I know fifteen languages, I have twenty-seven identities, and know how to kill a man thirty-two different ways with my bare hands. So how did I run into you? How out of all six billion people in the world did we cross paths? You know me from school, I know you for being in One Direction. So leave me when you can, Zayn Malik, because I'm the world's most wanted secret agent and I'm only nineteen. But before you go, I want you to kiss me but I need you to Baise-Moi.

*Ages +15* **Some words are in French, you can use Google Translate for translation purposes**


23. Bullet To The Skin

My hands wrapped around Harry's neck. We were on the floor, I was straddling him. My thumbs pressing into his air passage. His neck extended, trying desperately to regain oxygen into his lungs. His breath came out in gasps, slow movements. 

"Giselle," it was Liam's voice. "Stop." For being about to kill his friend he was calm. 

"He's a distraction," I said through my teeth. 

"You honestly think killing him will mount to anything?" Liam continued. "Think rationally." 

What the fuck was he talking about? "You are not in my position." I didn't leave my eyes off Harry's, which were soon rolling, I knew a couple seconds and he would grow unconscious. 

"I understand," he spoke. I was surprised by the lack of pulling me off Harry. Didn't they think I could kill him? 

"No, you don't," I muttered. "You all know nothing." 

"I do." I was getting tired of his distraction. "Let him go," he said plainly. That was the first time I felt contact as Liam must've placed his hand over my shoulder. "Let him go," he repeated. 

I pressed harder into Harry's throat once more before I let him go. He inhaled deeply, which just led to him coughing. I didn't get off him but kept my hands over his shoulders forcing him to the ground. 

"You do what you did again, I will kill you. Be thankful you had them here for you," I said before I quickly took hold of his shoulders and pushed him down hard on the floor. His head hit the carpeted floor and he sat up as I looked back at all of them. "That goes for all of you. I'm here to protect Zayn--." My eyelids dropped. What did I just say? I wasn't here for Zayn I was here for the diamond Zayn possessed in his ear. 

This entire mission was fucking with me. 

"I'm going to get the car," I said as I pulled my bracelet to my mouth. "Urgent call to London Headquarters," I spoke into the little mouthpiece. I walked around them and back down the stairs, I could slowly hear them following me. The television enlightened with the Headquarters symbol. 

I pressed my thumbprint over the pad and Red immediately showed on the screen.

"Giselle what's happened?"

"Code White," I spoke. "He's with the enemy."

"Are you sure?" His eyes narrowed. 

"All of these windows are protected. The only way to get through them is to use our Hemingway knife. There's only one person who has one and is not part of our headquarters."

"George," he said. "He's dead." 

"Rosalind," I spoke her name with poison. "I need a car, fast, and I need a tracker."

"It'll be there," he said reassuringly as he nodded. Then the screen went black. I placed my thumb over the pad and turned around to face the rest of the boys.

"Is Zayn okay?" Niall asked, his full innocence showing. 

"I don't know," I spoke truthfully. "I hope so, but I wouldn't know until I find him."

There was a knock on the door. Louis started to head towards it. 

"Don't open it," I spoke sternly. 

He immediately stopped. 

That's when the bullet busted through the door. 

"Fuck," Louis yelled. 

"Everyone get down!" I screamed. They all got to the floor. The gunshots were fast and consistent. No doubt some type of machine gun, was faced towards us. Rounding off bullets like it was it's job. Suddenly the shots stopped. "Don't move!" I yelled after, I thought, the last bullet was produced. 

The house was shattered, destroyed. I didn't understand, everything was bullet proof. 

I stood up, glancing out one of the produced holes in the wall. Nothing was outside, everything was clear. 

"Is anyone hurt?" I asked. 

"Lou," it was Harry's voice. 

"Damn, that fucking hurt," Louis moaned. 

I walked around the couch to see blood pouring from his arm. A bullet hit him, pulling at his flesh. I bent down, holding his arm in my hand. 

I examined the wound still seeing the bullet puncturing his skin. "I'm sorry," I whisper.

Louis was groaning too loud, not even caring about my apology.  

"Sorry for what?" Niall kneeled down beside me. Louis' head placed in the lap of Harry. 

I noticed Louis sweating, his eyes squeezed shut. I had to do this. "He will bleed out if I don't." 

I looked at Niall and with a sympathetic look I turned back towards Louis' arm. I took my thumb and index finger and pushed inside his wound. 

Louis' groaning quickly turning to yelling, cursing as I tried to get my fingers around the bullet, that was still lodged in his skin. 

