Sing Me A Song

Music is universal. No matter how far a part and how long it's been, we can all recognize music. It's one of those things that bind us together.


1. Ever Since

     As far back as I could ever remember, there's only one thing in this world that's stuck by me throughout my life. It's a small, wooden music box with the name "Alice" engraved on the front. It was one of those music boxes that looked a lot like a treasure chest but this one was neatly painted red with white branch-like swirls on the front and sides. The front of the box had an elegantly carved piece of metal that resembled a blooming rose. Inside the rose was another piece of metal that had the name "Alice" etched and a hook for locking. Upon opening the music box, one of ten songs will play. Each song were in a specific order and, if the box is left open long enough, the next song would play after.

    Growing up, I loved it. My mother always told me that ever since I was born I've always had this music box. Untouched by time, it has always laid on the dresser just beside my bed. I'm not sure why I've always had this music box, but I can tell it means a lot to me. Mom once told me that it belonged to a graceful prince. She also told me it belonged to a master artist, a man of infinite wisdom, a selfless hero, a prideful gentleman, and an angel that visited her one night when she was a teenager.

    She never truly told me where I got this music box, and so I stopped asking. All I know is, it's something very precious to me...

     "...A song about

            Just you and me...

      And the feelings that last...

                       Eternally..." The man sang holding the microphone high.

     The masked man stood firm, his microphone held tightly in his hands. His voice resonated throughout the large stadium. Many fans sat quietly, awestruck, as his song numbed the hearts of millions. Silence came and the man put his microphone down. For a moment the audience gave no response, their mind still returning from absolute euphoria. He took his right hand. Pressing it gently on his chest, the musician took a graceful bow. The audience's attention returned to the stage. They stood from their seats and applaud ferociously. The spectators cheer and roar as the musician takes another bow. Then, he takes his leave. Exiting the stage, the crowd chanted his name. "Angel!" cried several spectators.

     The video ends abruptly. "Wow..." said a teenage girl as she closes the laptop. "That...was...amazing! What did you think Alice?!"

     I sat quietly at the edge of my seat. I couldn't move let alone answer Anna's question. His name truly matched his heavenly voice. "Angel..." I said quietly. "He's a pretty good singer."

     "Pretty good?!?!" Anna responded in shock. "He's not just pretty good! He's the best! The most incredible and beloved singer ever!"

     "I guess he's awesome." I replied. "But does anyone really know anything about? I mean what's with his mask? Why doesn't he just sing and be famous like everyone else?"

     "Because he's an enigma!" Anna explained. "No one knows who he is! Rumor has it that even his manager doesn't know him and that all the money he raised is given to charity!"

     I snickered quietly. "You're joking right?" I said to her sarcastically. "What kind of singer doesn't even keep the money he earns?"

     "That's cause he's selfless and charitable!" She answered. "He's soooooooo generous and mysterious and talented!"

     "Whatever you say Anna." I said humorously. "Hey aren't we going to be late for class?"

     "Oh geez! You're right!" She replied. "We have to get going!"

     Running down the staircase, Anna and I raced to out the door. "You two are going to be late." My mom yelled from the kitchen.

     "We know!" I yelled back. "I'll see you later mom!"

     I opened the door and left the house casually. Locking the door, I looked toward the sky and smiled. "What a great day." I said to myself quietly.


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