365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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5. five

Angies POV

He slammed his fist down hard on the table causing some of the people around in the cafeteria to look in our direction. "Jared." I hissed giving him a deathly glare. I was not going to let him make a scene like this, especially in a hospital cafeteria filled with sick people.

"I can't believe him!" He stood up and his chair clattered to the floor, more eyes looked our way and I prayed that somehow Jared would just sit down and stop making this into such a big deal. "How dare he speak to Casey that way?" If I had just listened to Casey and held off on this information until later, Jared wouldn't be making such a big scene. Instead I let what happened at the party slip causing Jared to fume in anger.

I got up and reached my hand across the table to touch Jared's, "Jared look, it's not that big of a deal can you please just calm down?" He shook his head and slammed his fist down again. Ugh, it was no use. If you got Jared angry, he would stay angry. Especially if it had something to do with Casey. He may not admit it, but it was completely obvious that Jared still had feeling for Casey even after their relationship ended. Someone messing with Casey was something Jared wouldn't take, he acted like an overprotective boyfriend when it came to Casey. 

Jared picked up his chair off of the floor avoiding all the people that were staring at him and pushed it under the table with a loud slam. Before turning around he kicked the table causing even the cafeteria ladies to stop handing out food and look in our direction. This boy really needed to learn how to control his anger. 

Without saying another word, Jared walked past me and out the doors. I sat in my seat keeping my eyes glued to the table, I could feel everyone's eyes on me and my cheeks burning. A silence in the room finally subsided and people began their conversations again. When I looked up no one was looking at me, I got up quickly grabbing my phone off of the table and left the cafeteria in the search for Jared knowing he was going to cause some serious trouble.

Jared's POV

The office door slammed against the wall as I entered the office. "Where the hell is Gwen?" I asked slamming my fists against the secretary desk.  

Another door swung open revealing red hair and a confused expression, "Jared, what's going on?" She moved some hair out of her face and made her way over to me quickly.

"I am not going to throw a party for that ass hole Justin." I stated and left the office before she could even comprehend what I had said. 

Now I was going to find Justin and when I found him I was going to slam his head against the wall and make him regret every single word he ever said to Casey. How dare he call her 'easy'. Did he think he could just get every girl he wanted? Who did he think he was? Some jerk, some freaking ass hole he was. 

Casey meant more to me than anyone could actually think. I fell for her since that first moment we met. When we started dating, it was actually like a dream come true, but the feelings I had weren't the same as the feeling she had. The decision to end the relationship was something we both came up with, I figured if we broke up when things were alright we would stay friends, rather than later when I would lose Casey as a girlfriend and a friend. 

Every guy she met, every guy that talked to her, every guy that even looked at her got on my nerves. I couldn't take her being with anyone else, it wasn't fair, it wasn't right. No one would give her the treatment she deserved. I would treat her with the respect she deserved, give her everything she needed, not like piece of crap.

The rooms I had looked in had no sign of Justin in them. Kids in the room told me he had been a little angry with one of the kids earlier, Craig I think was his name. I decided I would go to his room and see if Justin was watching him. "Justin." I spoke as I entered the room and noticed him sitting in the corner watching the kid as he spoke to Casey. The guy looked scared as hell every time his eyes met Justin's.

Justin stood up and made his way over to me, I noticed Casey turn around and give me a smile but I turned away focusing on the jerk standing in front of me. "What brings you here Jared?" He asked a smile playing on his lips. 

The way he looked so relaxed and careless, like he did nothing wrong made me boil inside. I was going to teach him not to mess with anyone ever again. "You know fully well why I'm here." I grabbed his shirt and pushed him against the wall.

"Jared!" I heard Casey shriek across the room. She came over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. "Jared what is going on." She asked.

I turned to face her with Justin still pressed against the wall, "Why didn't you tell me what happened between you two in the car at the party?" I asked. She looked away quickly avoiding my eyes. "Yeah, whatever."

"What, are you going to kill me because I said some things to her?" Justin sneered. I was going to wipe that smile off of his face if it was the last thing I did. 

I dragged him out of the room before Erica could say another word. "We're going to take this outside." I growled pulling him along with me. 

I pulled away. "I can lead the way myself." He muttered. 

