365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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1. one


Casey's POV

I rolled out of bed annoyed and frustrated. My alarm had been going on for the past ten minutes and I had tried my best to block it out, but now it was getting really annoying. “Oh shut up already!” I grabbed my phone and shut the alarm off thankful that the irritating tone was finally gone.

As I walked towards the bathroom I couldn’t get the alarm verse out of my head, “We are never ever ever, getting back together!” I sang as I opened the door and walked towards the sink. Squeezing my favourite cinnamon toothpaste onto my purple toothbrush– I don’t like anything minty, so I go with the cinnamon stuff – I began brushing my teeth whilst humming the tune to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

My skin had been pretty clear lately, so I decided to skip the usual bursting beads scrub for my face and just went with a gentle face wash. Pulling out my hair from the messy bun, I began brushing through it with my fingers. My flat iron had heated up quickly so I just sprits some heat protection over it and quickly ran the flat iron through my hair.

Finished with the hair, I moved onto the makeup. Skipping the foundation – I didn’t find the need to wear any because my skin was being pretty good lately, no need to irritate it – I dabbed some concealer under my eyes then just spread some lip gloss over my dry lips. Nothing fancy, I really wasn’t in the mood for much makeup today.

Once fully dressed in dark blue jeans, and a bright orange over size knit sweater I skipped down the stairs towards the kitchen. “Morning mom.” I gave her a peck on the cheek and grabbed the toast from the toaster.

She gave me a disapproving look, “Casey, you’ve got to get to the hospital, you’ve been late three times already.” She sighed as she handed me the Nutella from the cupboard.

Smiling, I grabbed the Nutella from her along with the orange juice from her other hand. “Casey,” My mom sighed again, “That was supposed to be my OJ.”

I waved her away as I took some sips for it then set it onto the table, “I know, I know. But I’m going to be late, so just pour more!” I gave her another kiss on the cheek and ran towards the door.

Quickly, I slipped on my black combat boots and grabbed my oversized tote bag off from the closet. I checked my phone for any new messages, which I had none of and grabbed my keys off the hook.

Once in my car I turned on the radio to once again hear, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I turned down the volume as I manoeuvred out of my driveway and onto the main road. This song is going to be the death of me, I sighed as the chorus started.

It was already 9:47am and my appointment started at 10am. There was no way I was going to make it in time. The traffic in the morning was crazy. I sat back in my seat and let out a loud groan. I really wasn’t in the mood to even go to this appointment. What else could the doctor tell me? Oh good news Casey, instead of only a year left to live, you’ve got two! Wow, just fantastic.

Yeah, I’ve only got 365 days left to live – give or take a couple months. The first day I found out I came home and cried for three days straight. I’ve had a heart condition ever since I was young, and it has gotten a lot worse.

Sure I seem fine on the outside, but once you actually take a look on the inside of my body, you realize everything’s completely messed up. Running, biking, and other regular exercises cause a lot of stress on my heart and make it work four times harder then a regular person.

My hearts been put through a lot lately and my doctor brought me the sad news that it wouldn’t be able to sustain anything for much longer. It’s heart breaking to hear that you’ve only got a year left to live – and that’s not even exact.

But I’m not going to sit here and mope about it; I’m going to live my life like I normally would. I haven’t even told my parents about my one year left of living. They would treat me differently. They would make me visit people I didn’t want to visit, and do things I really don’t want to do, just so I could get the full life experience.

I don’t want my parents to act that way, I want them to treat me exactly as they are today. The only people that do know about my year left are me and my doctor. Not even my best friend Angie who’s like a sister to me knows about it.

Since I’m eighteen my doctor can’t tell anyone. I’m an adult so I get to make my own decisions on this. And my decision is for no one to know and me to live my life until the day it has to come to an end.


The appointment wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My doctor just gave me some more meds to try out. She said they would “benefit” my condition. As if. Nothing’s going to work, everything just sucks.

I walked towards Jared, who was signing in on the volunteer sheet by the main table. “Hey Jared!” I gave his arm a little punch and grabbed the pen from his hand.

Jared half smiled and bumped his hip against mine, “bout’ time you finally got here Roque, I thought you stopped coming here.”

I finished scribbling my signature onto the sheet then gave him a hug. “I’ve missed you, you know? I haven’t seen you here awhile.” I looked at him for a long while and the mood suddenly dropped into sadness.

Jared looked down at his hands then back up at me, “It’s been really hard after Dad left us” He started looking down at the floor now, “How does he expect me to take care of my mom and my sisters?”

I wrapped my arms tightly around Jared and pulled him close, “You don’t need to do anything Jared.” I whispered.

Jared’s arms tightened around me and he rested his head against my shoulder, “You don’t understand Case.” His voice was a low whisper, “She can’t function without him, Mom’s just dead.”

