365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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4. four


Casey’s POV

“Casey.” He called again but I was just too mad to turn around and face him. He such a freaking ass. One minute he was apologizing for stealing beer the next we was telling me to fuck off. I didn’t get what his problem was; I wish I never got involved with him the first place.

He’s an idiot, a jerk face, a piece of shit, and a fucking ass hole, I thought as I navigated my way back to the centre of the hospital. I had never met anyone as ignorant as him. He was just so full of himself. Telling me he knew how to trick me, and how he used me then acting all sad and innocent after returning beer. If those guys hadn’t beaten him up, I would have done it myself

I slowed my pace and looked over at tiles on the floor. Trying not to step on the lines I skipped over the tiles across the floor. It took my mind off of him, and actually calmed me down. “Hey!” I bumped into Angie knocking her over to the floor. “Just because we’re in a hospital, doesn’t mean you can hurt me.” She said lying on the floor.

I smiled holding out my hand for her to grab but she stayed on the floor. Ugh, drama queen.  “Angie get up.” I kicked her leg with the tip of my shoe. She shook her head and smiled. She wouldn’t get up until I actually helped her properly. I gave up and sat crossed legged beside her. “I’m mad at you.” I stated matter-of-factly.

She sat up leaning her head against my shoulder, “Why?” I gave her one of those oh-you-can’t-be-serious looks. “What Casey?” she nudged my shoulder.

“Jesse came over to me today.” I said waiting for the realization to set in. Angie’s cheeks began turning a bright red and she wouldn’t look in my eyes.

As expected, the explanation began pouring out. Angie and Jesse immediately started talking after I left leaving Jared alone to himself. Great friends we are. They apparently ‘hit it off’ and they had a ton in common, as said in Angie’s words. She liked him way more than she should though, I didn’t want Angie to get her heartbroken, even if Jesse seemed like an okay guy.

Justin’s POV

Ugh, I felt like such a jerk. I just didn’t know how to react around people. I wasn’t exactly a people person. All the things I had ruined in the past lead me to believe I could never change how horrible I actually was. Friendships, relationships, families, all torn apart because of the way I acted.  

I just wanted her to be my friend, why couldn’t I just be nice enough to her? Every encounter I had with her turned into something horrible. I couldn’t control myself enough to get to know her properly.


The kids sat all together, giggling, laughing and smiling as Casey read them Walter the Farting Dog. Kids’ books these days, ridiculous names. But I had to admit, Walter was one hell of a dog.

Casey shut the book and smiled at the kids on the carpet, “Okay, now that’s the fourth book I’ve read to you guys, don’t you think it’s time to back to your rooms?” They all booed and gave her those puppy dog faces but Casey just shook her head. “Come on now, let’s go.” She motioned for them to get up and to my surprise they actually listened to her.

However, one of the boys was giving her a tough time and wouldn’t move off of the carpet. I decided to step in, “Hey, when she says it’s time to go up, you listen.” I stood over the boy who now looked as scared as ever.

The boy glanced over at Casey trying to avoid eye contact with me and just shook his head. Stubborn little kids, that’s why I hated them. I opened my mouth to give him a piece of my mind but Casey spoke before I could. “Craig, can you please just get up?” Again the boy shook his head; he was really getting on my nerves now.

“Look man.” I spoke a little too loud, “You need to get up off the carpet, she’s a volunteer and she’s trying to help out this hospital as best as possible.” The boy looked up at me his eyes wide with horror. He wasn’t expecting me to speak this loud and the expression on Casey’s face told me she wasn’t expecting it either. “If you don’t cooperate, story time isn’t going to be a part of your routine anymore.” I stated and waited for the boy to reply.

As I predicted, he quietly uncrossed his legs and got up off of the carpet. I smiled and stood with my hands crossed against my chest as I watched him follow Casey and the rest of the kids down the hall.

Once back up on the children’s floor I made sure to keep an eye on him and he knew that too, because every time Casey would ask him to do something he would turn around and meet my glare. He wouldn’t be causing anymore trouble around here anymore.

The rest of the kids went back into their rooms taking books and other toys with them “Hey.” Casey walked over to me and smiled, “Thanks for taking care of Craig.” Was she actually thanking me?

“Oh it was nothing.” I said scratching the back of my head. No one had really thanked me before, I’ve never really done anything to deserve a thank you from someone.

