I know fifteen languages, I have twenty-seven identities, and know how to kill a man thirty-two different ways with my bare hands. So how did I run into you? How out of all six billion people in the world did we cross paths? You know me from school, I know you for being in One Direction. So leave me when you can, Zayn Malik, because I'm the world's most wanted secret agent and I'm only nineteen. But before you go, I want you to kiss me but I need you to Baise-Moi.

*Ages +15* **Some words are in French, you can use Google Translate for translation purposes**


30. The Key

Zayn's POV

"Zayn, Zayn!" Rosalind spoke harshly next to me. 

"What?" I spat back at her.

"Try and stay focus, damn it you have the attention span of an insect." 

I scowled at her, "Fine, then where are you going?"

"I going to steal your girlfriend," and before I could reject she left the flat and was gone from my sight. 

Harry's POV

I watched Giselle lay out on the hospital bed before me. My hands clasped together as I watched her, asleep. Liam, Niall, and Louis were in the cafe as I waited here. This was the worst part of my job, whenever something got better it got worse again. 

I felt disgusted with myself. How could I let this happen? 


My eyes flashed back to the bed as I saw Giselle supporting herself on her elbows. 

I stood up, "How are you feeling?" 

"Better," she forced a smile. 

"I'll go get a nurse," I said reassuringly.

"Thanks," she breathed. 

I left the small room and to the nurse's station. I grab one's attention and walked back to Giselle's room in silence, but instead of being greeted by a smiling Giselle the sound of alarms filled my ear drums. 

"Code red! Code red!" The automated voice kept yelling. "Intruder alert!" 

I couldn't force myself to move, because I noticed that the intruder was in fact the one who has also taken a broken Giselle from her bed. 

Giselle's POV

"Stop your complaining," Rosalind said as she pushed me into her car. 

"What the fuck," I almost yelled.

"The drug should soon be working, just give it time." 

The car sped away as the alarms soon started to scream from inside the building. "You know if you want to talk we can talk, you didn't have to kidnap me." 

"I've tried talking to you," she said blankly. "Vera and Alessandra will be here tomorrow. It's time for this mission to be over." 

"You've played the villain part pretty nicely, I must admit," I looked out the window and watched the rows of houses pass us. 

"We're fucking secret agents, drama is in our genes." 

"Very true," I grinned. "Do you have Zayn?"

"Yes, but he keeps going on about that fucking diamond."

"I'll explain."

"I don't think it will be that easy," she started. "I told him that I wasn't interested in the diamond and instead told him about your key."


"I'm sorry, it just slipped out. Besides we need your key." 

"I've told you in the past, no. It's still going to be no." 

"I know you want to get out of this fucking lifestyle, but Vera, Alessandra, and I would like to continue to work."

"Which means I'll just get pushed along into the next mission, and then the next. I'm tired, you've shot me now for the second time, and I just don't want to do this anymore." 

The car pulled along a curb and I saw Zayn slowly open the front door. 

"We'll talk about this later," she said before she got out of the car and walked around to my side and opened the door. 

Zayn came running forward and helped me out of the car. Once out he picked me up and brought me into the house. 

After that the drugs took affect, and I was sucked into an internal darkness. 


My head rolled back and I felt hard concrete. My eyes opened slowly and I noticed a vacant room. I tried to bring my hands forward but I pulled on the restraints that constricted my wrists. I looked down at my ankles and also saw the thick duct tape circled.

My anklet gone. 

I wanted to scream, tried to but cloth gagged me, wrapped tightly around my face. I tried to think about what happened but nothing was coming forward, Rosalind obviously drugged me after kidnapping me, that I knew. 

Wait I didn't have my anklet on when I was in the hospital. Instead it was--where was it? 

I looked down and noticed the little pocket in the white hospital gown. A small sparkle of silver, and I was relieved. 

Another figure appeared from the corner of my eye and I turned my head towards the doorway. Zayn stood in front of me. 

I struggled, maybe he would set me free, maybe he would see the pain still focused on my chest. Instead he walked closer, very slowly. 

"Why don't you just give her the key?" 

I stopped moving and brought my eyebrows together, my forehead ceasing. 

"This entire thing would stop if you just gave her the key. The key to what--I don't give a fuck. I just want everything to be back to where it was." 

He's not understanding, I wanted to yell at him. Where the fuck was Rosalind? 

He crouched down in front of me, pulled the fabric that was gagging me, and leaned his forehead against mine. I couldn't speak, like I wanted to. We just looked into each other's eyes. My blue ones against his brown ones. The he connected us by our lips. I had to admit it was the best kiss of my entire life. 

But he pulled away. He smiled at me as he successfully grabbed the sparkling key that was hiding in my pocket. My eyes widened. He was a distraction, just like everyone has told me. Zayn was my worse nightmare, a distraction, obstacle and unable to be ignored. 

"You filthy bastard," I screamed at him as I struggled with the rope that had my wrists still tied. 

"Have fun, Giselle," he said.

I could kill him.

"I'm sure the police will be here soon to pick you up," he smirked then turned and walked down the stairs of the destroyed and vacant house. 

"Zayn!" I yelled after him. "Zayn! ZAYN! You don't understand!" 

Rosalind's POV

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked Zayn as he walked out an old building. "It took me ages to find you. Where's Giselle."

He looked up at me and smiled, "I got the key," he waved the small key in front of me.

"Where's Giselle?" I repeated. 

"I'll get her soon, but I'm ready to call the police if you don't leave so here's your filthy key now leave us alone." 

"You idiotic bastard," I said through my teeth as I turned and entered the building Zayn just exited. 

I heard struggling and I followed the noises until I reached a room on the second floor. 

"Rosalind!" Giselle yelled my name and I quickly ran to her, pulling the duct tape and rope from her wrists and ankles. "What the fuck have you been telling Zayn?"

"Nothing!" I yelled. "You passed out last night from the drugs and this morning when I woke up you and him were gone. I followed the tracker in my car to find you." 

Once she was free I helped her get up from the dusty floor. "You know what this means?"

"That everything has gotten out of hand?" 

"Yes, which means we have to tell Zayn, tell all the boys what's going on. Didn't you say Alessandra and Vera would be here today?"

I nodded.

"Good, then it's time to tell five boys who we truly are. First we start with Zayn."

"I'm not sure how he'll take it," I confessed.

"We aren't going to tell him just yet, just get him out here and back to the flat. I know what to do." 

Giselle's POV

I exited the vacant house with Rosalind's help. Zayn was leaning against a brick wall, his arms crossed. 

"I never meant to do what I did," he gushed. "I just want this entire thing to be over."

"I know," I spoke truthfully. "I need my key first, Zayn." 

He swallowed as he held out his hand, "I am truly sorry."

"You don't have to apologize," I reached out for my key and in the process held onto his hand. "I'm the one who should apologize." 

I pulled his arm closer as I sunk a drugged needle into his arm. He soon went blank as he disappeared into his own fantasy. 

"Sorry, Zayn," I said as I refastened my key around it's thread and tied it around my ankle where it belonged. 

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