The elevator doors swung open revealing the main floor. Justin was the first to get out and I followed him out towards the doorway. I could feel people staring at me, and I knew it was because of how angry I had acted in the cafeteria before. The fact that Justin didn't look so friendly also gave off a weird vibe, so they weren't all staring at me. 

Justin walked through the revolving doors leading into the parking lot and I followed him towards the far end of it. "So what are you so pissed about?" He asked loudly, turning around to face me.

His attitude pissed me off, I hated the way he looked so relaxed, I was going to beat the crap out of him. "You fucking know why." I walked closer and shoved him. 

He stumbled backwards but managed to keep his balance, "Oh, cause me and Casey had a little disagreement?" The smile was back on his lips, "Yeah, I can't exactly recall what I said to her..." He trailed off still smiling. 

"You know fully well what you said." I growled twisting his shirt in my hands. 

"Whoa Jared," He put his hands up as I pulled him closer to me, his nose touching mine.

I shoved him against the concrete wall making him wince in pain, "Don't play dumb with me!" I yelled shoving him again. 

Justin's foot reached my crotch hitting me hard and causing me to stumble backwards, "You mean me calling Casey easy?" He sneered coming closer to me. "Or what about how I made her steal?" His foot kicked me again this time harder.

Ignoring the pain, I reached over grabbed his shirt and kneed him in the stomach. He fell backwards clutching his stomach. "Don't fucking talk about her that way." I inched closer and kicked him again.

"It's too late for that." He breathed turning over so he was lying on his stomach. He placed his hands on the ground and lifted himself up into a sitting position. I lifted my foot to kick him but he grabbed my leg twisting it causing me to collapse onto the ground. "Casey is pretty easy though." He laughed getting up off of the pavement with my foot still in his hands. I was dragged against the parking lot in a second and went flying towards the hospital wall.

I felt my head hit it hard and fell against it. "Stop-" I breathed, "-calling her that." I winced at the pain that was now in my ribs. Justin's foot landed on my shoulder pushing me back against the wall. He pressed down causing me to gasp, "Stop." I pleaded as he pressed down harder.

The pressure became more and more and it felt like the brick wall was digging into my skin, "You were the one who wanted to fight, now you're going to suffer." In an instant the pressure was released from my shoulder and I sighed in relief. But the relief only lasted about half a second as Justin grabbed me by my shirt and shoved me against the wall like I had earlier. 

The damage I had done to him was nothing to how bad I looked. Justin looked like he had just fell, I on the other hand was bleeding from my head and had many scrapes across my arms. His knee went up hitting me right in the gut, "How does that feel now?" He asked jabbing it in me again. "Tell me how it feels Jared!" He continued to jab his knee into my gut and each time a louder groan escaping my mouth. "Can't speak now can you Jared." the jabs of his knees turned into punches  and the punches then moved up to my face where I could feel the pain right in my jaw.

I was exhausted now, the pain becoming bearable after each punch. A metal taste had formed in my mouth and I knew that I was now bleeding not only from my head, but my mouth as well.  

"Jared?!" I heard a scream before I blacked out. 

Casey's POV

The sight of Jared being punched by Justin filled me with even more anger than before. The way each punch sent Jared even further into pain and how Justin wouldn't stop and kept throwing the punches like Jared was just some pillow of some sort instead of an actual human being that could actually feel pain. 

A doctor came out his room and I rushed to his side, "How is he?" I asked trying to get a look at his clipboard but the doctor held it against her chest as she noticed my wondering eyes. 

"He's okay, a few broken bones, a cut to the head that will need stitches and minor scrapes along his arms, nothing major." She stated. 

Nothing major? Was she alright? He had broken bones and a cut to the head and she called that nothing major? Was she serious? I was going to give Justin a piece of my mind, how dare he beat up my best friend and land him in the hospital. Just because we were near a hospital didn't mean that he could break him. 

I stomped past the main desk and towards the elevator. The doors opened revealing a lobby full of people. I pushed past them knowing Justin was probably outside with a cigarette in hand. As I neared the end of the parking lot, my prediction proved me right, as Justin was indeed holding a cigarette in his hand.

"Casey." He spoke as he looked up to see who was blocking his light. I noticed a beer bottle in one hand and some more scattered across the pavement. "What are you doing here?" His words were slurred, the jerk was drunk. 

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