Everlasting Truth

One day, Alice finds herself transported not only from her life, but from her world. She finds that those who die can be resurrected and have special abilities. The M.A.C.E.S., a group of ascended beings, both from Earth and other planets, have chosen Alice to help defend her world from the evils that lurk. With the help of her mentor, Frank, and her friends, James and Emma, Alice finds that her second life is more interesting and challenging than her first.


1. Death Always Comes First

Death, in its strange and incoherent way, wakes you up from a deep sleep. Loved ones that die are missed in ways they weren't when they lived. 
       Will I be missed? I wondered. 
       When I was young, I often associated death with a peaceful end, putting my trust in the belief that the dead are truly going to a better place.
But as I laid on the cold, hard cement, warm blood seeping from my chest, the only thought that raced through my head was that dying is less peaceful than I had imagined, and ten times more painful.
I blinked slowly as a wave of exhaustion washed over me. I could barely breathe now, the hole in my chest burning with every slight rise of my body. 
I watched my attacker through the corner of my eye. His wide body hunched over my purse, while he panted and suppressed anger at the lack of money in my wallet.
       I moaned and pressed my palm gently over the wound. The sticky blood was hot against my clammy skin. The man turned from the light, dropping my purse, as he inched towards me, wary of my blinking eyes and shallow breathing. I moaned again and he cursed loudly, finally realizing that I was still alive.
       He sat back on his heels and muttered to himself while I fought to hang onto consciousness. 
       Is this it? I thought to myself as the pain in my chest consumed my entire body. 
       I felt the blood flow out from the wound at an even, throbbing rate. Gasping for air as it emerged, the blood pulled my energy away, leaving me weak and vulnerable. My eyes sagged and my hands went numb.
      He finally stood up, and grabbed my purse from where he had dropped it. A pure, metallic note rang in the air as the clasp clinked against the ground.
      "Help me please," I sobbed as blood soaked the inside of my mouth, and drained from the corners of my lips.
      The man hesitated, clearly distressed at the sight of me laying on the ground.
      "Sorry lady," he mumbled in a thick New York accent as he pulled the gun from his coat pocket, "I'm really sorry."
      Pain exploded from my stomach, and my body trembled from the force of the impact. 
      Is this it? I thought again as the pain blurred my vision. 
      I heard the footsteps of my attacker echo against the alley walls, growing fainter as he ran away, leaving the silence to engulf me. 
      My head rested against my shoulder as the pain paralyzed my body, numbing my thoughts as they ceased to exist. Tears flowed down my pale cheeks as I stared, still blurry-eyed, at the night sky, the stars seeming to twinkle with sorrow.
      I don't remember how long I laid there, drenched in salty tears and blood, until my breathing became shallow and irregular, and the pain of dying brought me closer to death. 
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