I know fifteen languages, I have twenty-seven identities, and know how to kill a man thirty-two different ways with my bare hands. So how did I run into you? How out of all six billion people in the world did we cross paths? You know me from school, I know you for being in One Direction. So leave me when you can, Zayn Malik, because I'm the world's most wanted secret agent and I'm only nineteen. But before you go, I want you to kiss me but I need you to Baise-Moi.

*Ages +15* **Some words are in French, you can use Google Translate for translation purposes**


1. Prologue

He pulled the fabric that was gagging me, and he leaned his forehead against mine. We looked into each other's eyes. My blue ones against his brown ones. Then he connected us by our lips. I had to admit it was the best kiss of my entire life. 

Then he pulled away. He smiled at me as he successfully grabbed the sparkling key that was hiding in my pocket. My eyes widened.

"You filthy bastard," I screamed at him as I struggled with the rope that had my wrists tied behind my back. 

"Have fun, Giselle," he said. 

I could kill him. 

"I'm sure the police will be here soon to pick you up," he smirked then turned and walked down the stairs of the destroyed and vacant house. 

"Zayn!" I yelled after him. "Zayn!" 


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