365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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2. two

Casey's POV

            The address for Justin’s party was pretty unusual, I’ve never heard of a place like this before. But it wasn’t going to stop me from going to this party; I was actually pretty excited about it. My parents weren’t home tonight so I had the house to myself, which gave me an easy way out to the party.

            Angie and Jared were going to crash at my place before the party. This was mainly so Angie could raid my closet and pick out an outfit. She liked my clothes better than hers but that didn’t really bother me.

            There was a knock on the door and I skipped down the stairs to retrieve it. “Hey!” Angie came walking in. Jared came in after her and gave a one arm hug. “So I’ll be ready in like five minutes.” Angie stated then dashed up the stairs to my room.

            I ignored Angie, knowing if I left her alone to pick her outfit everything would be much better, I didn’t want to get caught in helping her choose one. Instead I followed Jared into the kitchen where he had already opened the fridge, found a coke and was now sitting on the countertop drinking it. They both acted like this house was theirs, which was fine by me.

            Jared hopped off the counter and came over to me by the fridge, “So this Justin guy, what does he talk about?” Jared asked leaning against the wall.

            “Well we didn’t really talk much; I guess we’ll find out tonight?” Jared nodded and I turned around just as Angie came down the steps.

            “Okay so I’m going to wear this” She gestured down to the flowery top she was wearing, the red heels, red bracelets piled onto her arms and the red clutch she was carrying. The only part of that outfit that wasn’t mine were the dark skinny’s.

            Jared was the first to speak from the both of us, “It’s a lot of red.” He smiled

            “A fan of Taylor Swift’s new album are we?” I giggled. Angie shot me a look but I ignored it.

            “I hope this wasn’t what you were planning on wearing.” Angie said stuffing the her lip gloss into the clutch.

            I looked down at the outfit I wore to the hospital this morning, “Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s different.”

            “Oh come on Case, you’re not planning on wearing that to his party.”

            I looked over at Jared who was trying hard not to laugh. “What’s wrong with this?”

            “Case, even I know that’s not what you wear to a party.” Jared looked over at Angie who grabbed my arm and dragged me up the stairs. She flung open my closet doors and began tossing clothes in every direction.

            Angie tossed me some black sequined shorts, along with some black lace leggings. “Angie, I am not going to wear this to the party.” I stated dropping the stuff to the floor.

            “Honey, a girl can never have too much lace on” She winked at me. She handed me a black lace top and left the room so I could change. I stood there for about a minute staring at the stuff in my hands.

            I wasn’t going to wear this top that’s for sure. I rummaged in my closet for something with more coverage. I found a peach collared top which I paired with the shorts and leggings Angie had chosen. I slipped on a black watch and piled on some black bracelets too. I was debating on whether to wear my black combat boots but chose something more stylish instead.

            I grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs to find Angie and Jared waiting for me. “Whoa.” Jared spoke as I came into view, “Now that’s what I call a party outfit.” He smiled.

            “What happened to the shirt I picked?” Angie looked at me her hands folded across her chest.

            “Honey,” I spoke in the same tone she did a few minutes ago, “That was way too much lace.” Angie laughed and came over to give me a hug.

            “Well okay darling, we better get going now.” Angie looped her arm into mine and I grabbed Jared by the arm. Together we walked outside and piled into Jared’s jeep.

            “Angie you are not sitting in the front again.” Jared said pointing to the car door.

            “Why not?” She looked at him in disbelief.

            “Because the whole car ride here you kept changing the radio stations and you wouldn’t let me concentrate on my driving!” Jared unlocked the car waiting for Angie to switch seats with me.

            After awhile of Angie begging and pleading to sit in the front and Jared repeatedly saying no Angie moved to the back. It was a good thing though, because I really was not in the mood to die tonight.

            With my helpful navigation skills and Angie’s whining in the back, we arrived at the house where the party was being held. It was a cottage type of house, but not the inviting type. It looked really old and run down, like no one had been in it in years.

            We all got out of the car and made our way up the pathway. The door was unlocked so Jared just walked in with us following behind. The place was full of people and the music was blaring loudly. It smelled awful inside, like a mix of weed and beer and I tried my best to avoid anyone from spilling anything on me.

            I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to find Justin smiling at me. “You made it.” He grinned giving me a once over.

             “I said I would.” I smiled and he leaned in to give me a one arm hug.

            “Hey Casey.” Jesse came over and smiled at me.

            “Hi.” I said awkwardly.

            “Hey, I’m Angie.” Angie came up from behind me and shook Jesse’s hand. Jesse looked at her and his cheeks began turning a bright red.

            “Hi, I’m Jesse.” Angie grinned and motioned for Jared to come over too. Jared smiled at Justin, not friendly, but stiff and gave Jesse a nod.

            “So I was just about to go out and buy more beer, you want to come with?” Justin asked turning my attention back towards him.

            “Uhmm” I looked at Justin and his eager smile, but I really didn’t know what to say. I mean was I honestly going to get into a car with some guy I knew for less than 24 hours?

            Angie grabbed me and pulled me off to the side, “You have to go!” She squealed shaking my shoulders. By the look on my face Angie could tell I wasn’t into it, “Look you have to okay? Everything will be alright, you’ve got a phone, and you’re going to be with a super hot guy so just go okay?” Before I could say anything to object Angie shoved me towards Justin and gave him thumbs up.

