital earlier. It was by pure accident, I swear.

''Well, what are the names of you lovely ladies?'' I asked, making both of them giggle. They were beautiful, just like Jamie. But Jamie never accepted it when we called her 'beautiful'.

''I'm Quinn Emilia Sullivan,'' the blonde one declared, biting her hair. Louis was playing with the dolls with her. He was like a little kid despite being the oldest amongst us.

''Hello Quinn,'' we all chimed, and she beamed widely, showing her perfect white teeth.

''That's a wonderful name,'' Niall complimented, pretending to drink some tea from the plastic cup that he was using to play 'tea party' with Quinn and Louis. Niall and food. And everlasting love story.

''What about you,love?'' I asked the one sitting beside me. She seemed much more composed that Quinn. She was probably older.

''I'm Darcy Elizabeth Sullivan,'' she stated.

''Hi Darcy,'' we all chorused.

''Hi,'' she breathed., giggling. Lots of giggling going on.

''I fancy the name 'Darcy'. I want my first daughter to have that name,'' Harry told her, making Darcy smile even wider.

''Can you do the One Direction introduction, please?'' Darcy pleaded.

''Yeah, pretty please?'' Quinn agreed. It took a while but we finally understood what they meant. We stood up and stood side by side.

I started. ''I'm Liam.''

''I'm Harry.''

''Hi, I'm Louis.''

''I'm Zayn.''

''And I'm Niall.''

''And we're One Direction,'' we chorused. Darcy and Quinn collapsed on the floor, giggling, making us laugh too.

''They're so adorable!'' Zayn gasped, breathing deeply. Gosh, we were laughing so hard.

''Hey, are you guys having fun without me?'' Jamie asked as she walked back in, crossing her arms.

''We'd NEVER do that,'' Louis teased. She rolled her eyes.

''Alright well. Come on guys, we better go. Darcy and Quinn have school tomorrow,'' she told us. We got up slowly, our stomachs aching.

''Be careful, dear. Call me if you need anything,'' I heard Jamie's aunt tell her as she hugged Jamie. What was she talking about? Was Jamie in some sort of trouble?

Jamie went over to hug and kiss her sisters and wished them goodnight as the lads and I thanked her aunt for having us. We all waved to the girls as we walked out. Great girls, those two. The boys were walking ahead of us-we were on our way back to Niall's falt-so I took the opportunity to talk to Jamie.

''Hey Jamie?'' She slowed down her pace to match mine.

''Yeah?'' she asked, stretching.

''When are you going to tell Niall?''

I saw an expression of shock flicker across her face. ''What do you mean?'' she asked innocently.

I stared at her.

''Oh fine, fine,'' she surrendered. ''Well, look at him,'' she pointed. ''And look at me,'' she said. ''We're from two completely different worlds,'' she said, a hint of hopelessness in her voice. I grabbed her shoulders to make her look at me.

''Now, I KNOW for a FACT that you're not one to be bothered by things like that,'' I stated. She looked away. The boys were getting further away. ''Look at me,'' I told her. Eventually, she did. ''Don't think for a SECOND that you don't deserve to be happy or fall in love because no one should be denied that right.''


''No buts. Just go for it, will ya?''

She nodded, smiling weakly.

''Good. You better keep your word,'' I warned her. ''Or else.'' And that, I walked away, smiling to myself. Another mission accomplished by Liam Payne.

*Jamie's P.O.V*

I stood there, for a while, replaying what had just happened in my mind. Liam knew. He knew that I was falling - who am I kidding- HAVE fallen for Niall. And he wanted me to go out with Niall. Fine. I'll do it.
I forced my legs to move and catch up with the boys. We were reaching the flat soon. I was walking behind them, kicking some pebbles, my hands in the pockets of my jacket, just thinking. I noticed Niall walking slower, till he finally was beside me. I tried to act cool. Be normal, I told myself.

''Um, hi,'' I breathed, hoping he wouldn't detect the nervousness in my voice.

''Hey,'' he replied. We occasionally bumped into each other, but I pretended not to notice.


''Yes?'' I asked, cooly.

''I was'd like to go to the theme park with me tomorrow? I mean, the lads and I have day off and I was wondering if you'd just like to hang out with me but it's fine if you don't want to, it's totally cool,'' he said quickly. Maybe he was as nervous around me as I was. I thought that out again in my head. Pfft. Yeah right.

''Umm...'' I deliberated an answer, recalling the talk Liam and I had earlier. Go for it.

''Sure, I'd love to,'' I replied, smiling.

''That's wicked-I Tomorrow at 11am okay for you?''

I nodded, trying not to smile to widely. It might creep him out.

