Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*

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  • Published: 6 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 29 Apr 2013
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Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and meets a certain blue-eyed, blonde boy and his bandmates.

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12. Dirty Laundry

*Niall's P.O.V*

It's been two months since Jamie moved in with me. The more time I spend with her, the more I like her. There's just somehing about her. She's got that one thing. I chuckled at the song reference. Anyway, in this time that we've lived together, I've gotten to know her better. Like the way she chews on her nails like I do when she's thinking, or how she fiddles with her fingers and bites her lip when she's nervous. She eats a lot but doesn't complain about her weight, which is pretty cool. She's really carefree and optimistic, which I like. Plus, she's cute and funny. AND I have to say, has quite the bum. Sorry but I'm a guy, I can't help it! When she looks at you with those brilliant green eyes, you can't help but stare. Thing is, she doesn't like when people stare. She's a tad shy but she's friendly nonetheless. And she hates it when I swear.


Jamie was making spaghetti for our dinner - for just the two of us. She was stirring the pot on the stove as I watched, leaning casually against the kitchen counter. Yeah, she was a bit clumsy.I noticed her wincing as she knocked against the counter while she was reaching for some salt. She held her hand to her stomach.

''Are you alright?''

She smiled weakly but I saw pain through her eyes.

''Your father's a bastard,'' I growled. I'd punch him(no, KILL him) if I ever met him. He sickened me. And I had grown protective over Jamie. She didn't deserve the pain she had experienced.

''Stop swearing,'' she warned, gripping the wooden spoon. ''You don't understand.''

''Well, make me understand,'' I dared. Her shoulders slumped. ''I'm sorry,'' I apologized immediately, blaming my impulsive personality. I had made her sad.

''It's fine,'' she murmured, concentrating on the pot.

''How can you be so forgiving?'' I asked, annoyed.She simply shrugged.

''At least tell me why you didn't tell anyone. Why did you suffer in silence as long as you did?''

''Simple. My sisters. I figured if my father was occupied with beating me, he wouldn't go after to bother and hurt my sisters,'' she told me confidently, glancing at me. My admiration for her grew. This was a girl who would do anything for the people she loved.

''What are you staring at?'' she asked, being her usual shy self. She looked back down at the pot.

''Nothing. Just..something beautiful.''


''Good morning, ma'am. May I help you?'' I heard Jamie greet. Someone was at the door. I rolled out of bed, putting on a shirt and pants. I always slept commando except in front of Jamie.

''Oh, hello,'' the person at the door greeted cheerfully. I realised it was mum. I walked out, scratching my head.

''Hi mum,'' I said, hugging her and kissing her on the cheek.

''She's your mother?'' Jamie asked, moving out of the way so mum could walk in. I nodded, grinning.

''Nice to meet you, ma'am,'' she continued. I chuckled at the use of ''ma'am''.

''Oh please, call me Maura,'' mum said. Then, she turned her attention to me. ''is this why you've been too busy to call me to do your laundry?'' mum teased, making me embarassed.

''No, mum,'' I answered back immediately. I saw Jamie stifle a laugh. '''Jamie here has been doing our laundry. She's a friend,'' I told her, smiling at Jamie, who smiled back.

''Hmm. I see,'' mum noted. ''Well, you haven't called me in two months-i'm going to clean your bedroom,'' she declared. She looked at me, which meant she wanted me to follow her. So, I did.

Once in my room, I closed the door behind me, rubbing the back of my neck. Mum had proceeded to pick up all the clothes off the floor, folding them neatly or putting them in the basket she brought to wash. Jamie never went in my room to clean up. Thank god. I was a slob.

''Do you fancy her,Niall?'' mum asked, looking at me cheekily.

''What? NO,'' I denied. She smirked. ''Well, what if I did?''

''Nothing. She seems like a nice girl. I like her,'' she said. I grinned.

''Me too,'' I agreed.

''Does she know?''

I shook my head. ''I don't know how she feels about me. She's hard to figure out.''

''Well, whatever it is, get a move on, will ya? You don't meet a girl like her very often.''

''I know,'' I agreed. ''She's different. Special.''

''Right. Well, when you two are getting married, call me,'' she joked, picking up the full basket. She walked out of my room and towards the door.

''It was nice to meet you, ma'a-Maura,'' Jamie said, fiddling with her fingers. I tried not to smile.

