I know fifteen languages, I have twenty-seven identities, and know how to kill a man thirty-two different ways with my bare hands. So how did I run into you? How out of all six billion people in the world did we cross paths? You know me from school, I know you for being in One Direction. So leave me when you can, Zayn Malik, because I'm the world's most wanted secret agent and I'm only nineteen. But before you go, I want you to kiss me but I need you to Baise-Moi.

*Ages +15* **Some words are in French, you can use Google Translate for translation purposes**


29. I Hate You--A Turn For The Worse

Zayn's POV

I left the bathroom with a towel around my waist. Giselle was finishing up and I gave her a small kiss before I left. Sex with her in a bed was an experience, sex in the shower was a out of this world. 

I walked down the stairs with a small smile on my lips as I entered the kitchen. I heard the television, FIFA being played. The kettle was still hot, so I pulled a mug from the cupboard and filled it with tea and water. Once my tea was ready I brought the mug with me as I went into the living room. 

"Barcelona," I smirked as I watched Louis and Niall playing the game as Harry and Liam watched. Usually they would reply with a snide remark, but I got nothing in return. "Guys? Hello?" I waved my hand out in front of them and they all looked up at me as they paused the game. 

They all soon pulled out their ear pieces which they use during the concerts, the same ear pieces that minimize noise level. 

"Seriously?" My eyebrows rose. 

"She screams," Louis was the first to talk.

"Loudly," Harry finished. 

It took me everything not to smile, but I contained myself. "Don't bring it up."

"We'll try not to," Niall smiled. 

"How's everyone?" The voice came from the stairs as Giselle walked down in black pants and a black tank top...everything tight. 

"Great," said Liam. 

"Now anyways," said Louis.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry," I apologized for them.

"No worries," she smiled. "Everyone get ready, I have to get to the gym." 

"Ugh!" They all groaned at once. "Can't we just have a day to lounge around."

She stepped in front of them, "With me...uh, no. Now get ready, besides I wear less clothing than this at a regulated work out." She surprised me as she brought the side zipper down and showed a bikini type underwear.

"We're coming!" Again they all spoke at once as they shoved each other up the stairs. 

"Hello again," she smiled up at me and I lowered my lips onto hers. 

"You're really wearing that?" 

"It's Headquarters equipment...protocol. Why, are you jealous?" 

I almost choked on my tea, "What? No!" 

"Aw, you're too cute when you're jealous," she pouted. 

"I'm not jealous!" 

"Okay, okay," her smile widened. "Besides I'm only yours."

"I know, but Harry." I regretted the words. 

Her face dropped, "You don't think I'm playing everyone in your band, do you?" 

"Giselle, I never--."

"You inquired it though. If you honestly think that's what I'm doing after we just had the best time of our lives--together, then you're an idiot." 


"Alright let's go!" Louis shouted as they all ran out of the house. 

She sent daggers my way as she quickly followed them. "Wait!" She was outside the front door as the boys crowded into the car, she ran closer to them and I quickly felt like something wasn't right.

Maybe it was our small argument, or maybe that the weather was warmer today than usual. I couldn't exactly put my finger on it, so I ran upstairs and pulled on a pair of jeans and tee shirt. I went back down the stairs and saw as the guys were still arguing over which seat they wanted in the car.

I picked up my mug and drank the last sip of tea as Giselle yelled at them, "It's only a seven minute ride! Just sit in a fucking seat!" 

I looked over my mug as she faced me. She brought her hand up and motioned for me. Remember that feeling I had, like something just wasn't right, well this was probably the reason why. 

A loud banging noise appeared and them vanished. The next sound that filled my ears was the shattering of my mug. 

My eyes wide as a puddle of red formed on the chest of the girl I just made love to. 

Giselle's POV

Of course I've been shot before, but this was different. I wasn't wearing the chest guard that usually protected me. It was fast, just like every other time. It was loud and the pressure from the bullet still weighed me down. 

I felt myself falling, not able to push against the pressure, but I didn't fall to the floor. 

"Giselle," I heard Harry's voice as he got out of the car and held onto me as I quickly went to the floor. 

