365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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3. three


Casey's POV 

Lying face down on my bed, I flipped through the June issue of Seventeen Magazine looking at the different hairstyles. Yes it was July now, and I should be looking at the July hairstyles that are currently trending but whatever. I wasn’t in a good enough mood to pamper myself with a new magazine when I had just robbed a store.

Angie gave a loud sigh and plopped onto my bed, “Okay you came back to the party in a bad mood, then said nothing the ride back home and now you looked totally pissed off, mind telling me what’s going on? Angie placed hand on my shoulder and I looked up into her hazel eyes wanting nothing more than to tell her everything about everything.

Closing the magazine and putting it off to the side, I sat up and began talking about what a jerk I felt like. I told Angie about the whole robbing-the-store scenario including the fact that I told the cashier I had sex. Which made Angie laugh extremely loudly because let’s face it, I’ve never had a real boyfriend and I’m not the type of girl to be sleeping with random guys.  

The only guy I actually did date for about a year and a half was Jared. Yes, Jared and I went out but it was more of a we’re-friends-and-we-have-no-one-better-so-let’s-date situations. When we broke up it was because we didn’t know what we were doing together, I mean we kissed and all but never really liked it. We didn’t really act that much like a couple we just acted like two best friends that had no idea what they were doing. It was better for us to just stay friends and it wasn’t awkward or anything because we both weren’t really in love, well I don’t know about Jared, but I know I wasn’t in love.

“So did you blow up on him in the car?” Angie asked snapping me out of my thoughts. I took a deep breath and tried to remember what really made me pissed in the car.

We stopped talking after I gave him a long speech on how bad I felt and then it was silence for a pretty long while. Then it hit me, that little comment he said after the silence was too much for his little cold hearted soul.

“You’re so easy.” Justin sneered as he turned roughly at another corner. I swear this boy was going to get into a car accident and I would die even before my one year was up.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I looked at him for the first time after our little argument and noticed his face was pulled up into a half smile. A cute half smile. I stopped myself before going any further into these thoughts. I was pissed off at him remember?

Justin looked my way and gave me a little laugh, his head titled back as he slammed his hand against the steering wheel. “Oh come on, you didn’t actually think I liked you now did you?” His face wasn’t that happy smile anymore; it was one of those evil, sinister smiles. Not so cute now are we Justin? Ugh.

I gawked at him not knowing what he meant, “What do you mean?” I asked surprised by the anger in my voice.

Justin laughed again, this time louder. His whole body moving in one solid motion as he laughed. His laugh was kind of sweet, cute even. It was actually pretty adorable. No Casey, what do you think you’re doing? Stop analyzing everything he’s doing. This was becoming ridiculous.

“Are you that dumb?” he asked, I opened my mouth to answer him with some rude response but he placed a hand in front of me, “That wasn’t meant to be answered sweetie.” He gave me a wink and then looked straight towards the road.

Did he just call me sweetie? What. A. Jerk.

“Anyways, I knew you liked me, and I needed someone to help me rob the store.” He gave me a once over and smiled. “I knew complimenting you would warm you up to me, and you were just too easy after that.” He knew I liked him? He was going to get face full of fist if he kept this up.

I sat staring at him in shock. That fucking bastard, he used me for his own good. Of course, as if I actually thought he was cute. He was just another jerk.

“Correction, I never liked you. I never wanted to come to your stupid party in the first place. I don’t even wanna be seen with you, let alone get in a car with you. My friends pushed me to come here, if you remember I wasn’t the one who offered to come with you. My friend pushed me to do it and gave you the thumbs up; I had no interest in you or your idiotic antics.” I stated and sat back in my seat letting out a loud groan. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of anything.

Justin stepped on the peddle hard making me jerk forward my face inches from hitting the dashboard. “You know, someone ought to teach you how to drive properly, or did you just rob the driving instructor too?” The words were out of my mouth quicker than I expected.

This made him pissed, but I honestly didn’t care I was going to put this guy in his place, “You know, some people might actually learn to do things properly, and not rob others of their own good to get what they want.” Justin’s face was twisted into anger but I wasn’t going to stop right here. I was boiling, no fuming now. I was just getting started here.

“Enough!” Justin yelled before I could say another word. “You need to shut the fuck up or you’re going to be walking back to the party. I don’t give a shit about you and I definitely don’t need to hear anything from your mouth right now.”

I gave him the finger then turned around biting my lower lip from saying anything more; I had had enough of all this for one night.

“Oh my gosh. He is such a jerk!” Angies mouth was wide open and she didn’t look too pleased. “I am so sorry I sent you off with him! I should never have done that.” She looked into my eyes sadness filling hers.

“Mhmm” I muttered under my breath. Angie gave me one of her sad looks and I knew I couldn’t blame this whole problem on her. I mean I had a big enough part in it for actually thinking he was cute and going along with it. “Come here.” I held my arms out and embraced her in a hug as she squealed and thanked me.

To actually think that a jerk like him was cute. How could I ever think that? He was the most selfish, most rude person on the entire planet. He probably robbed people of their selfishness and rudeness just to get more for himself. Ha! Good joke Case! I laughed at my own jokes, it was a dumb but hey, if I didn’t laugh at them then who would right?