Jared was one of my best friends. I’ve known him ever since pre-school and we have always been super close. A couple months ago, Jared’s father found a twenty-five year old girl and decided he wanted to be with her. He left Jared, his mom and three sisters and moved to LA. They haven’t heard anything from him ever since, and Jared has been trying hard to stay strong, but I can tell it kills him inside.

“Jared!” I let go of Jared to see Angie skipping down the hallway, her body collided with Jared’s and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. “I missed you so much!” She squealed hugging him tighter.

The sadness washed off of Jared’s face and he smiled. “It’s great to see you again Angie.” He held out his arm towards me and I joined into the hug, “It’s great to be together again, us three.”

“So how’ve you been?” Angie looked at Jared a little awkwardly, I could tell she didn’t really want to ask about it, but it would be rude not to.

“Okay... But let’s not talk about that okay? We’re here to volunteer like we usually do, so let’s do it!” Jared gave her a pat on the head and then walked towards one of the patients rooms where he’d always go when he was here earlier.

“So how was your appointment?” Angie asked turning to me, her hazel eyes looking for some hope. I felt a pang of guilt for not telling her I only had a year left, but I’d feel guiltier telling her.

“Just some more meds” I said shrugging.

“Casey.” Angie gave me a shove, “You act like everything’s no big deal. This is your heart condition we’re talking about. What do the meds do? Are they any better than your old ones?”

“Well the doc said they’d make it easier for me to do more exercise, but that’s what the last medicine did too. She said this was a better version of it but I doubt that.” I shrugged again.

Angie nodded as she took in the information. “Honestly though, I don’t even know why you exercise, you’re too skinny already.”

I laughed at that hard. Angie was always complaining about how skinny I was, which was pretty funny because she was just as skinny as me! Although she’d always find a way to sneak in that she was fat, I guess just to get a compliment? It was a typical Angie thing to do. She was my best friend and I loved her, but sometimes she could be a little insecure.

Jared came out of his favourite patient’s room with a big grin on his face. I waved at him and he ran over with a little more bounce to his step. I could tell he finally felt like everything was normal. The hospital was our place, it had always been. We started volunteering here since we were in grade six and never stopped. Everyone knew us and we knew everyone. We loved making the patients feel happy and seeing them happy, made us happy.

I noticed Gwen coming down the hall, she looked a bit excited. I smiled as she approached me, a large grin on her face. “Casey I have some great news!” She grabbed my soldiers and pulled me to the side.

“Well hello to you to...” I muttered

“Oh shut up!” She shifted excitedly from foot to foot. “Okay, so there’s this new guy here, and he is a total hottie.” She raised her eyebrows at me.

I looked away in disgust. Was she really trying to set me up with some guy? I told everyone I was not in the mood for love, not if I wasn’t going to live to enjoy it. I didn’t want to die heartbroken. “Look Gwen, that’s great bu-”

“Case, look I love you and I know you do not want to get into a relationship, but-”

“But nothing! I honestly don’t want anything to do with him. Okay? Okay, glad we understand each other.” I turned to walk away but Gwen pulled me back.

She looked guilty of something, and I knew there was more to this than she was telling me. “Well... There is a slight problem then...”

“Gwen what did you do?”

“Okay, well you know how every time a new volunteer comes around here and we’re assigned to show them around and you know do some volunteering with them?” I nodded not liking where this is going. “Well, it’s now your turn to be partners with the new volunteer...”

I looked at her shocked, “Uhh no. I am not going to show some ‘hottie’ around.” I turned away with my arms crossed.

“Well sucks, cause you’re required to do that. Jared already had a partner, same with Angie, and I got mine last week. It’s your turn now.”

I groaned loudly before following Gwen down towards the waiting area. Once there I sat down and filled in some forms about how I’d volunteer with this ‘hottie’ for a year – unless he quits – and help him out in anything he needs, show him around, blah, blah, blah.

This part of being a volunteer sucked, well it usually didn’t. I don’t know why I’m making such a big deal out of it, maybe the fact that I don’t want to fall for a guy, and that’s going to be hard, especially if he’s hot.

I nudged Gwen in the ribs and she gave me a smile. “So where is this ‘hottie’?” I asked looking around the room.

“His names Justin.” She whispered. “And he’s not here.” Her voice rose loudly. Gwen groaned and pulled me along with her towards the hallway. She pointed to a black hoodie down by the vending machine. The guy turned around with a packet of chips in his hand and oh man was he hot.

The tips of his hair were spiked up and his eyes were a really deep, deep brown. Once he spotted Gwen he smiled and then he gave me a little nod. I was trying my best to keep my composure but this guy was really, really, good looking.

“You should have warned me.” I hissed at Gwen.

Ignoring me, Gwen walked towards Justin, “Hey!” she said smiling, she motioned to me and I walked over towards the two. “This is Casey, or you can call her Case. She’s going to volunteer with you for at most one year, but if you’re good and don’t need any more help then you can be on your own.”

Justin looked over at me and held out his hand, “Hey, I’m Justin.” He smiled.

