Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*

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  • Published: 6 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 29 Apr 2013
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Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and meets a certain blue-eyed, blonde boy and his bandmates.

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Thank wildxfree for her effort in translating this movella! Much love :)

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13. Five lads and a Mum

*Jamie's P.O.V*

I was getting ready to visit Mum. Maybe I'd stay there till 10pm. It was only 7 now. I got distracted by the commotion outside. Those boys were so energetic - I will never be bored hanging out with them.

''Niall's in love! Niall's in love!'' they chanted. My interest was piqued.

''Shut up boys! Or-'' Niall hushed.

But then I opened the door and they all fell silent. I grabbed my scarf that I left on the sofa and tied it securely around my neck.

''Who is Niall in love with?'' I asked, curious. Niall's eyes widened and the boys were chuckling, goofing around. I raised my eyebrows at them.

'''s! I'm in love with Nando's!'' Niall answered. Well, he was behaving rather strangely.

''I thought we established that a long time ago,'' I said. They all kept quiet. ''Okay...well...bye!''

''Wait! Where are you going?'' Harry asked.

''Yeah. Coz if you're gonna get something to eat, will you please get us something?'' Liam pled, smiling sweetly. I rolled my eyes at them. I mean, I love food too but we literally just ate. '

'No, I'm going to visit my mum,'' I told them.

''Can I come? I'd love to meet her. And it beats hanging out with these idiots,'' Niall snorted.

''Dude. Language,'' I joked, in an American accent. He shrugged his shoulders. Oh, this Irish boy. I deliberated for a while.

''Sure. Come on,'' I invited.

''May we come to please?'' Louis chirped, in his Clark Kent voice.

''Fine. Come on, Superman.''

All of them jumped out of their seats and eagerly stood behind me. I felt like I was leading a group of preschoolers. Anyway, Niall walked beside me, the other boys behind us laughing about something stupid. Those boys worried me sometimes. I was glad that Niall didn't pester me or ask me questions - I enjoyed the comfortable silence on the way to the hospital. Once there, we rode the lift to go up to the floor my mum was warded. It was relatively empty in the hospital which was good so there wouldn't be a fuss over One Direction. I led them to my mum's ward, placing my hand on the door.

I hesitated, breathing in deeply, like I always did before seeing her, and put on a smile. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked back to see Niall smiling encouragingly. He held my hand and I didn't mind-it was comforting actually. Soothing. Especially the way he drew circles with his thumb. Together, with the boys behind us, we walked in.

''Hi Mum,'' I greeted. She opened her eyes slowly. She actually looked better today. The colour had returned to her lips and she didn't look so pale. I went over to kiss her forehead and cheek, as well as give her a big hug. ''How are you?''

''Oh, I'm feeling better, honey. How are you and your father? And your sisters?'' she asked, looking into my eyes. I looked away and saw the look on Niall's face. He was shocked. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell him that

my mum didn't know what had happened to dad and I. I looked away from his eyes and focued my vision on my mum's hand, which I was holding.

'' Dad's been busy-I don't get to see him much. Darcy and Quinn are doing great,'' I told her, hoping my shaky voice wouldn't give me up.

''That's good. Your father and I love you, you know,'' she said, placing her hand on my cheek. I nodded. Then, she realised the five boys behind me.

''Oh my, who are all these young lads? They can't all be your boyfriend can they?'' she teased. Oh, Mum.

''No!'' I answered immediately. ''These are some of my best friends. Here's Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry,'' I introduced. The all went over to kiss my mum's cheek and exchange pleasantries like ''Nice to meet you, ma'am'' or ''I see where Jamie gets her good looks from''. The last comment made me blush. I did look a lot like Mum - people said I had her eyes. And I was proud of that.

''Wait. Aren't you boys from that popular boy band? One Direction is it? Darcy and Quinn love you boys,'' she told them, making them smile.

''Thank you, ma'am,'' Niall thanked, looking at me.

''Well, come on boys, let's go meet some of our fans,'' Liam called, opening the door, leaving mum and I alone.

''Those boys seem wonderful. The blonde one especially,'' she joked.. Mum had the ability to read me so well. ''He's been glancing at you the whole time, Jamie. I think he fancies you.'' I smiled weakly.

''It's not possible Mum.''

''Why not? You're a beautiful, kind-hearted and lovely girl. Do you fancy him too?'' I bit my lip. I nodded slowly.

''But it'll never happen, Mum. I've never had a boyfriend. Let alone kiss any boy!'' I threw my hands up in exasperation. Yes, you heard right. I'm seventeen and I haven't had my first kiss yet. Never got the chance to fall in love.

''You won't know until you try it,'' Mum advised. She looked at me, smiling. Eventually, I smiled too, blushing.

''Well, I have to go, Mum. I'm going to visit Darcy and Quinn,'' I told her. ''Alright, honey. Give them a big kiss and hug for me will you? And tell them I love them,'' she said, pulling me in for a hug. I kissed her cheek.

''Always, Mum. I love you,'' I said, waving as I walked to the door.

''I love you too,'' she replied, as I closed the door behind me. I turned around, to see Liam standing there, a grin on his face. I jumped a little.

''Hello,'' I greeted, hoping he didn't hear the thing about Niall.

''Well, hi there,'' he breathed. Just then, the other boys arrived, chatting amongst themselves. Then, they all looked at me.

''Where to now?'' Louis asked.

''I was wondering if you lads would like to meet my sisters,'' I asked cheekily. They all nodded furiously, smiling.

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