Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*

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  • Published: 6 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 29 Apr 2013
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Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and meets a certain blue-eyed, blonde boy and his bandmates.

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15. Damaged Goods

*Niall's P.O.V*

She was beautiful. Breath-taking. Wonderful. Her bluish-green eyes illuminated by the sunlight. And those lips. Those pink, perfectly shaped lips that I've longed to kiss. I wonder how they would feel against mine. I was waiting for her to answer. A simple 'yes'. Or even a small nod. That was all it took to make me the happiest person alive. And this wasn't even a proposal! I just wanted her to be mine. She bit her lip. She's probably as nervous as I am.


She looked at me for comfort. I smiled encouragingly.

''I can't,'' she answered. My heart plummeted, my hopes came crashing down.

''But...why?'' I breathed, my voice in choked whispers.

She squeezed her eyes shut, as if it hurt her to talk. ''Don't''

''No no! I do! I really REALLY do. It's not you, okay? It's me. We can't,'' she repeated, her head hung low. I was getting angry. I know it was wrong of me. But I wanted to know why she didn't want to be with me.

''Just tell me why!'' I demanded, making her jump. She whipped her head to face me. A bried flicker of sorrow crossed her face. But then it was quickly replaced by anger.

''I just can't okay!'' she yelled, getting up, trying to walk away. But I wouldn't let her.

''Damn it, Jamie! Whenever one of us tried to understand you, you just PUSH us away!'' I roared, making her stop in her tracks, her hands balled up in fists.

''You want to know the truth?'' she asked, her eyes narrowing.

''Yes,'' I answered curtly.

''I don't deserve you, okay?!'' Her answer shocked me. She sunk to the ground, bringing up her knees, hiding her face with her hand. I sat down quietly beside her.

''I'm not worth it,'' she continued in whispers. ''You deserve someone who won't be a burden to you. Not someone like me. I'm broken in so many places that I don't even know who I am anymore-I'm damaged goods. I'm just not worth it,'' she repeated.

I chuckled and she glared at me.

''What's so funny?'' she demanded.

''I'm sorry that the ONLY reason for why you won't be with me?'' She looked at me, confused.

''That's...bonkers,'' I told her. ''Do you really think that's enough of a reason for me not to feel the way I do for you? You're so much more than that,'' I corrected, scooting over so that we were facing each other. ''In my eyes, you're the most beautiful person i've ever met. You care for everyone more that you care about yourself. When you smile, the people around you can't help but smile too. When you laugh, you make us laugh too,'' I listed. I noticed a small smile forming on her lips as she looked down at her hands which were on her lap. ''I love the way you bite your lip when you're thinking. I love the way you chew on your nails when you're nervous. I love the way you laugh at all the stupid things the boys and I do. You're generous, kind, patient, funny, intelligent...'' I paused. She looked up at me.

''Well, don't stop there,'' she joked, grinning cheekily.

I chuckled. We stared into each other's eyes for a while, the sun setting around us.

''you may not be perfect but to me, you're everything I want, no, NEED, in my life. So..I'll ask you again. Jamie Marie Sullivan, will you please do me the honour of being my girlfriend?'' I asked her, leaning it so that our lips were inches apart. She couldn't refuse me now.

''I'd love to,'' she breathed.

''Good,'' I replied, leaning in further, to press my lips to hers...

*Jamie's P.O.V*

He was leaning in. Niall was going to kiss me. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think clearly. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was having a heart attack.

''Wait,'' I blurted out, backing away. He looked at me, disappointed and confused.

''I....haven't had my first kiss yet. I don't know how to...'' I admitted sheepishly.

He chuckled. ''That doesn't matter,'' he said, before crashing his lips to mine. I was taken by surprise at first. Pleasantly surprised by how...perfect it felt. Eventually, it registered in my mind that I had to kiss him back. And so I did. I intertwined my fingers in his hair as he placed his hands gently on my neck,holding me in place. My stomach was doing cartwheels, my mind was whizzing, my heart palpitating like a hummingbird's wings. His lips were...out of this world, to say the least.

Eventually, we had to pull away, breathing hard. We were both out of breath. I was blushing like crazy.

''That was...'' I murmured, blown away. Did he feel it too?

''Yeah,'' he agreed, nodding slowly. ''We NEED to do that again,'' he pleaded, intertwining his fingers with mine, helping me up. He wrapped his arm around my waist, hugging me close to his body.

''Hell yeah,'' I agreed, surprised at how quickly I answered. We both looked at each other and laughed. Niall is my boyfriend. I've never been so happy in my life. He's mine. And I'm his. It couldn't get any better than this.
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