Sing Me A Song

Music is universal. No matter how far a part and how long it's been, we can all recognize music. It's one of those things that bind us together.


2. Musical Blood

     Silent engulfs the stage. As darkness consumes the stage, spectators leave the theater. Venturing out in the dark, misty fog, they head for home. However, beyond the dark corridors of the stage, many people hustle to prepare for the next show. They talked among themselves congratulating each other on yet another job well done. Finally the star appears. His black jacket and slacks moved elegantly as he makes his way through the crowd. The workers call him, greet him, and cheer for him as he waves at his colleagues. Silently, he enters his dressing room. He takes off his black mask and grabs a towel from a rack. He sits down, exhausted, and wiping the sweat from his face, he relaxes on his chair.

    "Another outstanding performance Angel." said a woman in the corner of the room. "Did you get paid yet?"

    She wore a pink hooded-jacket and a matching pink skirt. Under her jacket, she wore and white button-up blouse. She was rather small and young, looking no more than 25. Her small body was elevated by her white high-heels. "I don't get paid to sing, you know that." Angel answered her.

    "Honestly, how do you make a living in this world?" she replied. "How does the world's greatest singer provide for himself?"   

    "I have a day job." he said to her. "Personally, I like living in an apartment Kristine."

    "You're joking right?" Kristine said with obvious shock. "A singer like you should be enjoying the good life. Your performances are some of the biggest in the world. Not only are you watched on stage, but you're in radios, televisions, and computer screens. You're loved by millions Angel...Why are you still in an apartment?

    "Like I said Kristine...I don't get paid to sing." Angel answered. "A singer should never charge money to have his voice heard. Instead he should be grateful that their's people willing to hear him out."

    "Another one of your philosophies?" She questioned.

    "Exactly. Besides I don't know about you but I'm living a pretty happy life." said Angel.

    "A happy life..." Kristine repeated. "How's the family then? Didn't you have a wife and kids?"

     Angel glares at her and sighs. "God knows..." he said quietly. "I haven't seen them in over a decade. It'd be a miracle if my kids even remember who their father was."

    "I guess it's pretty rough..." Kristine sympathized. "I got! How about we get dinner? My treat.

     Angel snickers. "As much as I'd love to spend your money on delicious food I haven't eaten for some time, I'll pass cousin." he replied. "After this I'm heading straight home."

     "Why so early?" Kristine asked. "It's not even midnight yet."

     "I have work tomorrow. Besides I'm exhausted. Singing really takes a lot out of you." answered Angel

     Kristine walks to the door and lets herself out. "Take care cousin." said Kristine as she closes the dressing room door.

     Looking up at the ceiling, Angel heaves another sigh. "I'll try..." He whispered to himself.

      "Ding-Dong" rang the Fulton High School bell. "Good afternoon students." said the school's P.A system. "This is your student counsel president, Ashley Thompson, just reminding students that all clubs and sports are canceled today for the FHS Advance Performing Choir, Marching Band, and Department of Acting auditions. Students who do not wish to audition for any of the three  groups are to head home. The students who are auditioning must meet at the designated classrooms after school. Those auditioning for the Department of Acting must meet at the school's Cafeteria. Marching Band will meet at the Track Field. Finally, the Advance Performing Choir will hold audition's at the Auditorium. This is your student counsel president wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

     The final bell rang moments after the announcement. Many students, including Anna, were on their way home, however, I chose to stay. I wandered around the school's corridors for a while, searching for the Auditorium. The halls that used to be the busiest section of the school was now devoid of life. My footsteps echoed throughout the school. Silence was all around me...

     At long last I reached the Auditorium. Quietly, I took a seat at the far end of the aisles and watched the performances. It was like this every year ever since my first year in high school. Every year two kinds of singers audition for the Advance Performing Choir, the wanna-be idols and the trained-my-entire-life fame seekers. Like every year, only a small hand full of singers are chosen from the near hundred performers, and much like every year the trained-my-entire-life fame seekers earn every single spot. As far as I know, no underdog has ever been chosen to be apart of the choir.

     "You there!" a woman said calling me out. "Young lady, are you here to audition?"

     Her name is Ms. Warren and she's the brilliant conductor of the Advance Performing Choir. I use the term brilliant since what else could she be? She has been teaching the Choir for ten years. Each of those years our choir has won a "Superior" rating from the Southern California Department of Music. She has single-handedly trained our the Advance Performing Choir to be the best in the state.

     "No, I'm only here to watch if you don't mind Ms. Warren." I answered back. "I'm only here to watch and learn."

     "You don't learn how to sing by watching, dear." She replied.

     "Please Ms. Warren, don't try to convince her. Her mind is already made up." said a boy sitting on stage.