“Wait until Jared hears about this, he’ll put Justin in his place.” Angie got up moving across the room. She picked up her bag and pulled out her blackberry. I got up and snatched the phone from her hand before she could dial anything. “Casey!” She whined reaching for her phone.

I held it above my head, I was taller than her, a huge advantage. “You will not tell Jared about this, I don’t want him to know.” She reached for her phone again but I stood on my toes. “Angie, I’m serious.”

She sighed, “Case, he needs to know.” She gave me a smile but I shook my head. I couldn’t tell Jared, he just wouldn’t understand. He was different than Angie, he would beat Justin up, and that was something I really didn’t want Jared getting involved in. I mean with all the stuff going on with his family, I couldn’t possibly put Jared into a situation like this. “Okay fine, I won’t tell him, but you can’t keep this from him forever, I mean he’ll eventually find out.” Angie said plopping back down on my bed. At least she understood why I couldn’t tell him.



            Another day at the hospital and I was already dreading it. After everything that happened I really didn’t want to face Justin, let alone help him out with volunteering. Why did I have to be such a good person? Hey, you’re not a good person, you helped rob a store remember? Yeah, how could I forget.

            “Hey Case, how was the party.” Gwen nudged me in the arm as I filled out my name in the sign in sheet. I pushed her away and finished filling in the date and time. “So I’m guessing it wasn’t that good?” She asked with a hopeful smile.

“Let’s just say, it fucking sucked.” I gave her a smile then walked into the direction of the washrooms. I just needed some time to think before I got bombarded with anymore people.

“Casey!” I heard a familiar voice call. I turned around to see Jesse running towards me. Spoke too soon. I really didn’t want to talk to him right now, what could he possibly want from me? “Hey.” He smiled as he stopped in front of me.

“Hi” Was all I said waving awkwardly. Hopefully my awkwardness would push him away. Please leave me alone! No use... He still stood right in front of me.

Jesse shifted from one foot to the other, moving some hair away from his eyes. “Look, about the other night at the party.” Oh God no, please no. Was there any possible way we could change the subject? “I didn’t mean to ditch Angie like that okay? I actually was having a good time, Justin just came back with all this beer and I had to help him out alright? And then when I came to find her I couldn’t. I just thought we had this connection alright? I really do want to hang out with her again.”

What on earth was he talking about? He thought they had some connection or something? What did he mean? “Uhh... Casey?” Jesse moved his hand in front of my face. I looked up at him and smiled, “Will you please tell her I’m sorry? She won’t answer my texts.”

They exchanged phone numbers too? “Yeah sure.” I said smiling. Jesse broke into a grin and said thank you a couple times before running off. What was going on between those too?

How did Angie not mention any of this to me? And Jared too! He was there with her and he didn’t even bother to tell me that Jesse and Angie had some connection? I was so going to ignore those two for the day.

I went straight to the children’s room to start my volunteering. One of the kids looked up and smiled. I made my way over to her and sat down on the edge of her bed. She was making some bracelets with beads. She handed me a piece of string and moved her bowl of beads closer to me. I smiled and began making a pattern with the different coloured beads.

I heard the door click open and focused even harder on the pattern I was making. The way his feet hit the floor and how quiet he was gave away that it was Justin. And I was not going to talk to him or even bother to acknowledge his presence.

The footsteps made their way across the tiled floor and towards the bed I was at. I could feel him right behind me, his breathing slow and steady. I froze, not knowing if I should continue and pretend I don’t notice him or turn around and spit in his face.

“Casey, we need to talk.” I started with the beads again, ignoring him completely. “Casey please.” I gave the little girl a smile then got up to face Justin.

I gasped once I noticed what had happened to his face. His left eye was black and his lower lip had a cut in it. He looked terrible. “What happened to you?” I asked shocked. He looked fine on Friday!

Justin motioned towards the door, “Can we talk about it outside?” I nodded and he opened the door leading me to the waiting area which was completely deserted. “I returned the beer Casey.” He sat down on one of the blue hospital chairs. “I did it the moment you left.”

“Then why do you look like that?” I pointed towards his black eye and cut lip.

Justin sighed, brushing a hand through his hair. “What do you think?” I shrugged. What could happen? Did he get into a fight or something? Seemed like something he would do. “The guys beat me up cause I didn’t have beer, it was my part to bring the beer and I didn’t have any.” He looked at me in disgust.

“Well maybe if you brought money then-”

“Oh just shut up Casey!” Justin cut me off, “You made me feel horrible for robbing that man when I said I’d pay him back.”

I stood up angrily, “Well you shouldn’t have robbed him! He did nothing to you, you were just so selfish and rude-”

Justin stood up as well his face fuming, “fuck off.” He spat.

I looked at him hurt and angry. He just couldn’t get enough of being this rude guy could he? He was just going to keep being this freaking ass hole. “Gladly.” I sneered before turning around.

Justin grabbed my arm, “Wait.” He said pulling me back. “Casey I’m sorry.” He muttered looking away, “This isn’t what I wanted to happen right now.” He looked in my eyes but I looked away.

“It’s too late for that.” I pulled away and stomped off. Such a freaking ass. 

A/N: so what did you guys think? is he a jerk, or is he a jerk? HA

he did return the beer though right? he did it for casey right? 

hmmmmm, opinions please!

-Tahreem <3

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