Sing Me A Song

Music is universal. No matter how far a part and how long it's been, we can all recognize music. It's one of those things that bind us together.


3. Music Video

       Angel steps out of the darkness. "Great job Angel!" said the Director. "How do you feel?"

      "Feels good." Angel answered. "When do you think the music video will be ready?

     "By tomorrow." A Technician replied as he edited Angel's video. "Are you sure you'd want us to upload this on Youtube? You realize that you'd earn more money if you sold this to music companies, right?"

      Angel laughs. "My fans would appreciate more free." he responded

     Angel walks away from the studio casually. The Director and Technician looked at each. "Sir, is he serious? It's not really good for business just to show off art for free." questioned the Technician.

    The Director takes a seat next to the Technician. "This is your first time working with Angel, isn't it?" said the Director.

    "It is, but I don't understand why..." replied the Technician. "Why would he spend money to hire us to make a music video...just to upload it for all to see. It's just a little odd to me.

    "Because." said the Director as he takes out a cigarette. "In a sense, Angel cares more about his fans than the money that comes in. Take a look at these."

    Reaching into his pockets, the director pulls out two tickets. The Technician inspects the tickets carefully. "He paid us with tickets for his concerts?" the Technician questioned.

    "No. Look how much they cost." the Director explained.

    The Technician further gaze at two tickets. His eyes widen as the answer become clear. "The tickets cost two dollars?!" exclaimed the Technician. "How does a singer like that guy live with that?!"

   "That's just it." the Director said. "He doesn't make a single cent from his performance."

   "You're kidding?!" said the Technician. "I don't know if I should consider him a fool or be impressed by his the way why do you have two Angel tickets?"

   "My daughters are big Angel fans. It's one of the reason I like working with him." the Director said.

    "No running in the halls!" yelled the High School Security.

    "Alice!" yelled Anna while wildly running across the halls. "Alice! Alice! Alice! You have to see this!"

    Slamming her laptop on my desk, she quickly opens a video. "What are you do...?!" I questioned Anna.

    "Shut up and watch!" Anna interrupted.

    The screen fades to black. Suddenly, a spotlight shines and Angel appears sitting. Several televisions static behind as Angel rises. Angel begins to sing.

    "I wonder where you are now...

           A distant place so far away...

     But will you make it safely...

       Text me so I know that you're okay..."

    Suddenly the televisions around Angel began to show a little girl. She was cute and small, three years old at the most. Pictures of her featured in every screen.

    "A brand new life is waiting...

          Somewhere far away that I know I can't go to..."

    The televisions suddenly shattered as if made of glass. Darkness surrounded Angel once again.

    "But now there's only one wish left on my mind...

             I hope this song reaches you!"

    As Angel sings Lights pierces through the darkness. The room cracks as more and more light begin break through. Suddenly, the dark room shatters. The scene transforms into a field of tall grass blowing in the wind.The sun shined beautifully as the camera captures the clear blue skies.

     "Not a single cloud in the sky...

               The weathers fine but I just don't understand why...

          Why my feelings for you won't die...

                           I can't help but begin to cry...

                 My life's different now that your gone...

      We're so attached but now it's time to move on...

                       Our love was a graceful one...

                               I'm afraid to say that it's done...

             So good-bye..."

     Classmates gather around Anna's laptop as the song echoed throughout the silent classroom. I watched amazed as Angel continues to perform. His voice was incredible...His name clearly represented his heavenly voice. Like an angel, his movements were elegant. Passion poured out of Angel with every lyric. His gestures, his tone, and his expression created a harmony of emotions that linked our senses with his music. Suddenly the music stopped.

     "So good-bye..." Angel uttered as darkness consumes him and fades away.

     The class was left speechless. We were all at a total awe as the video concludes. Returning to reality, we cheered and applauded as countless other students gather around our classroom to see the commotion.  

     "That was amazing!" one girl confessed.

     "Of course it was amazing!" answered boy next to him. "What else did you expect from Angel?"

     "What song was that?!" asked another girl.

     "Ahem!" Anna said aloud to gain the students' attention. "This is Angel's newest music video called For You. Like the mystery man he is, he has yet to reveal the song title!  It's available in Youtube as we speak!"

     The final bell rang after Anna's announcement. Students formed groups and exited the premises while discussing among each other about Angel's newest music video. "Were you not amazed, Alice!"Anna said to me excitedly.

     "It was okay, I guess." I answered her calmly. "I didn't really understand the video though. Who was that little girl?"

     "That's the problem!" Anna exclaimed. "There have been rumors that Angel is actually a dad! The little girl must be his daughter! Why else would he title the video For You?! He obviously dedicated the video to a special little girl, which is in fact his daughter!" Anna explained.

     "What proof do you have?" I questioned her. "Maybe he just felt like singing about something like that and the song really held no meaning to him..."

     "Oh Alice..." Anna sighed. "Angel would never sing a song that didn't hold meaning to him...It's just his way. I'm telling you somewhere out there is a little girl who's probably as talented as he is. Who knows maybe she'll take after her father and become just like him!"

     "You mean Angel number 2?" I humored.

     "Laugh it up Alice!" she said boldly. "Someday we'll find out who will succeed Angel, and when we do, we can safely say he/she will be a hit like daddy maybe even bigger!"


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