I took his hand and shook is gently, “Hi” I said a little awkwardly. We stood in silence for a couple minutes, me starting at my toes and Justin, staring at his.

“So Casey...” Justin looked up at me his brown eyes sparkling, “Wanna show me around?” He smiled and flashed his perfect teeth and I swear I almost melted right then and there.

“Yeah of course.” I smiled and led him out of the hallway.

We walked around the whole hospital and I chatted about each room, what it’s for, where we’re allowed, and not allowed and yeah. I tried to avoid eye contact with Justin though because I was really not in the mood to fall for him. Yeah he was cute, okay hot. But I wasn’t going to let myself fall into a trap like that. I had promised myself I wouldn’t fall for anyone. I don’t even know Justin, like come on. I can’t just like a guy for his looks.

“So who else volunteers around here?” Justin asked and I turned to look at him for the first time since we left the hallway with Gwen.

“Oh my best friends, let’s go find them.” I smiled and led him to the floor where Jared, Angie and I usually spend our afternoons helping the kids.

I spotted Jared right away; he was helping a little girl reach the Lego at the top of the shelf. I made my way over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. Jared turned around, gave me a smile then gave Justin a questioning look, “Who’s this?” He asked after handing the little girl the Lego.

“Jared this is Justin,” I said motioning to Justin, “And Justin this is Jared.” I said motioning over to Jared. They both shook hands and exchanged hellos and then I went to go find Angie who was as usual, telling stories to the little boys.

Angie noticed me come into the room and gave me one of those ‘oh he’s hot’ looks. “Hi, my name’s Angie.” She introduced herself to Justin and held out her hand

“I’m Justin.” He shook her hand a little stiffly and gave a slight smile.

Gwen was also in the room and she made her way over to the both of us a wide grin on her face. “So you two, how was the tour?” She winked at me and I could feel my cheeks burning up.

“It was good,” Justin looked over at me and smiled, “Thanks.” I just nodded awkwardly not knowing what to really say. “Uh, I kind of have to go now, my friend Jessie’s here to pick me up, but I’ll see you tomorrow right?” I nodded again and we exchanged goodbyes before Justin walked out of the room.

“Oh my gosh, he is like a total hottie!” Angie squealed as she grabbed my shoulders and did a little happy dance.

“I know right, like you should totes date.” Gwen flipped her hair and batted her eyelashes.

“Can you not? Like seriously, I am not looking for a relationship at the moment, thank you.” I turned to leave but Angie grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“Just give him a chance.” I sighed and just shook my head.

“I’ve gotta get home, but I’ll see you guys at the movies tonight?” I raised my eyebrows in a questioning way. Angie nodded but Gwen shook her head.

“I can’t I’m trying to fast track my way through college.” She smiled and gave me a one arm hug.

“Gwen, this is the third time you’ve cancelled on us.”

Gwen just shook her shoulders, “Well that’s the price of being friends with someone older than you!” I had to laugh at that. I understood Gwen had priorities and she couldn’t just stick with us, but it sucked sometimes.

As I walked out into the parking lot I noticed Justin and another guy over by the corner smoking. Justin noticed me and dropped his cigarette then crushed the remains with the heel of his shoe. He then walked over to me and smiled. I noticed the other guy that he was with did the same thing and then followed Justin over to me.

“Hey, Casey right?” I nodded. He only left just two seconds ago. Could he already have forgotten my name? Idiot. “This is my friend Jessie.” Jessie nodded in my direction and I gave him a little smile. “We’re having a party tonight; you and your friends should come by.”

“Oh thanks, but we’re kind of going to the movies tonight...” He didn’t even know us that well. Why was he inviting us to his party?

Justin stood there for a second then pulled out his phone. “Well give me your number and I’ll text you the address in case you change your mind.” I debated for about a second on whether I should give someone I don’t know very well my number but in the end I didn’t really want to blow him off again. I took the phone from him and typed in my number and handed it back to him. Justin nodded, and then walked away back to the corner where he pulled out another cigarette and lit it up before putting it in his mouth. Disgusting.

I decided I would at least ask Jared and Angie if they’d like to go to the party. I mean they did like parties. We always use to go to tons before Jared’s dad left him. Maybe it would be like old times?

New Text: Jared Cole; Angie Banks

Hey guys, Justin invited us to a party tonight, wanna go?

A moment after sending it my phone vibrated in my pocket. Whoa, those two were fast at replying.

Jared: Definitely up for it!

Angie: Oh my gosh, yes! It would be like old times! (:

Just then my phone vibrated again and I had a text from an unknown number,

Unknown Number: Hey, if you change your mind just text me back, it would be awesome to have you guys at the party – JB

JB? Guess his last name started with a B? I texting him back telling him that we would be there. I didn’t save his number in my phone though; I didn’t really find the need to.

Unknown Number: Awesome, I’ll see you guys there.

Oh Casey, do you even know what you’re getting yourself into?

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