"I'm sorry for it to get this far," a familiar voice. French. Rosalind. 

"Go to hell," I somehow sputter out from my lips. 

"I believe you will get there before me," she smiled. "Au revoir, Giselle."

Harry's POV

I felt the small gun that I kept in my ankle bracelet. I yanked it free and pointed it at Rosalind who was still holding her own gun in her hands. Zayn wasn't moving but just staring at Giselle as she coughed up more blood. 

"Oh playing fire with fire, eh Harry?" She smirked.

"If you had any decency you would let us take her to Headquarters," I said up to her. 

"She has you all fooled, doesn't she?" 

"Rosalind, please, she's not wearing a vest. Let us go." 

"Fine, but you take what I want, then I'll take what you want," she walked closer to Zayn and held onto his shirt.

"If you want the damn diamond, just take it," Zayn spoke, "I'm tired of dealing with this fucking thing." 

"I don't want the diamond," she smiled. "Wow, she has been keeping you all in the dark. I thought at least Harry would know."

"Harry, what is she talking about?" Liam asked behind me. 

I sighed and looked down at Giselle as she looked back up at me, she nodded and I decided to tell the truth. "Guys, I'm a secret agent for the London Headquarters. This all has been part of my mission and job since before we even met. I had to keep celebrities safe and make sure people like Rosalind didn't find a way inside."

"I didn't find my way inside," Rosalind smiled, twirling the gun with her index finger. "Giselle told me where she was."

"Why--?" I started but was cut off as Giselle coughed again. "We need to go. Zayn can you take care of yourself?"

"He'll be fine," said Rosalind a she spoke into her bracelet and a car soon appeared for her. "Get in Bradford Bad Boy." 

Zayn looked back at us before he entered her car, and soon disappeared down the road. 

"Boys, I need your help," I said as I kept Giselle's head steady. 

Liam and Niall supported most of her weight as I crawled backwards, still holding onto her head.

"Louis," I spoke. "I need you to replace me. I have to drive us to Headquarters." 

Soon the door behind me opened and I backed up out of the car and Louis took my place. Niall stayed in the back seat as Liam came to sit next to me. 

I placed my thumb over the ignition plate, "Welcome Agent Harry Styles," was spoken by the automatic female robot voice. I then brought my own bracelet up to my lips, "Red, this is an emergency. Giselle has been shot. We need immediate ICU care." 

Red agreed and I soon was speeding on the road as I made it closer into the city. 

"So when where you going to tell us?" Louis asked from the back seat. I looked at him through my rear view mirror. 

"Well it's my mission for you all to never know," I said honestly. 

"We are your friends," he muttered but loud enough for me to hear him. 

"I'm sorry, and I understand if you're pissed at me."

"I hate you," he said in almost a whisper. With those three words I could feel the tears rising in my eyes. 

Zayn's POV

"Please tell me what the fuck it is you now want," I spoke in a harsh tone. 

"I told you, I want Giselle, we all want her."

"Why and who's 'we'?" 

"Both of those questions are none of your business, but she has a key. A very special key, that she hangs on her anklet. We need that key."

"Why? What does the key do; create a complete world domination?"

"I wish," she scoffed, "but it's the only way we can talk to our Head Agent."

"Head Agent?" 

"I've told you enough already," she snapped. "I just want the key, so I can get over this disastrous of a mission. We all need to move on, but for some reason she can't get over you. The Head Agent was wrong to put her with you all." 

"Can I ask?"

"I rather you not," she looked straight onto the road. "Besides the bullet will be removed tonight and she'll be healed in a few days. The mission can end then, whether she likes it or not." 

I was confused with Rosalind's talking, but I figured that something bad was about to happen. This entire day felt like that, the only felt moment was less than twenty-four ago when I held Giselle's body close to mine. Skin to skin, together as one. 

I don't think that moment will ever happen again and instead I might have to betray the one I love, just for this entire war between her and Rosalind to be over. 

I didn't want to make this decision, I knew Harry would know what to do, but this was my chance to make the choice. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a bad or good decision, but at this moment I didn't care. 

I don't think I ever cared, so let things turn for the worse. 

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