365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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7. seven

Jared’s POV

The cake was ordered this morning, a chocolate ice cream came with the letters spelling out ASS HOLE. When I told the girl the order she giggled as she noted it down. I had also got custom balloons made with Angie’s help, she knows a guy and writing the word ‘Jerk’ on balloons was his speciality.

Everyone in the hospital was invited; Gwen wasn’t coming though because she had college stuff to finish but whatever. It was better that she wasn’t coming; I didn’t have to hide as much from her this way. She left all the party planning to Angie and I which made this whole thing a lot easier

Angie walked into the party room, her phone between her ear and shoulder, “No, the balloons need to be yellow, no. Oh gosh no! All the decorations are blue and yellow we can’t have red balloons!” She met my eyes and I gave her a hopeful smile. Sure this party wasn’t really for someone special but Angie had to make it perfect. “Okay good, yeah blue is perfectly fine.” Angie made her way over to me with a pile of mixed coloured plates. “I want you to sort out the yellow and blue plates into separate piles.”

“What am I suppose to do with the rest of the colours.” I asked taking the pile from her and setting it onto the table.

“I don’t know give it to someone who needs plates.” She turned around heading for the door where a man with a box in his hand was standing. “Jared.” She called motioning me over.

As I walked closer to the man I noticed that it was the cake in his hand. A smile crept across my lips, this was going to be a wonderful night. “Thanks, can you sign the papers Angie?” She grumbled a reply and I took the cake from the guy. We didn’t need this cake melting on us so I put it in the fridge.

“Jared can you tell Casey to keep Justin occupied I can’t have her walking in on all this.” She called from the party room.

“Yeah, sure thing.” I mumbled to myself. Justin and Casey weren’t even talking; I don’t know how I’m going to get her to keep him occupied.

Justin’s POV

She sat across from me her arms crossed with her ear buds blasting some boyband’s song. Casey wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. If she didn’t want to talk to me then why was she even here? All she said was that I needed to sit with her for awhile.

A nurse passed by and tapped Casey on the head. They made eye contact and Casey reached for her phone, turned the music off after pulling her ear buds out and putting them away in her pocket. “Let’s go.” She stated getting up.

“Where?” I asked as she walked down the hall her footsteps making loud echoing noises. Why was the hospital suddenly empty? “Case, where are we going?” I asked again but she ignored me like before. “Case?”

“Don’t call me Case.” She turned around once to glare at me but still didn’t answer my question. We neared the end of the hall to where the party room was. Was she talking me to a party? It was my birthday but I didn’t even think about having a party. I hadn’t celebrated my birthday in a long while.

Casey stopped in front of the doors. I walked up to the glass window and looked inside but couldn’t see anything. “Go in.” I turned around and she managed a smile at me.

For some reason I felt happy inside. I was having a surprise party. “Umm okay.” I mumbled smiling back at her as I opened the door a crack. I took a deep breath before I walked in fully. One foot in front of the other, a deep breath as I took each step. Suddenly the lights turned on and I was welcomed with a loud “Surprise!” From the people around me. I couldn’t help the grin on my face, I just felt too happy.

“Justin! Happy Birthday!” Angie grabbed my shoulders and brought me over to the cake, I looked down hoping to see some sort of ‘Happy Birthday Justin’ message written on it but frowned once I saw what was really written on it.

“What’s this?” I asked sounding more surprised than I should.

I felt a hand on the back of my head, “Your cake” Before I could comprehend what was going on I was face first into a hard ice cream cake. “Happy Birthday, Jerk.” Someone whispered into my ear. It was Jared, I’d know that voice anywhere. I pulled my face out of the cake and wiped the ice cream off of my eyes before opening them. I should have kept them closed.

Everyone was laughing and pointing and I had never felt so little in my entire life. In the next second I was pushed onto the ground and a bag of flour was opened on top of me. “Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!”  The chant started around me getting louder and louder with each second.

“Stop!” I heard that familiar voice push through the crowed and grab my arm.

“Case, what the hell? Can’t you see this is what the guy deserves?”

“He doesn’t deserve this Jared.” Her voice sounded hurt and I felt like she wasn’t a part of this whole mess. She wouldn’t do this, would she? “Justin come on.” She tugged on my arm and I managed to get up in a sitting position everyone still chanting and laughing. This sucked.

“Leave me alone.” I heard myself say as I pulled my arm from Casey’s grip. I pushed past the crowed and through the double doors leading out into the empty hallway. There was no way I was going to go out in public looking like this.

“Justin wait!” I turned around to find Casey standing alone looking me in the eyes. “Justin.” Her voice was quieter this time, “I’m so sorry, I had no idea they would do this.”

I couldn’t look at her, not now when I looked like this. I turned around and made a beeline for the mens room . Casey couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to get in there. I walked in and kicked the first stall I found with everything I had, “fuck,” muttered under my breath.

The large mirrors above the sinks showed me my reflection. I looked like an absolute mess. Ice cream on my face and flower covering every inch of me. I put my hands under the tap and let the cold water run over them to calm myself down, glancing back up to the mirror to find Casey standing behind me. “Gosh, why can’t you leave me alone?!” I cringed at how loud my voice actually was. “Can’t you see this is the mens room?” I kept going not even bothering to let my voice down.

Casey ignored me – something she was pretty good at – and made her way into one of the stalls. She returned moments later with a toilet paper roll in her hand. “Come here.” She spoke softly as she ripped a bit of the toilet paper and placed it under the water. I walked closer allowing her to place the piece on my face and slowly wipe away the remains of the ice cream cake.

I watched as she continued the same motion until my face was almost clean. She then ran her fingers through my hair, taking out the flour that was now stuck to the stands. I looked into her eyes, her brown sparkling eyes and how pretty they looked when she was concentrating on something.

“You’re going to have to get a shower to get all that flour out.” She spoke with a slight smile.

I couldn’t help but smile too, “Yeah, I guess.” I spoke looking down at the ground.  I felt her arms wrap around me and she gave me a gentle squeeze. My arms were glued to my sides unable to move, Casey’s hug had caught me off guard.

She released me a moment later, gave me a smile and turned to walk away. “Casey.” I grabbed her arm pulling her back to me. “Thanks.” 



A/N: One of the shittiest chapters I've wrote, I apologize. I just needed a filler I guess... Sorry for the late updating, I've been really busy but i've decided I'll update at least twice a week for you guys, if not then once a week for sure! Summers here so i've got quite a lot of time on my hands.


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