''You too, Jamie.''

Mum left and Jamie heaved a sigh of relief. ''I don't think she likes me very much,'' jamie said sadly. I chuckled.

''Oh, she's always like that. Trust me, she likes you,'' I told her. She beamed. ''Well, I gotta get ready for another interview. I think the boys will be coming soon. You're coming right?''

''I wouldn't miss it for the world.'' I grinned. I knew the boys liked her too.

AT THE INTERVIEW, 2 mins before starting

We all shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Jamie sat at the back of the studio. This was a radio interview with HEAT FM. We were going to spend the remaining half of the year in London, doing more promo. The boys and I had taken our seats, putting on our headphones. Just as the radio DJ was about to starrt the interview, he craned his neck to look at Jamie.

''Would you like to join in the interview, Miss?'' he offered. Her eyes widened and she shook her head furiously.

''Oh come on,'' Liam whined. ''You can do it,babe.'' I tried not to be affected when he called her 'babe'.

''No I-''

''And this is HEAT FM with One Direction in the studio!'' the DJ introduced, speaking into the microphone as we all cheered. ''And we have a special guest with us today.'' He signalled for jamie to come over. She stared blankly at us till a pretty lady helped her up and brought her over to us. She tried to take a step back but I held her waist firmly, smiling encouragingly at her.

''You'll be fine,'' I whispered in her ear, ignoring the looks and nudges the boys exchanged with each other.

''Let's offer a warm welcome for a friend of the band, Jamie Sullivan!''

We all clapped and cheered.

''Hi,'' she breathed.

''Welcome to the studio,'' the DJ said.

''Thanks for having us,'' Harry replied.

The interview started with a few questions directed at us as a band then it went on to the individual questions. Jamie hasn't spoken a word, till it got to her question.

''So Jamie, the boys here have told me that you and Niall have been living together. Like roomates, yeah?''

She nodded. I nudged her to remind her to speak into the microphone. She jumped a little but understood. ''Um, yeah. We're really good friends,'' she clarified.

''REALLY good friends,'' Louis repeated, winking at me. Zayn chuckled a little. I ignored them and the DJ laughed.

''Do you fancy anyone, Niall?'' the DJ asked, curiously. I gulped as everyone stared at me.

''Yeah,'' I told him, truthfully.

''Ooh. Will you tell us?'' Zayn teased, raising his eyebrows.

''Nope,'' I told him, popping the 'p'. The DJ laughed.

''Okay well, what can you tell us about Niall here, Jamie? Any...secrets we should know about?'' he pried.

Jamie thought for a while, chewing on her nails. ''Well, Niall cries when he watches Finding Nemo,'' she spills, smiling. The boys chuckled, as the DJ did.

''It's a sad movie!'' I defended myself. ''Especially when Nemo gets lost.''

''Which is almost the whole movie,'' Liam said, and the whole studio erupted in laughter. I huffed.

''Well, I think it's sweet,'' Jamie commented, causing a chorus of 'aww's.

''Alright then, so now you know how to make Niall cry,'' the DJ teased. ''Well, thank you for coming down here boys.''

We all murmured our thanks. ''This has been HEAT FM with One Direction,'' he continued, signing off..

''And Jamie Sullivan!'' I corrected.


Jamie had gone in her room to freshen up and change. The boys decided to stay here for the night. They were all sititing on the sofa,staring at me.

''What is it?'' I asked, annoyed. I was trying to focus on the football match on the telly but it was difficult when four pair of accusing eyes were on you.

They all scooted closer to me. I tried to move as far away as the sofa would allow me.

''It's a little squeezy lads,'' I told them, not looking at them. I felt a sweat working up. My collar was too tight.

''Do you fancy Jamie?'' Louis asked, ignoring my comment. Zayn sat on my other side.

''Do you? Huh? Do you?'' Zayn repeated, poking my cheek. I swatted his hand away.

''Shut up,'' I rolled my eyes. They all jumped out of their seats and danced around, cheering, chanting ''Niall's in love''.

''Shh,'' I spat, desperate to shut them up, afraid Jamie may hear them. ''Okay okay. I fancy her, alright! Now sit down and shut up, will you!'' I pleaded.

Then Jamie's door opened.

''Who is Niall in love with?''

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