"Hold him down," I said to them and Liam came and held his shoulders down as Niall held down his legs. Harry still cradling his head in his lap. 

I looked up at Harry, his eyes intent on my fingers in Louis skin. Liam had his eyes closed, trying not to look while Niall kept his focus on keeping Louis down. 

"Fuck," Louis kept repeating the curse. 

I finally felt the metal bullet in my finger's grasp as I pulled out. My hand covered in blood as Louis' yells started to cease. The bullet rolled to the center of my palm. "Open," I said to Harry. He pulled one of his hands away from Louis' head and opened his hand, I placed the blood stricken bullet onto his palm. I went back to Louis' wound, placing my other hand over his wound adding pressure. "Louis?" I asked him looking onto his face. "Open your eyes."

He opened them slowly, but did what I said. "First time getting shot?" I gave him a small smile. 

"How can you tell?" He answered back with a forced smile. 

"Well I wish I could say it was over."

"Ugh," he groaned. 

"I need to stitch this or you'll die on this floor." 

He exhaled, his breathing uneven. "Go for it." 

"Niall," I pulled his hand over to Louis' wound. "Keep pressure on it, don't remove your hand." I stood up and went to into the kitchen. I found a needle, lighter, and bottle of whiskey. I went back into the living room and returned to my knees. "We're going to have to do this the old fashion way. Liam," I handed him the bottle. "Louis, Liam is going to keep giving you alcohol, it will numb you for awhile. It won't taste good, but it will make the pain go away."

Louis nodded and I looked up to Liam and told him to start. He pulled the cap off the bottle and placed the bottle to Louis' lips, letting him take in a full sip. 

I went to the needle and noticed my lack of thread, but my eyesight soon found a loose string hanging from the bottom of my top. I pulled the thread loose and pushed it through the head of the needle. At that moment the front door opened--well what was left of it--and the agent I worked with entered.

"Bloody hell," said Henry, my training partner. I was teaching him how to become a first class agent until I started this mission and now he was here.

"Henry," I breathed. "I need to stitch up his wound."

Henry walked closer and sat beside me, taking off his black jacket and rolling up his white sleeves. I ignited the lighter and let the flame heat the needle. 

"Help me hold the wound together," I said to Henry. Niall removed his now bloody hand and Henry put his hands on either side of the wound and forced the skin back together. 

Louis groaned at the adjustment. I nodded to Liam to keep Louis filled with as much alcohol as possible. I exhaled, and then placed the needle into Louis' skin. Louis hissed as I pulled the thread through, which once was white was now dyed red. I kept my stitching even and tried to make it quick. 

I was close to the end of his wound, Louis obviously clearly intoxicated as he started to slur his words. I could feel the sweat form on my forehead and I used the back of my arm to wipe it away, not caring if there was now blood on my face. 

I tightened the knot at the end of the stitch path and used my teeth to cut the string free. I looked towards Henry, "I need you to rip my shirt." 

He nodded grabbing hold of my shirt and tearing an even piece of cloth. I took hold of it and wrapped it around Louis' arm, tying it tightly around his stitched arm. 

I stood up, I totally forgot about Zayn. Who knew where he was at. He could be in the trunk of an abandoned car, drugged, or even...I didn't want to think about it. Instead I pulled my bracelet to my mouth. "Emergency," I spoke. "Critical condition, hospitalization needed." They would be here any moment to take Louis to our secret location hospital. "Henry, I need you to go with them."

"What?" He looked shocked. "Red told me to come and help you find the diamond." 

"I know, but this is between Rosalind and I. She will kill you," I tried to speak calmly. "It's no longer training, or dodging bullets. It's kill or be killed. I can't risk you being there." 

"Someone's coming with you," said Henry. "You aren't going alone." 

"I'm fin--." I started.

"I'll go." I turned my head towards the voice. Harry stared back at me, and then he lowered Louis' head gently onto the floor and stood. "I'll go," he repeated. 

"My mission is to keep you safe," I spoke. "How would I be protecting you if you came along?"

He swallowed. He seemed uneasy, nervous. He knew something, he was keeping something from me...from everyone.

"Harry," I said forcefully. 

He looked back up at me, his green eyes piercing me. 

"We need a plane," he started.

"Why?" I crossed my arms.

"Because I know where Zayn is." 

Sorry for the slightly disturbing scene...but I hope you enjoyed! Where do you think Zayn is, and how does Harry know where he's at? Please post comments, and while you're at it, you should also like and favorite this fanfic!! 

Much love and stay forever strong, Behati xx

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