365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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9. nine

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in MOOONTHS. School has been way to hectic! I've got extracurriculars, homework, projects, tutoring, volunteering and hanging out with friends to do, plus I'm trying to run a youtube channel as well so it's all been a bit much. I hope you guys understand! 


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Justin's POV

I took a nice, long hot shower letting the water burn every part of my body. Reaching up behind my neck, I gently rubbed my finger tips against my skin. As much as I tried, I couldn't get that dream out of my mind. Every second or so, I would find myself wandering back to it. The thought of Casey being pressed against me, her fingers tangled in my hair, her lips against mine. It drove me crazy. "Ugh." I groaned pulling at my hair. I needed to get myself together. 

I slammed the tap close and grabbed my towel, wrapping it around my waist. "Stop it, Justin." I mumbled to myself as I pulled on some jeans, again wandering away to my thoughts. I grabbed my black shirt and pulled it over my head, then picked up my watch and slid it onto my arm. My shoes were next, some black supras and white socks. Lastly, I picked up my glasses and covered my eyes with them. If I was going to have the guts to talk to Casey, I'd need to cover my eyes. 

I reached the hospital about 10 minutes late, wanting to avoid most of the teens who were at my birthday party the day before. It still hurt, that someone would hate me so much they would want to make such a big fool out of me. But I knew who I was, and if anyone even dared to smirk around me, I would wipe that smirk right off their face. "Justin!" I turned around to see Gwen speed walking towards me. 

"Hey..." I mumbled turning around to grab a pen so I could fill in my signature into the schedule sheet. She was behind me now, I could hear her breathing. "What do you want?" I asked irritated. 

"About the other night-"

I cut her off before she could finish, "Look, I don't care okay? What happened, happened." I finished signing my name, then walked away before she found another excuse to speak. The last thing I wanted was sympathy. 

As I walked towards the childrens' area I heard one of the teens - Eric, I think - speaking to Josh one of the guys who was pretty popular with the ladies. "So you're going to ask her tonight?" Eric asked in an excited tone. "Yeah, I've been building a friendship with Casey all week, I think it's time." That. Little. Fucker.

Just then Casey entered the area and I quickly hid behind the nearest vending machine. I needed to hear what this guy was going to say. "Casey" Josh dragged out the 'Y' in her name in such a weird way. "Josh." She grinned as she approached him, dragging out the 'O' in his name. The hell? Was this some kind of thing between them?

I watched as he reached out and pulled her into a hug then smiled at her once he'd let go. "What's up?" He asked leaning against the desk beside him. "I'm actually looking for Justin, if you see him could you let me know?" She asked in a worried voice. I checked my watch, I was about 45 minutes late now... oops? 

"Sure thing," Josh smiled at her. His smile was insanely creepy. "Oh wait," He called before she walked away, "Yeah?" She turned around and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. I wasn't going to let him ask her out this fast, "I was wondering -" I quickly walked towards them, "Hey, Case, where'v you been? I've been looking for you everywhere." I said before Josh could get another word out. 

"Finally! Justin! I've been looking for you!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me off to the side,"Chuck is being extremely rude to the rest of the kids, I need you to straighten him out." She looked at me seriously. Casey was never good with the tough kids, I however was. "I'll take care of him," I smiled, "Just give me a second to hit the washroom?" She nodded and began walking in the direction of the childrens' area. Ha, she totally forgot about Josh. 

"Oh wait!" She turned around and made her way back towards me. Shit. Spoke too soon Justin. "Josh, you were going to say something?" She raised her eyebrows in a questioning way. I shot Josh a quick glare and he cleared his throat before speaking, "It can wait." He gulped, avoiding all eye contact with me. "Alright," She smiled and walked away

I turned to face the boys now, "Eric right?" I looked at him smiling. "Uh, yeah." He fiddled with his fingers, I had him right where I wanted him. "How about you leave me and Josh alone for a sec, yeah?" I raised my eyebrows the same way Casey had earlier, but I had an intimidating sense to me. "Sure, sure!" He quickly waved goodbye and sped off leaving Josh and I alone. 

"Uh, what do you need?" He tried to look tough but he was nothing compared to me. "You and Casey are not gonna go out." I stated leaning against the desk the same way he was. He looked at me shocked, "Uh, I'm going to ask her out, you can't stop me." A smirk appeared on his lips. 

I grabbed a fist full of his shirt and pushed him against the wall, "I am going to go out with Casey, and if you do anything, anything to interfere with that then I am going to pound you until become nothing." I pushed him further against the wall just to make my point clear.

He brushed himself off before speaking, "If I want to go out with Casey - which I can, I will." He stated walking over towards me. I quickly shoved him before he could get closer. "Look dude, I don't think you want to mess with me, you've seen what I've done to Jared, haven't you?" He stumbled backwards and laughed. "Jared's a pussy, and we both know that. Why don't you try fighting a real man." He grinned.

I tried to act like I was looking for someone else, "Well that's weird, I don't see any real man here, just you." I shoved him again and the grin wiped off his face. "You're just a crazy, agressive freak." He shoved me back and I let my fist hit his jaw. "Yeah, I guess I am." I spoke as my fist made contact with his nose this time. 

In a second I was on the floor and Josh was over me pinning me down. "Don't mess with the jock" He muttered as he pounded my stomach. I easily kicked him off and now he was the one lying on the floor. "Don't mess with the freak." I muttered as I let my foot crush his stomach. 

"Justin!" Shit. I knew that voice all too well. 


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