365 Days

She's got 365 days to live and she can't break that one promise she's made to herself. Falling in love.

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8. eight

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He looked at her nervously as she turned to leave. It wasn't like him to get nervous, nothing made him nervous. He was Justin Bieber, the bad boy. "Casey," he whispered barely enough for her to hear. A small part inside him wished she wouldn't here and would continue walking out of the bathroom.


She had heard though, and she wondered what it was that he suddenly wanted. Slowly, she turned around and when she met his gaze she couldn’t help but smile at him. No words came out of her mouth, she didn't move either, she just gave a small smile and that was enough to give Justin that insane amount of courage he had been needing all along. 


Taking three long strides, he grabbed her waist with both his hands and pulled her close to him, "I really like you," he whispered as his grip tightened around her, adrenalin pumping in his veins. Casey's hands were still at her sides, but slowly she moved up them to the sides of his face and she pressed her forehead against his, "I like you too." That was all she needed to say, Justin closed the gap between them and pressed his lips against hers. It burned both of them, the feeling of each other’s lips. But that only made them want each other more.


Casey's hand moved to the back of Justin's head and she wrapped her fingers in his hair. Justin's hand traveled down to her bum and he gave it a gentle squeeze causing Casey to gasp. It gave him access to her mouth and he slid his tongue into it. But Casey wasn't going to give up just yet, she pulled his face even closer to her and in no time at all their tongues were fighting for dominance. 


They both needed a second to breathe so Justin moved his lips to her neck and began leaving soft kisses on it as he desperately searched for a wall to lean Casey against. There was one right behind the two and he slowly walked her to it, a moan escaping her mouth as she was pressed against it. His lips went back onto hers and his hands refusing to leave her bum. Every second or so, he would squeeze it causing Casey to grab onto his hair tighter and kiss him even harder.


Justin grabbed her waist and hoisted her up pressing her against the wall again. Casey wrapped her arms around his neck as she straddled him letting his lips take the lead. The two couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they kissed each other with more passion. Fingers tangled in each others’ hair, lips burning with desire and the air getting hot around them.


Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened and they both parted as they noticed the janitor standing there wide eyed, "Miss, this is the men’s bathroom, you're going to have to leave." He didn't seem too pleased about finding two teens making out, especially when all he wanted to do what clean up and leave.


Casey looked at Justin who couldn't help but smile and grabbed his face in her hand giving him a quick peck on the lips. She was smiling too as she turned to leave. He was quick, Justin grabbed her hand pulling her back for a more passionate kiss, "Let me come over," He said as he looked into her eyes both of their noses touching. He wasn’t asking a question, he said it more as a statement.


After what had just happened between the two, she couldn’t refuse him, "I'll text you my address," Casey looked her feet and smiled. The janitor cleared his throat causing her to jump. She mouthed a sorry to him and made her way outside.


Justin turned to look at his reflection in the large mirror above the sinks. His hair was messed up and his lips felt like they were burning, his heart was racing and there was nothing that could hide the huge grin on his face. Casey had kissed him back.


As she walked down the hall towards the door she couldn't help but smile either. Her hand reached up to touch her lips and her smile grew larger, Justin had kissed her. As she walked out she found Jared and Angie standing by her car, shit she thought. She was supposed to be going to the movies with them. "What the hell happened to you?" Angie walked over grabbing her arm. Casey quickly walked towards the car and took a look at herself in the side view mirror. Gosh she looked like a mess.  Lips red from kissing; her shirt was clinging to all the wrong places and her hair was everywhere. "What happened?" Angie asked again tapping her foot on the parking lot floor. She was being quite impatient.


She debated on whether or not to tell them what had happened. They were her best friends after all. And to be honest she had never felt this good in a long while, “He kissed me." Casey whispered as the smile crept across her face again. 


"Who?" Jared walked up to Casey, anger clearly showing in his tone.


A gasp escaped Angie’s lips; she knew who it was without even having to be told, "Justin." Angie whispered looking at the smile on Casey’s face. It was too obvious to hide.


"What?" Jared's voice rang in a mix of anger and surprise, “You kissed that jerk?!”


"I've got to go." Casey unlocked her car and took a seat. She didn’t have time for all of Jared’s nonsense right now. He would get angry and the last thing she needed was to get into a fight with him. Ignoring the questions from both of them she sped off in the direction of her house.


Once she was at a red light she pulled out her phone and texted Justin the address. Her parents were gone on a business trip and she couldn’t be more thankful that they had left her alone. She had only known Justin a couple weeks, but each day she had wanted him more and more. Yet, she had never let herself believe her feelings for him were ever true. Now, all she could think about was him.


His phone buzzed in his pocket and he knew right away it was Casey. He didn’t know what he was going to do tonight, he had nothing planned. All he knew was that he wanted her, he craved her.  


He hopped into his car and quickly inserted the address into his GPS. It calculated the route and he took a second to examine it before putting the car into drive. A mix of excitement and wonder filled him; he had never felt this way before. Sure, he had banged his share of girls but never once had he felt like this.  Maybe it was the fact that Casey had always seemed so hard to get, so uninterested in him. Or maybe it was the fact that he had finally admitted his feelings to her and she had done the same only making her want her even more.


“Destination on the right.” He was snapped out of his thoughts as the GPS spoke and he slowed the car down to look for her house number. As he neared a house with a white garage he noticed the numbers at the top and his heart began racing again.


Pulling his keys out, he unlocked the car and straightened his shirt before getting out. He closed the door softly and walked up the stone pathway towards the door. Bringing his hand up, he knocked on the door and relaxed once it opened and Casey smiled at him, “Hey,” She grinned opening the door so Justin could walk in.


“Hey,” He grinned back as he grabbed her waist pulling her closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and giggled as he kissed her lips. “Do you want to go to a more comfortable place?” He asked raising his eyebrows. He wanted her right now, all of her. And he knew that it was somehow too much to ask but he hoped she would agree.

Casey looked down at her feet knowing what he wanted. A small part of her had hoped he would ask her this but then she worried about her reputation she worried about him not wanting her for her. She looked up again and met his brown eyes, she nodded slightly grabbing his hand, “Come.” She whispered as she led him up the stairs to her bedroom.

She was surprised at her own actions as she pulled him towards her and pressed her lips against his. Justin’s hands were on her waist and he slowly walked her to her bed where he laid her down. Climbing up on top of her, he took off his shirt exposing his upper half to her. Casey ran her hand across his abs and traced his tattoos. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips, “Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked suddenly caring more about her than he had ever cared about anyone. She nodded and pulled him down kissing him again.


He was awake, sweat covering his face and neck, “Shit.” He muttered as he looked around as he noticed he was in his own room. Justin had been dreaming about her. He had been fantasising about Casey. 

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