365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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6. six

Justin's POV

Why did she have to find me out here? I was drunk, annoyed and I had just beaten the crap out of her best friend. Great way to start a friendship huh? "Who the hell do you think you are?" Casey asked. I opened my mouth to answer with some rude comment but then realized she probably wasn't actually asking for an answer. "You think that you can just waltz up into this hospital and beat up my best friend? Honestly Justin what is with you?"

"Casey." I spoke trying to keep my voice as steady as possible. My voice didn't sound as drunk as before, but it was only cause I was trying so hard not to. "I didn't mean for things to get so out of hand I-" 

"You what? You just meant to beat the shit out of him and land him in the hospital?" She was yelling now, her face red, she was fuming. 

My hand brushed through my hair and I let out a sigh, "Casey I'm really sorry."

"Sorry my ass! You made me steal and then told me to fuck off and I forgave you, I was nice to you because you were actually giving some effort into making things better." She paused taking some breaths, "And then this!" Her hands flew up in the air, "You're nothing but a lousy jerk." That was the last thing she said before stomping off. She was right though, I was nothing but a jerk. A lousy jerk. 

Angie's POV

The door flew open and as predicted a pissed off Casey walked in. "Case." I went up to her and put my hand on her shoulder. 

"Why the hell did you have to tell Jared what happened?" Damn, she was more angry than I had thought. I opened my mouth to explain that I didn't mean for it to happen, it just did. But she spoke before I could, "I trusted you Angie! I knew this would happen, I told you not to tell him and you freaking told him!" 

"It's not what you think though!" I looked at her hoping she would let me speak. She pressed her hand to her temple and let out a loud sigh. I took that as a sign to speak, "Look, he knew something was up, no one had to tell him." She opened her eyes in surprise. "When he asked me, I couldn't lie, I tried okay I did!" I said as she shook her head, "Case, you and Jared know me better than anyone, you guys know when I'm lying he could tell!"

"So then you told him what happened?!" She screamed.

"If I didn't then how would that help?! It's Jared Casey! Jared our best friend! Keeping this from him wouldn't help!" I screamed back. Why was she being such a bitch about this? 

She sighed again ,"You're right." Wait what? "I just, It's my fault isn't it? If I didn't get into that stupid car with that stupid boy none of this would even be happening right now." She collapsed into my arms. 

"Casey look Jared is going to be fine, just relax okay?" I wrapped my arms tightly around her. This wasn't her fault, it was mine. I should have listened to her when she told me she wasn't interested in Justin, I pushed her because I thought they would make a cute couple. That wasn't my decision, I was the one at fault here. 

Jared's POV

Gwen had been babbling on about how bad it was to beat the new kid up. Could she not see that I was the one lying in the hospital bed and not him? "Honestly, his birthday is coming up and you promised you would help me throw him a surprise party." She spoke in an annoyed tone.

"Well sometimes people break promises." I mumbled.

"Jared." She shot me a disapproving look. I let my head fall back against the pillow, if I had to spend the rest of the day with Gwen stuck in this room I was going to shoot myself. Or better, I could just get Justin to do it. "Are you still going to help me?" She asked sitting at the edge of the bed. 

"Are you serious?" I couldn't help but laugh, Justin had just beaten me up and she was expecting me to throw him a freaking surprise party. Yeah right! There was no way in hell I was going to throw this guy a surprise party, maybe if the surprise party involved surprising him with a bunch of food thrown at him. Hey! Maybe that was just it, maybe I could use this for my advantage. "Wait." I spoke as I noticed Gwen getting up, "I'll still help you." I said looking into her eyes.

"Oh Jared really?" Her face lit up and she smiled.

"Yeah, I'm going to be the better person here and forgive him for what he did." There was no way I was going to forgive him, but if I could use this party against him I was going to. Now all I had to do was get Angie on board and make sure to keep this a secret from Casey. Even if she hated Justin, she would never agree to something like this, Angie on the other hand, she knew how to have some fun. 


"Jared?" I opened my eyes to find Angie standing in the door way. I sat up and motioned for her to come sit in the chair that was pulled up against my bed.