Casey shook her head, “He never listens to me, and it’s really frustrating at times.”

“Honestly Casey, it’s nothing. The kid was just getting on my nerves.” I laughed nervously hoping she would stop because I wasn’t really good with receiving compliments.

“Thanks again though.” She said and I watched as she waved to one of the kids, walked over to the door, turning to smile at me again and then left.

A smile grew on my lips, did this mean she forgave me and we could actually, and possible be friends?

Jared’s POV

She was smiling like an idiot when she walked out of the room, I bet one of the kids told her she looked beautiful or something. They would always tell her that and she would start grinning.

I walked over to her and bumped my hip against hers, “Hey, what’s got you all smiley?”

She brushed some hair out of her face and shrugged, “Nothing really” ­She replied oh so casually.

“Okay then.” I replied. If Casey didn’t want to tell me then I wasn’t going to push her to. But I knew something was up, it was just the way she was acting. Casey and I had been friends since we were in pre-school, I could read her better than an open book. And that was actually literal, because let’s face it, I hate reading.

She looked up at me and gave me one of her looks. The one where she rolls her eyes and knows that I don’t actually mean what I say. “What?” Her walking came to a stop and she looked up at me with her hands on her hips.

I sighed knowing that if you acted like everything was okay when it wasn't Casey wouldn’t be happy and if you acted like nothing was okay when it was Casey still wouldn’t be happy. Girls were just too hard to figure out. “I have a feeling there’s something you’re not telling me” I said slowly.

“One of the kids just called me pretty again, okay?” Irritation was the only thing I could hear. I shrugged putting my hands up in defence. I didn’t mean for her to get angry. “It’s just kind of embarrassing okay?” She sighed loudly.

“Embarrassing?” I hit her in the arm – not hard – and laughed. “Okay, sure.” She opened her mouth to say something more but I noticed Gwen down the hall and left before Casey could say another word. I turned around once just to wave her good bye and she gave me one of her forced smiles and waved back. What was up with this girl today?

“Jared! Just the guy I wanted to see.” Gwen turned around and smiled once she noticed me coming over to her.

Gwen didn’t really seem like the type to throw surprise parties, it was more of something Angie would do. But when she asked me to help plan one for Justin, I was more shocked than ever. “Gwen, are you kidding? You’ve known this kid for what, 3 hours?”

She rolled her eyes and pushed past me walking towards the office. I followed because I knew this conversation was nowhere near over, “Actually Jared I’ve been spending more time with Justin than you think, his birthday’s coming up and as his friends I think we should do something special.” She stated grabbing a pile of papers from behind the desk.

“Friends?” I scoffed grabbing some pens from the nearby counter. “Gwen, I don’t think we’re anywhere close to friends.”

“Oh come on Jared, you went to his party.”

“And that means where friends?”

“Well it doesn’t mean you aren’t friends.” She stated filling in some information on the sheets of papers.

I guess she did have a point. I mean, we weren’t enemies or anything and I guess throwing a party for him would be kind and we could possibly be friends. He was pretty lonely at the hospital; well it looked like it because Casey didn’t seem to be talking to him at all.

Maybe Gwen knew something about this whole situation, something I didn’t know, “Do you know what happened between Casey and Justin?” I asked leaning on the side of the counter.

“Something happened between Casey and Justin?” Gwen looked confused. So she didn’t know and I didn’t know, but there was definitely something up with those two.

“Never mind, I need to go find Angie, text me when you want to meet to plan the party.” I turned around patting Gwen on the shoulder.

“I need your help tonight!” She called just as the door was closing behind me. I caught her eye just in time and nodded.


She was sitting alone in the cafeteria texting away on her phone. “Angie.” I smiled nearing the table. She looked up and smiled back. I pulled out a chair and sat in front of her waiting for her to say something to me but she had already gone back to her phone. Us kids and our gadgets, pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

I cleared my throat waiting for her to look up but her eyes were still glued to her phone. This time I made a loud gurgling noise in the back of my throat. It seemed to do the trick, “Did you want something?” She looked up at me in disgust.

“Well now that you ask, yes.” I smiled ignoring the dirty look she was giving me, “What’s going on with Casey and Justin?” I asked looking right into Angie’s eyes. If she tried lying to me, I would catch her. I knew what Angie did when she lied.

“Casey and Justin? Nothing…” She trailed off looking down at her thumbs. Ding, ding, ding! We have a liar.


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