''Great. See you then,'' he chirped, rushing into the flat-which I just realised we had already reached. I was ecstatic! I was going out with Niall tomorrow! Could this day get any better? I didn't even bother changing into my night clothes. I walked into my room, grinning like an idiot and got under the covers, fantasizing what it would be like to spend the day with an amazing guy like Niall. Boy, I couldn't wait. I fell asleep quickly, an image of Niall still in my mind.


I'd wokken up hours ago, trying to figure out what I should wear, finding nothing suitable. It was times like this when I wished there was another girl around to give me advice. However, there were only 5 boys. Who, by the way, were probably sleeping soundly outside. Zayn was the closest thing I had to a fashion stylist. But I peeped through the door earlier on and they were all still sleeping. I'd have to do this on my own. In the end, after half an hour, I decided to go with something that I was comfortable in - I did my hair into a neat fishtail, put on a white V neck shirt to go under my favourite(and only) brown leather jacket and a pair of fitting jeans. I decided to go with knee-high boots as footwear and added a cashmere scarf to go around my neck as well as a beanie to fit on the top of my head. I looked at myself in the mirror-satisfied. I glanced over the necklace James gave me, touching it. I haven't called him in quite a long time. The last I heard, they had gone on tour with The Wanted, as the opening act. Nevertheless, I got distracted by the scent of bacon wafting in from the kitchen. Right on cue, my stomach growled.

''Ah..the princess has woken up. Come join us, for this scrumptious breakfast,'' Harry invited. He was the one cooking. All the other boys were already at the table, eating. When had they waken up?

''Good morning!'' Louis chirped.

''Hi,'' I replied, taking a seat besides Zayn and Liam.

''You look great,'' Zayn complimented, grinning. The boys nodded. I realised Niall was missing. I was about to open my mouth to inquire about him when Liam answered for me.

''He gobbled down his food and is getting ready for your 'date','' he chuckled.

''It's not a 'date','' I denied. The boys snickered. ''It's just two friends, hanging out,'' I corrected, just as Niall came rushing out, dressed in a green polo and low-hanging jeans, with his big white shoes and a hat. Simple but, I liked it. I stuffed a strip of the turkey bacon in my mouth and took a bite out of a waffle, after which I threw it down on my plate. I got up from my seat, swallowing down the food in my mouth, washing it with a gulp of apple juice.

''I'm done!'' I announed. I could probably get some carnival food from the amusement park later. And then, I burped, making everyone laugh.

''Oops,'' I mumbled, guilty.

''It's alright. I thought it was adorable,'' Niall said, grinning. I rolled my eyes(which I realise, I do a lot).

''Come on!'' Niall called, grabbing my hand.

''Have fun you two!'' I heard Liam call. I'd have to thank him later. And then we ran like little kids all the way to the park where we went on a few rides, ate some candy floss and popcorn, took some more rides, before we chased each other, eventually stopping on top of a hill, a distance away from the crowd at the park. We laid there, staring up at the open sky, bathed in the sunlight. We were chuckling like teenagers, panting.

''Well, that was fun,'' I giggled, sitting up and pulling out a shamrock, twisting it in my fingers.

I saw Niall sit up from the corner of my eye. Then, LMFAO'S I'm Sexy And I Know It started blasting from the carnival and we could hear it, but faintly. Niall jumped to his feet, and started dancing to it. Those were some pretty sick dance moves, I gotta say. When he did the Irish jig, I couldn't stop laughing and cheering and clapping at the same time. At least no one could see us from the carnival. There were some moments where I really thought someone recognised Niall and would initiate a mob. But thank God, nothing of that sort happened.

''Girl look at that body,'' Niall chanted, making funny faces, making me laugh even more. I was going to die of laughter. He pulled me to my feet and I started jumping and dancing around with him, laughing, having fun, not caring about anything else. I was really enjoying myself. Niall made me happy. When it got to the chorus, instead of singing 'I'm sexy and I know it', I sang 'You're Irish and I love it', pointing to Niall. Realising that I kind of told him I loved him, I kinda stopped dancing and sat down. He must have realised it too because he sat down, facing me. I didn't dare look into his eyes. But then, he took my hand and pushed my chin up with his finger to make me look at him.

''Jamie,we haven't known each other for a long time but, in the short time I've gotten to know you, I think...I think I've actually found my princess,'' he admitted, stroking my cheek. I bit my lip. I felt the same way. I wanted to tell him I had fallen for him too.

''And I'm not sure if you feel the same way about me as how I I feel about you...''

''I do! I do!'' I answered and he smiled.

''That's great. So then, it wouldn't be crazy for me to ask you this but...Jamie Sullivan,'' he called, staring deep into my eyes. His mesmerising blue eyes sparkled briliantly in the sunlight. ''Will you do the honour of going out with me?'' he asked. My heart was beating frantically, my breathing was erratic and I wanted nothing more but to spend my time with him, me belonging to him and him to belonging to me.

''Will you be my princess?''


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