     "He's right you know Ms. Warren." said another boy next to him. "Our sister made it pretty clear to us already."

     The conductor turns and stares at me. Her big illuminating eyes piercing deep within me. It was rather uncomfortable. "Daniel, Damion, you mean to tell me that this is your sister?" said Ms. Warren. "If that's the case I'd be more than happy to hear her sing if she's anything like her brothers."

     "I'm sorry Ms. Warren but I'm nothing like them..." I replied. "If you'll excuse me I'll be heading home."

     "I'm coming too." said Daniel as he jumps off the stage. "I have nothing to do here anyways."

     Daniel and I walk home together silently. An awkward silence had been lingering between us. Daniel was not like Damion even though they're twins. Unlike Damion, he didn't crack jokes, open up to anyone, or say rude comments. Daniel has always been calm, polite, and serious. "Why didn't you audition Alice?" he asked quietly.

     "I don't feel I'm good enough...I'm not a singer like you or Damion." I replied.

     "Non-sense..." Daniel broke out. "Music runs in our family Alice. You'd be surprised about how good you really are..."

     "Yeah, yeah I've heard it before..." I responded. "I know our family has music in their blood, I know that someone in our family is a famous musician, and I know that we're all skilled sight readers...But look at mom and then look at me...we're both not musical..."

     "You'll never know unless you try Alice." Daniel answered back.

     "Whatever..." I said to him.

     Finally, we were home after our enlightening discussion. Suddenly, Dan and I notice a car parked at our drive way. It was a silver Honda Accord, 2006 series. It had a massive spoiler as well as tinted windows. "Great...why is he here..." I said with great disappointment.

     Dan and I rush to the door. "We're home." Daniel announced as he closes the door behind us.

     Then he rose from the couch and looked at us. He a complete mess. He was over-weight and gave off a foul odor throughout our home. He grew hair on every part of his body and he walked like a plump duck. "Runts, how was school?" he asked us.

     "The usual...boring and simple." Dan replied. "Sometimes I wish they would send me off to college already."

     "That's my boy!" He rejoiced as he wrapped his arms around Dan. "Smart. Talented. Not bad to look at. Their's hope for you yet!"

     I can tell that Dan really hates Edgar. Ever since we were young Dan had always resented him. Edgar was a slob, he was irresponsible, and worst of all he was a drunkard. Edgar is a mean drunk.Whenever he drinks he shows us all who he really is...nothing but a leech feeding on blood from the world's ass...It's to the point where even Dan doesn't even consider him as our father.

     "What about you princess? How was school?" he asked.

     "Dull..." I replied.

     "You know you're a pretty pathetic child. What you should do is get married while your still young and attractive. Maybe some rich bastard will take you and you can have an easy life." he offered.

     "Gee...your to talk you little parasite..." I thought to myself.

     "I'll be in my room." I said to him.

     Entering my room, I quickly shut and lock the door. I change from my school clothes into a pair of my favorite pajamas in an instant. My room was my only escape from the mundane and stupidity of the outside world. In a way that's what all teenagers think, but in all honesty I feel like my room is the only safe place in the world. I look up on the ceiling. "Music runs in the family..." I told myself. "Mom is in no way musical and Edgar is as musical as flies around rotting food. Their's no way musical runs in the family...what do you think?"

     Reaching toward the dresser, I gently open my music box. The song that played was a unique song. It sounded hopeful as the ringing of the xylophone played the song's intro. A few seconds into the song the guitar and bass begin to play, and seconds after that a violin plays as well. The xylophone kept a hopeful rhythm while the violin played a melancholy melody. This was my third favorite song in the music box. "You know to me well..." I said to the music box.

     Somehow I think my music box is magic. The ten songs may play in order, but somehow in someway whenever I feel emotional the music box knows exactly what to play for me. I close the music box and turned on my television. "In other news..." the newscaster announced. "Famous singer, Angel, has decided to stay and perform all-over Southern California. It's a mystery why Angel has chosen to do his live performance their but I'm sure no matter how far he goes his fans will follow. Speaking of which, contacts with Angel has been proven to be difficult for both the news and tabloids. Angel's efforts to conceal his true identity has proven to be quiet a challenge. As Angel's popularity skyrocket off the charts, the people are curious to know who exactly is this musical genius?"

     I stare at the television screen for quiet some time. "Angel..." I said to myself. "Millions of fans and yet know one knows who you are... Why do you have to hide yourself even though your the world's most loved singer?"

     Suddenly, it occurred to me. "I wonder what kind of singer are you?" I asked the television. "Are you one of wanna-be idols or the hard-working fame seekers? I wonder...what kind of crap did you have to go through to get to where you are now..."


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