"Hey." I smiled as she took a seat in the chair, "What's up?" I tried to sound as casual as possible, even though my ribs hurt like crazy. 

"I am so sorry for what happened" She placed her hand on mine, "It's all my fault and I just -"

"Whoa Angie hold up a sec, it's not your fault!" I looked at her in disbelief. How on earth could she think this was her fault? It was that ass Justin's fault.

"Because!" She looked at me with sad eyes, "I was the one who pushed Casey try and be friends with Justin! If it wasn't for me he wouldn't have made her steal or say those rude things to her, it's all my fault!" She threw her hands in the air in frustration. 

"Angie, Angie relax, I have a plan to get back at that jerk." I grabbed her hand in mine and gave it a light squeeze.

"You do?" I nodded and began discussing my idea. Justin would have a party, he would have cake, a banner and balloons, but it wasn't going to be the party he was expecting. A smile began to play on my lips, Angie hit me on the arm telling me to continue. The whole scene began playing in my head. The banners would spell out jerk, the balloons too, the cake will have 'Ass Hole' written across it and when he looks over to see it I will personally smack his face into it. Ice cream cake is was I'm going for, there is nothing better than slamming someones face into a hard ice-cream cake. This will show him to never mess with us. 

"Jared are you crazy?!" She stood up so she had some height advantage on me. Let's face it, when we're standing, I'm the taller one. But when I'm the one sitting in a hospital bed, shes got the height. "You can't just do that to someone" She stated matter-of-factly.

"And why not?" She didn't get it did she? "So he can be an ass to everyone in this whole hospital, but we can't get revenge on him?" With her arms crossed against her chest, and foot tapping impatiently, Angie shook her head and left the room leaving me alone. 

Fine, if she didn't want to help me teach that jerk a lesson, I could do it on my own. I didn't need her to help me with it, I was fully capable of planning this myself. Beating him up wasn't that hard, so teaching him a lesson wouldn't be either.

Angie's POV 

Was he even thinking when he came up with this plan? It was absolutely insane, I didn't get how he even thought it up. I mean this took things to a whole new level, Justin didn't deserve this at all. Okay sure, maybe he had been a jerk to a lot of us in the past, but he didn't do anything to me! 

Well not personally anyways, he did hurt my best friends, both of them. Could this plan not be bad after all? "Hey girl watch where you're going!" I looked up to see the familiar red hair and large smile. I had bumped into Gwen. "You alright there?" Her face suddenly worried. 

Did I look okay? "Yeah, sorry I was just thinking." I mumbled looking down at my hands. Thinking about actually taking a part in this plan to ruin Justin's reputation that is. 

"Well it must be something serious then." She joked elbowing me in the ribs. I let out a laugh, it sounded as fake as ever, but hopefully Gwen would buy it. "Hey" She looked me in the eyes, I looked away quickly hoping she wasn't going to ask me anything more about how I was feeling or what I was thinking about. "Do you think you could help Jared plan Justin's surprise birthday party? I was actually planning it, but college stuff has come up, could you take my place?" Was she seriously asking me to help her out with this? 

"I don't know..." I trailed off.  I was actually planning on ruining this party for Justin, I couldn't just take responsibility for it!

Gwen grabbed my arms and put on one of her best puppy dog faces, "Angie pleeeaasse!" She wined like a little kid, "Please , please, please! You're soo good at planning parties! Please?" Ah, she was giving me those eyes now! I couldn't refuse her with a look like this.

"Okay fine." I shook my head at how easy it was to convince me to do something. She grasped me in her arms and gave me a big hug. "Gwen. Can't. Breath. Here." She let go and grinned. I watched as she skipped down the hall and into her office. What have I gotten myself into?

Thinking fast, I walked back to Jared's room and opened the door. It swung back and hit the wall with a loud bang making Jared jump up in bed. "What the fu-" 

"I'm in." I stated walking in. "But you're taking care of most of it, I'll help organize the party okay?" 

A large grin spread across his face, "Perfect." 


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