            “Alright!” Justin smiled and walked towards the door. I followed behind him giving Angie one last glare before leaving the house. “By the way, you look really nice tonight.” Justin said as we approached his car.

            “Thanks.” I answered as I opened the car door and got into the passenger seat. Justin got into the driver’s side and I began to seem very unsafe in his car.

            “Are you okay?” He asked, “You look sick.”

            “Yeah, I’m fine don’t worry.”

            Justin didn’t seem too convinced. He rolled down his window and motioned for me to stick my head out, “Just get some air alright?” I smiled at his kind gesture and breathed in the clean air from outside as Justin drove to the store.

            After a couple minutes of driving we arrived at a convenient store which looked as ugly as convenient stores could get. “Are you coming, or would you rather get raped by a group of guys?” Justin asked as he shut the car door with a loud thud.

            I quickly undid my seat belt and followed behind him. Justin seemed to own the ground he walked on. He had so much confidence and really acted like nothing could go wrong.

            He swung open the door to the store and walked straight for the beer. He grabbed a couple packs of it and then motioned towards me. I walked up to him and began picking up the beer from his hands but he moved back. “No don’t worry about that, I just need you to go talk to the cashier.”

            I looked at the cashier and then back at Justin, “Why?” I asked looking back at the fat man who really didn’t seem to be paying attention to his store.

            “Just go talk to him okay? Distract him, talk about birth control or something.” He motioned for me to go over to the cashier.

            “Not until you tell me what you’re planning to do.” I crossed my arms across my chest and stood there staring at him.

            “Look, I’ve only got a couple bucks on me, not enough for the beer. You distract him enough for me to get the beer out of here and convince him to check the storage room for some birth control, once he’s out back just run towards the car okay?” Justin explained.

            “You’re going to steal?!” I whisper-shrieked.

            “Hey hey! Keep it down alright? Now you either distract the guy, and let me do the stealing, or you can take these and I’ll distract the guy.” Justin looked at me waiting for an answer.

            “But you’ll get caught!”

            “There’s no one in this store, the cameras have been broken for some time now, and the guys to cheap to fix em. Just do as I say.” I looked at him hopeful for some other option but I knew I didn’t have one.

            I was going to kill Angie for making me come with him. “Fine.” I said through gritted teeth. I walked over to the cashier and leaned over the counter, but the man didn’t seem to notice. I turned around and saw Justin pretending to look at the beers. “Hi.” I said a little loudly to get the man’s attention.  

            The man looked up and smiled at me, “Hello young lady, what can I do for you today?” He asked

            “I-I-I” I stuttered not knowing what to say.

            “Yes?” The man looked confused.

            “I had sex.” I blurted loudly. I could hear Justin chuckling by the beers and the man looked like I put him in a really awkward situation, “and I need some birth control.” I added quickly.

            “I’m sorry young lady; I can’t help you with that.” He looked away, his cheeks were turning a bright red.

            “But then I’ll get pregnant.” I said slammed my fists onto the counter. The man just looked at me apologetically. “Please sir, I can’t get pregnant, my parents would kill me, I have school and a future ahead of me.” I looked at him sadly.

            “Miss, I can check at the back if you’d like?” He said turning around.

            “Oh please, thank you.” I smiled. The man nodded and went to the storage room.

            Justin grabbed my arm and I stumbled behind him as we ran out of the store. He threw the beer into the car and I quickly got into the passenger seat. He put the car in reverse and steered out of the parking lot in a second.

            “I can’t believe you made me do that!” I shrieked once we were on the main road.

            “I didn’t make you do anything.” He replied calmly. I grabbed the automobile magazine off his car floor and hit him in the arm with it. “Dude, chill!”

            “Chill? Are you honestly telling me to chill when you just made me steal from that poor man’s store?!” I shrieked even louder.

            “I did the stealing.” Justin corrected.

            “But I helped you in it! I’m a part of the theft then! That man did nothing to us and we stole from him.” I took the magazine and hit him again, harder this time.

            “Will you relax? Everything is going to be fine; I’ll give him back the money.”

            “Whatever, you’re a dick.” I sat back in my seat and groaned loudly.

            “Well at least I’m not the dick that you had sex with, and got you pregnant.” Justin smirked.

            “I never had sex okay? You said to ask for birth control so I did.” I looked at him hoping my eyes would burn holes into him or something.

            “You look like you want to kill me.”

            “I do.”

            “Well someone’s in a pissy mood. Come on, it’s a Friday night can’t you just have fun.” Justin shoved me in the arm.

            “Well if your idea of fun is robbing a store then no.” Justin stopped the car and I jerked forward almost hitting the dashboard. “Well great driving!” I looked him fuming.

            “Casey, I told you I’d give the man his money back.” He looked at me seriously.

            “That doesn’t change what you did.” I turned away to face the window.

            Justin didn’t say anything after that and neither did I. We both ignored each other the whole ride back.

I felt awful for what I did. The man at store was so kind and caring, how could I have used sympathy from him to do something awful? I had 365 days to live, and I chose to rob a man’s store. A man who couldn’t afford to get new security camera’s, a man who looked so tired from his job. That man probably had a family, and he was probably running this store to earn for him. How could I have been a part of something so awful? How is he going to make up money for that lost beer? He isn’t because no one comes to his store. I just felt horrible.


*CASEY AND ANGIE'S PART OUTFITS: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2056569 *

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